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Mexican Food

I agree,
Growing up in the Boston area Mexican food was the last thing I was looking to try until I came to So. Cali. been here since 1989 there's a big difference between Tex-Mex and Mexican both are excellent depending on your prefrence. Now I'm spoiled I don't go to any Mex. chain rest. I have the real deal Mexican Rest. where they don't speak english or have a green card.

The frejolies are the best and so is the rice and I try and eat everything. The hotter the sauce and peppers the better the meal. I fine the off beaten path or corner shops in the heart of Santa Ana or Long Beach.

I'll be coming to Boston in the near future so I'll have to head to Union Square and try a few lunch and dinner specials with a Negro Modella

Oct 15, 2007
67RedSox in Greater Boston Area

Looking for the Best Italian Cold Cut Sub?


You're right, Anthony's is the best place to get an Italian sandwich or sub. Tony or his son Anthony slices their cold cuts right in front of you and I have them put on the works with a little hots. (onions pickles & tomato's lite on the oil with a little hot peppers) The bread is fresh and the sub is the best nothing else matches it.

Take the time and drive to Stoneham I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Oct 15, 2007
67RedSox in Greater Boston Area

Italian North End Tonight

By far the best dining experience ask for Rose she'll take good care of you. When I go to Boston I always have dinner at there. But they don't take reservations.


Oct 15, 2007
67RedSox in Greater Boston Area

Looking for the Best Italian Cold Cut Sub?


I know where the best cold cut sandwich is made. I'm looking for where you think the best Italian Cold Cut Sub/Sandwich is made?

Oct 15, 2007
67RedSox in Greater Boston Area

Thin Crust Pizza - NY Style on the N Shore

OK here is my 2cts.

All of you have a nice problem. I grew up in Sommerville and the North Shore my Dad had a pizza palor in Union Square 45 yrs. ago. I know great pizza made only with mozzarella cheese and with just the right amount of sauce. Dough made in the store and tossed by hand. My opion you don't put pineapple on pizza!

I now live in Orange County California you couldn't get a good slice of pizza if your life depended on it. I wish I could sit at any pizza shop in Boston, East Boston, the North End even Papa Ginos eating pizza and complaining. I explain to people here that great pizza comes from the water and the years that pizza has been made in the shop. If you could open one Boston style pizza shop here you would make $1m just selling pizza only.

Here is my choice; in no particular order,

Pisa Pizza
(and Francine's Pizza in Stoneham Square which closed some years ago.)

Thanx for letting me vent.

RedSox Fan in O.C.

When I fly into Boston I first go to Santarpio's and then during my stay I'll eat at Pocarries

Oct 15, 2007
67RedSox in Greater Boston Area