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Berkeley: Nominated for best beverage 2009 - Chocolatier Blue's 70% cacoa cold chocolate with marshmallows

Have you tried the sweet corn truffle? It's amazing. It's so good that I'm using it as one of the flavors for my wedding favors.

Taiyaki in San Mateo

Ive been a couple times now and I really enjoy these taiyaki. Id prefer them to may's. The smaller size lets you enjoy them without having to eat a whole taiyaki.

I enjoy the chocolate and nutella, but I think the vanilla is my favorite. Azuki is good for azuki (which isnt my favorite flavor)

From the special flavors, Ive had:

Cranberry: A little too cake dominated. I got a pinch of the tartness, but would have liked a more pronounced flavor from the filling.
Green Tea: Awesome. Cant wait til they have these again. Subtle flavor, but delicious.

Peanut butter and banana: The peanut butter was overpowering and made the whole thing taste dry. Id pass on this next time.

Cactus Cooler in San Jose?

i havent seen cactus cooler anywhere in norcal either. I havent had it since I was down at Blizzard Entertainment visiting some friends (fridges stocked with free cactus cooler and other drinks!)

Chocolatier Blue (Berkeley)

I dropped in sunday afternoon and tried a couple things and I was blown away. I got to chat with Chris a bit and he is extremely nice and passionate about his chocolate.

I tried the palet d'or and it was magnificent. Pure chocolate bliss. While I loved the other flavored truffles (rasperry, espresso), this was deep and complex unadulterated chocolatey goodness.

Im looking to do some fine chocolates as wedding favors and chris is currently leading the pack.

no more free water?

I think they could legally charge you for a cup if they wanted.

Jul 09, 2008
dignyou in Not About Food

Ramen in Pleasanton

I went for dinner last night. It was literally a hole in the wall kind of place and my hopes ran high. Unfrotunately, they dont have air conditioning and the digital thermometer on the bank in the plaza read 95 degrees.

There was no one else in the place when the whole time we were there but that's understandable considering the newness of the ramen shop and the heat outside. We had a tonkotsu and a miso ramen. The soups were both good. Both were acceptable, but lacked real depth. Id say they were better than osaka ramen in dublin, but not even in the same category as santa or halu. There was no bamboo in either bowl which left me disappointed. The menu is very tightly focussed and they dont have many options at all. No stewed pork or roe or even wakame here. The noodles were thin and lacked bite. I was left feeling like they had defrosted these from the frozen noodles they had in their freezer display case. I actually thought the noodles at osaka had more body and were more satsifying.

It was a pretty disappointing experience and I probably wont be back. Id be more than happy to drive out to san mateo or san jose for a bowl of ramen that would leave this one in the dust.

Overall, Id give it a 2 out of 5 rating. For reference purposes, Id probably rank Santa and Halu at 4 out of 5 and Osaka in dublin at 2.75 out of 5.

Cold Kimchi Soup

Ive never had that at any other place, but it's great. Simple and refreshing!

Finally, Great Chinese Rest. San Leandro

great! I'll have to give it a shot when I get back from vacation. Thanks for the tip!

Finally, Great Chinese Rest. San Leandro

is that where dragon pearl used to be?

Fudgelato, Alameda - have you tried it?

I tried it a couple months ago, shortly after they opened. The gelato was a bit icy ( I had dulce du leche and .. straciatelle I think. Both were decent but nothing to rave about. I havent been back since. Tucker's normal ice cream is still my go-to for frozen treats in alameda. Ice cream dock over on Island (by angelfish) keeps their stuff (Lappert's) WAY too cold and hard packed for me. Too bad.

sushi on piedmont ave?

I'd head to Yume on Park in Alameda for good sushi and bypass the piedmont ave offerings... Angelfish in Alameda is also very good.

Weird, who would have thought that alameda would have such great sushi?

Santa is Moving

I made it early to Santa on friday and finally got the stewed pork (yum).

Our server told me that they are now planning on moving "next month."