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Where to find fresh rice noodles?

You can get them in Towson at a little Chinese grocery called "Towson Oriental Market." They typically only have them a few times a week, when they get a delivery from their supplier in Philadelphia (Usually Thursdays or Fridays). It's located in the back of a little shopping center at the intersection of Loch Raven Boulevard and Joan Avenue (there's a 7-11 there). They also have a great selection of Chinese veggies.

Really, does a great latte exist in Baltimore?

Well, it's not exactly Baltimore, but if you happen to be in Frederick, there's a great little coffee shop there called La Dolce Vita. I went in there expecting to get a close to terrible cappuccino, but I came out with one of the best ones I've ever had. Beatiful crema on the espresso when they pulled it and a soft, velvety foam.

Places to study/drink coffee in Baltimore

I second Common Ground in Hampden. If you can nab the couch in the back room, then you're in luck. Also, you could try Truffles&Tea or Donna's in Cross Keys and study on a bench in the courtyard on a pretty day. It's very quiet there. Were you looking for a place within walking distance? There's another place in Hampden right by Doubledutch boutique on Falls and 36th that just opened, but I haven't been there yet.

Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

Woo-hoo! Looks like I know where we'll be headed this weekend :) Thanks!

Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

Does anyone know if Chef Li is Cantonese? My hubby is and we've been looking for a good Cantonese place ever since Golden Gate closed down.

steamed crabs in Freeland. MD?

Hmm... Freeland's pretty far out there, but a few places I can think of are Somefin Fishy seafood in Jacksonville and maybe Gibby's in Timonium (at least that's right off of 83)

Roland Park carryout suggestions

It used to be called the Daily Grind, but I think now it's called the Evergreen.

Korean/Asian market in Baltimore?

Another good place is Towson Oriental Market on E. Joppa Road near Towson. The owner of the late great Golden Gate Noodle House on Allegheny Avenue clued us in on it a few years ago. Mostly Chinese ingredients and on Fridays they have fresh rice noodles and egg tarts.

lunch near the Inner Harbor- baltimore

For a really casual lunch, especially to go, Caffe Sotto is very good. Great panini and salads. I think it's on Light and Pratt.

Roland Park carryout suggestions

I try to steer clear of Alonsoville, especially since parking is a pain and there's nothing worth eating at any of the restaurants except at Evergreen. My husband and I actually like to get Indian from Belvedere Towers Cafe- its good, cheap, and they deliver (a rarity in RP!).

Baltimore: Cream of Crab soup

I second Gertrude's- it's my favorite cream of crab and they really do not skimp on the lump crab meat.

Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

I second Pasta Blitz! Love the Napoli thin-crust pizza with fresh tomatoes and basil.

hunt valley maryland + not a chain!

How about the Greenleaf? It's pretty boring looking inside, but the food is good (sushi, spa cuisine, and other asian inspired food) and reasonably priced. It's in the same shopping center as the Giant at the intersection of York and Shawan Roads.

Oriental Manor 2.0?

Ooh! I hope it's true and I hope it's good. I am really craving some good Cantonese food that I don't have to cook myself. :)

Grocery Shopping in Baltimore

There's a Graul's in Hereford right of the Mt. Carmel Road Exit from 83 (also, theres a Graul's in Ruxton, and one off Padonia Road near Mays Chapel), which is a very good grocery store too, actually. But the Klein's I am thinking of is in Jacksonville off of Jarrettsville Pike.

Grocery Shopping in Baltimore

I'm a total Wegman's groupie, I have to admit, due in large part to the cheese bread. The crowds are insane though. But, I've found that at least in comparison to the Super Fresh and Eddie's near me, the prices are pretty good. Especially for things like Brocolli Rabe, and De Cecco brand pasta. I also like Klein's, which is a small chain of grocery stores, but it's really out of the way for you if you live in Canton.

homemade ice cream Bmore

Moxley's for sure! I love the coffee mojo flavor. Also I have heard that a place called Beach Bums on York Road in Towson is really good, but I have never been.

Delivery in Roland Park / Cross Keys

We like a place called Belvedere Towers Cafe, which does primarily Indian, but also has subs, burgers, pizza, and sandwiches. Plus, they're open late and they actually deliver to Cross Keys! I recommend the saag chicken, chicken korma, the vegetable pakoras, and the mango lassi.

Jesse Wong's Kitchen Service?

My husband and I used to be really big fans of Jesse Wong's Kitchen in Hunt Valley, but we've noticed that the service has gone really down hill in recent months. We had dinner there a few nights ago and it took over an hour to get our orders. Plus, the service has been pretty unattentive and unapologetic about the long wait times. Does anyone know what might be going on?

NYE recommendations for Bawlmer

I try to stay out of the Inner Harbor on New Year's, but maybe you could try Pazo for dinner and cocktails. I think I heard that they recently changed their menu a bit...

French Onion Soup in Baltimore

I agree. Petit Louis has a killer french onion soup! It's open today for brunch/lunch, so enjoy!

Dinner near National Gallery

You could try Jaleo for tapas. It's within walking distance from the National Gallery. It's at 480 7th St. Teaism is also good, but I've only ever had lunch there.

Foods not worth cooking at home

I actually really love making Chinese food at home and since there are so few good authentic Chinese restaurants in the area any more, I tend to do it pretty frequently. The key is to have a well seasoned wok, which will give you the right taste. I really recommend a cookbook called "The Breath of A Wok", it's a really good resource to get you started. Also, there's a really good Chinese grocery in Towson called Towson Oriental Market on Loch Raven boulevard, if you want to try it.

The foods I won't make at home are the ones that I just don't trust myself with- sushi, any kind of tartare, and desserts with raw eggs in them. I'd rather get it in a restaurant :)

Nov 08, 2007
kcnkate in General Topics

Has Anyone been to the Latin Grocery In Cockeysville?

I've been wanting to try "La Favorita Tienda Latina" on Cranbrook road in Cockseysville ever since it opened, but have always been a little intimidated to go it. Has anyone here tried it and if so, what did you think?


The Helmand or Ambassador Dining Room?

I'd go with the Helmand in the winter, since the best time to eat at the Ambassador is in the summer when the garden is in full bloom. But, really, either one is a good choice, especially if you are dining with vegetarians. And if you go to the Helmand, please oh please try the pumpkin appetizer. It is so good.

Looking for a good chinese restaurant

They sure did! It can't hurt to ask...I bet they might deliver to you in Hampden too, since that's just right up the road from me.

By the way, that's a shame about Oriental Manor closing down! I really liked their turnip/radish cake and their egg tarts. :(

Looking for a good chinese restaurant

I had a chance to try Szechuan House last weekend and they were nice enough to deliver to us all the way in Roland Park! The food was pretty darn good, I especially liked the "aromatic squid". Thanks for the recommendation! :)

Good Baltimore Brunch

Gertrudes is a very nice spot for brunch, but it's so popular now that you definitely need a reservation. Another good spot to try is Petit Louis, as the parking is easy and the service is great.

Looking for a good chinese restaurant

Ooooh, good to know. I don't think that would be so good for my Cantonese hubby! :) I am excited to try Szechuan House though for more authentic stuff. When we're in the mood for American-Chinese, we tend to do No. 1 Chinese Kitchen in Hampden, since it's close.

Looking for a good chinese restaurant

Has anyone ever tried Benny Der's Golden Dragon on Liberty Road?