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Olympia's best pizza

Why?Don't you know where Olympia is?The place is in Olympia!

Feb 29, 2012
blackfoot in Greater Seattle

Olympia's best pizza

Dirty Dave's- best in state!

Feb 28, 2012
blackfoot in Greater Seattle

Pre Wedding Dinner for 20 on Kauai- Where?

Don't know yet, probably will give him a generous per head budget and let them come up with some choices.

I had them do a buffet dinner about 10 years ago for about 50 people and they did an outstanding job. In fact, they did carved Turkeys and Ham plus many more choices and to this day I have NEVER had Turkey or Ham that good again. The Ham was basted w/ a Pineapple sauce of some kind that I have never duplicated.

My daughter is quite the foodie , so I am thinking maybe something very high end Italian w/ wine pairings. I'll let you know how it goes.

Just a FYI for the board, I spend about 8+ weeks every winter in Hawaii mainly Honolulu and Kauai. I have found that the best restraurants are always in the major better Hotels because they have excellent staffs and Chefs. They are required to maintain extremely high standards because of their International reputations.I have learned that Hawaii is considered an extremely desirable location for the Hotels best Chefs to transfer to from their other locations in the world.

Their prices are generally the same as the same big name places mentioned on this board( many are overrated in my opinion).

Sep 08, 2011
blackfoot in Hawaii

Pre Wedding Dinner for 20 on Kauai- Where?

I want to thank all who have provided input to help me!

I am disappointed w/ the response I have received from some of the " better places" who responded w/ catering or for a special dinner. Very un- professional- I guess it's an Island thing. I should mention that i have visited Kauai over 20 times during the last 15 years , so I know many of the places mentioned.

What I have decided is to turn my requirements over to the The Hyatt- they are/were very professional and have done many 1st rate dinners for me in the past. Their staff are committed professionals vs the laid back local high end restraurants.

Sep 07, 2011
blackfoot in Hawaii

Pre Wedding Dinner for 20 on Kauai- Where?

Looking for ideas for a fine dinner with great wines for 20 on Kauai. Will be staying @ Poipu. Most of party are foodies. Thanks for your suggestions.

Jul 31, 2011
blackfoot in Hawaii

Gaudi- Save your $

Went to this newer Tapas restrurant for dinner Sat night. It was so bad Gordon Ramsey couldn't save it!

Was empty and we were standing around for 5 min's while they were trying to figure out a table for us.They put us directly across from the kitchen swinging door!He knew i wasn't pleased with his seating choice for us but didn't offer to correct it!

Waiter handed us the menu and told us what they didn't have on the menu and then couldn't remember the specials.

Could not read the confusing menu's because things were either written in by hand on a top of a printed menu or the entree details were printed over a dark backround and couldn't be read.

Drinks: how about $9.50 for a call Martini and $9-10/glass average wine.The Martini had a tiny olive w/ a pit.

Now for the good part,how about cuttlefish that came out looking like Gorton's fish sticks,chorizo sliced like (4) very thin medallions on a stick w/ (2) burnt and (2) cold,under cooked potatoes,(4)gambas that came out over cooked and were size 30-40.All of the Tapas! were served on cold plates.

It was one of the worst meals I have eaten Seattle and we had the honor of giving them $100 of our hard earned $!

This is the 1st review I have ever written and normally just chalk it up and never go back. I have decided to start bitching because i have been stung more often than not in trying newer Seattle Restraurants and have been burned.I am going to stick with more established top tier places.However,there are several "top" places that are way over rated for what they offer that are mentioned on this board.

Oct 15, 2007
blackfoot in Pacific Northwest