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is there german food in florida???

There's a German restaurant off of Orange Ave. South, in the Pine Castle area called the Bauren-Stube. Been there forever. Phone's (407) 857-8404 and it's at 8015 S Orange Ave Orlando, FL. Small, friendly. Used to eat there all the time and the food's pretty good.

Oct 15, 2007
merylb in Florida

Another Hard Boiled Egg Problem

Sorry to bring this topic up again- but something new and weird happened to the dozen eggs I was hard boiling last weekend. Now - I'm an old hand at hard boiling eggs, but this time was totally weird. The whites all turned sort of brown/beige!! There wasn't any "rotten egg smell" or anything else - just that nasty horrible discoloration on ALL the whites. Anyone have a reason for this????

Oct 15, 2007
merylb in Home Cooking