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Afternoon tea (again)

A colleague was saying the afternoon tea at the Berkeley Hotel was great for afternoon tea and much better value for money than Claridges.
Worth checking out

Wales: Pembrokeshire coast

hi there! my friends have just opened a pub with food and they are doing a roaring trade. It's the Brewery Inn in Cosheston, near Pembroke Dock

Pride Halal, Queens Market, Upton Park

There weren't any samosas when i went on saturday - just onion bhajis. I think it depends on what they are making for clients. Next time i go I will ask about samosas - and the best days to go for them

Pride Halal, Queens Market, Upton Park

Yes they are still there - and the samosas still there if you get there on the right day. It's gujarati food cooked by a woman - the main business is outside catering, the cafe just serves what they are doing that day. I paid £4.50 for this plate. Cafe is a bit rough and ready but food is delicious. Clockwise from 11 - potato & methi (i think) curry; paneer in spicy tomato sauce; chicken & spinach curry; chicken biryani; chicken jalfrezi and three absolutely delicious dals.(one with methi in - my fave). They're only open when the market is though.

Pride Halal, Queens Market, Upton Park

One of my all time favourites for a curry. It's a pretty basic market cafe - no set menu, you just eat what they have on offer for the day. Gujarati-style food. Delicious, home-cooked style stuff. You just point at what you fancy and the owner microwaves it hot. I had a bit of everything on saturday - chicken biryani, 3 different dals, spinach & chicken curry, chicken jalfrezi, a tomatoey paneer curry and potato with chilli & fenugreek. All delicious - and quite rich. £4.50 for this plate. There are also delish bhajis, breads and samosas too. Open only on market saturday, tuesday, thurs & fridays, 7am - 4pm.

ITSU flavours

Hi fellow CHs...want to pick your brains, please.
Just had a delish thai chicken potsu with brown rice from ITSU in a gorgeous umani type sauce - doesn't taste sweetish like your usual thai curry ..just wondering what i can buy flavouring wise to try and recreate this at home.

Around Prestatyn, North Wales

HI Freddy, I'm from Rhyl and know the area well.

For a nice local lunch I would go (and indeed plan to go this sunday) to The Bistro in Rhyl.

Most people in Prestatyn will probably try to dissuade you from going into Rhyl - and *the horror* its West end as, yes, the area is pretty run down but the food at the Bistro is really good - much better than anywhere I've been in Prestatyn (including the Nant Hall Hotel).

I think it's pretty child-friendly too..more so than would be the Kinmel Arms, which is good, but much more expensive and the food is on a par (indeed my elderly relatives prefer it - K Arms a bit too nouvelle for them


New Inn in Dyserth is another local venue which I take family to - food is fine but not as good as the bistro. However Dyserth is nearer to Prestatyn and is a quaint village with a waterfall which you and the kids can check out after the meal if you wanted.

The Black Lion is another current fave - but again a longer drive. Set in a v quaint village and lovely countryside as well.

Hope that helps. Let us know how you get on. And enjoy North Wales x

Llandudno area - searching for dinner

Apologies, Watson's is £11 for two courses at lunchtime went there saturday. menu has changed, but cod is still on.

Kinmel Arms is more upmarket, used to go a lot but it is London prices- I prefer the Bistro in Rhyl which is excellent value for money (and I'm from Rhyl, so like to support good local eateries as there aren't many of them!)

Was always a fan of the Queen's Head at Glanwyddan but I haven't been there in ages. Planning a trip back to Beaumaris this summer to see if the bistro at the bull's head has improved from since I last went there.

Llandudno area - searching for dinner

Watson's Bistro in Conwy (just inside the walls) is now open at lunchtime and has an £11, three course deal which is incredible value (weds to sats) The fillet of code in crispy beer batter is pretty memorable. My current north wales fave.

[London] Wong Kei at Chinatown

HI there, I tried the scrambled egg with beef and boiled rice yesterday. Wouldn't have ordered it on the basis of its appearance - see what you mean re thick & gloopy - but i enjoyed the flavour.

I do like a bit more heat and veggies in my meals so i do prefer my singapore noodles, even though like most cheapish food places in soho, there seems to be less meat and veggies in dishes and more padding out of cheap carbs. Used to be big bits of scrambled egg in the SF Noodles, but no so much anymore..

[London] Wong Kei at Chinatown

The management & chefs did change last year as there have been subtle differences to my beloved singapore fried noodle which is is the dish i always order.

I still enjoy it and until i can find a better version in chinatown I'll stick to wong kei.

I like the beef brisket soup but always interested in tips on what else to order as I'm not very knowledgeable about chinese food..i like the sound of the scrambled egg beef or pork rice..might go and try that today..

Best fish & chips in London? Barracuda, Harrow

This is, rightly, a locally well-known take away and restaurant. I finally got there on saturday night after hearing excellent reviews and had the most amazing battered cod & chips.

A great piece of cod, very fresh, white and tender, delicious batter (they do three types).

I've been to Seashell, Fryer's Delight (which is good and central) but the battered cod here really is superb. Worth a trip. And very reasonable prices too. I paid £9.95 for my eat-in cod and chips. Will be going back to try the haddock, skate, place etc...

North Wales

HI there - sorry only just seen this! I don't have any tips for that area apart from Rhug farm (which you recc'd to me!) and The Tea Rooms in Chirk which I haven't tried yet but looks a great place for home-made style cakes. Hope you are well

Mysterious Sri Lanken curry ingredient

There's a couple near Rayners Lane tube - been to papaya twice and really enjoyed it. It had a rave review elsewhere on here for its veggie biryani but haven't yet tried it. Enjoyed the devilled potatoes and Hoppers esp.
Two doors down is more of a cafe-looking place which looks good but not as polished as papaya. the latter also has a place in ealing.

[Llandrillo, Denbighshire] Tyddyn Llan

HI June & Harters next time you are in the walled town of Conwy, try Watson's Bistro. We had the most amazing home fish (cod, in light & crispy beer batter) with delish home made chips. Saturday lunchtime courses - 2 for £11. Fantastic value for money.

North Wales

Thanks for the tip re the Hayloft, June. Had a great meal there.

I have a new recc, too - Watson's Bistro in Conwy. Went there for lunch recently and had the best homemade fish & chips ever. Absolutely delicious. Amazing value at £11 for 2 courses. Great to see a good food place within the walls of Conwy town.

Wales: Cardiff and Betws-y-coed

'Ty Gwyn' means White (Gwyn) House (Ty) and there's LOADS of them in Wales. Interesting that Follett uses it - most mega rich people would live in a manor in the cotswolds, not Wales :)

London neighborhood recs for food-centered Christmas visit?

HI Theresa, Scruffy the Cat - I live next door to exmouth market! There is a waitrose 5 mins away on St johns Street. Plus a larger Waitrose, M&S, Sainsburys up at Angel. And of course the fabulous Gazzanos italian deli, plus easy access to west end via 19 and 38 buses if you stay somewhere near Rosebery Ave. For fruit, veg, fish and meat you have chapel st market - though this is pretty authentic working class london - not marylebone fancy. On plus side, shopping will be LOTS cheaper, though....

Lahori Nihaari - Plashet Grove (Upton Park Tube) - London

Went again and had the dal mass again. Really enjoyed it but still think the dal at Pride Halal, Queen's Market has the edge. Same texture but a lot more kick. More chilli, and I think, fresh fenugreek in it. Yum.Trouble is its only open daytimes in the days when Queen's Market is on

What cooking-related gifts do you bring home from London?

In the 'good old days' an ex of my friend swore that his mum used to take fish n chips, wrapped in newspaper on the plane to Brooklyn from Birmingham. Still find it hard to believe but more recently, round about 2005, a friend used to take potatoes from london to nyc as she didn't like US spuds (said they had no taste) and missed her baked potatoes.

Best Pakora in London?

Other half is addicted to Ambala's pakora. Just wondering if Chowhounders have any more reccs to try?
(am not a fan myself so unable to try places out for him - so will value your expertise :) )

Lahori Nihaari - Plashet Grove (Upton Park Tube) - London

HI John, yes I didn't really know what to expect and i just didn't really get it. Meaty and spicy flavour but just totally smooth texture - like baby food.

Lahori Nihaari - Plashet Grove (Upton Park Tube) - London

Thanks Justin..might try starting a new thread about pakora in london - be interesting to see what people think. Am hoping to go to upton park this sat so will defo try some of your reccs, even thought i am supposed to be on (another) diet!

Lahori Nihaari - Plashet Grove (Upton Park Tube) - London

Oh will do...glad you're enjoying Pride Halal. I love it - desperately trying to get them to give me their dal recipe so i can cook it in n wales for my family! Will be there saturday sometime, I'm sure - I go there for lunch.

re vada pav and pani puri --- where is that? will have to check it out. Also, my other half LOVES pakora - any reccs for best in the area (so far he will only buy them from Ambala in Drummond St). Would love a tour sometime soon though...

Lahori Nihaari - Plashet Grove (Upton Park Tube) - London

Ooh...really feel like going tonight now. What shall i try? Loved the dal fry when i went last time - tried the halleem but i didn't really know what it was before ordering and it just wasn't for me. Anyone tried the biryanis yet?

Lahori Nihaari - Plashet Grove (Upton Park Tube) - London

Sounds great Justin. Will try it next time I'm in upton park. I usually go for lunch so assuming it will be open...? Is it ok for single females dining alone? (Just cos I felt a bit intimidated when i went to Gram Bangla). Also, if I ask for the special naan will they know what I mean?

Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

what is the coleslaw type stuff on top of the pork? looks delish. recipe please

May 18, 2012
DietStartsTomorrow in Recipes

[London] Drummond Street Restaurants

I personally like Sizzling Bombay for a tasty and cheap meal. Love their biryanis - the dal or veg curry that accompanies it is v tasty. It looks like a fast food place (and also does kebabs) and you sit on benches. No frills but no complaints from me :)

[Chester] 1539 Restaurant

yes i went to the cheese shop last time i was in chester which was over a year ago. Bought some yummy cheeses so thanks for the recc...

dad up and down healthwise so the furthest I'm going is llandudno at the moment...steak and chips at the st george's hotel. (dad's fave) If you've got any other n wales reccs, do let me know

[Chester] 1539 Restaurant

Sounds good John, will make a point of checking it out next time I'm there. thanks for this.