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ISO good traditional Italian near Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington NC

More specifically, looking for good stuffed shells--my daughter's favorite. We're going to be in Wilmington near Wrightsville Beach (Military Cutoff) for her birthday and that's her request for dinner.

Doesn't need to be outstanding, or fancy, and definitely needs to be kid-friendly (they are 6 and turning 11, so not little little kids). Basically you're good ol' family Italian restaurant.


May 14, 2012
barbara27 in Southeast

Bar in Durham?

Thanks, I do like City Beverage, my experience is just that it's usually packed on Friday nights.

And by South Square, I'm showing my age--I mean where South Square used to be, which is where Target is right now.

City Beverage
4810 Hope Valley Rd Ste 105, Durham, NC 27707

May 18, 2011
barbara27 in Southeast

Bar in Durham?

Looking for a bar in Durham for a medium-sized gathering (8-10 people) for a Friday night. Suggestions for a place that could accommodate a group that size without too much trouble on a Friday? Preferably with some good apps/bar food?

I'm thinking some of the go-to spots downtown (like the Federal and Bull McCabe's) are just going to be packed on a Friday night.

The folks I'm setting this up with suggested Chili's, I'm hoping we can do better than that!

I was considering Six Plates, but I think that might be a bit pricey for this crowd. Southern Durham (South Square/Woodcroft area) preferred. Anyone know anything about the West 94th St. Pub in Woodcroft?

Also wondering about the bar at Blu, thinking it might be less crowded than other places.

Thanks for any suggestions.

May 18, 2011
barbara27 in Southeast

50 things to eat in NC

Fried oysters at Magnolia Grill. Of course, there are so many things that they do well, but they fry oysters like none I've ever had.

Jun 27, 2010
barbara27 in Southeast

Looking for breakfast near Binghamton...

We are about to take our annual road trip to upstate NY. We travel overnight, arriving pretty early in the morning--and usually hungry. Last year we resorted to Burger King in desperation and oh my it was awful. Hoping someone might have a suggestion for a diner or some such place that we could stop and eat. Definitely casual, as we will have been in the car all night, and have two young children with us.

We travel up I-81 to Binghamton and then northeast on Rte 12 to Greene and Oxford and Norwich.

Any suggestions much appreciated!

Ninth Street in Durham

Just looking at this week's Indy, and there's an ad for Blue Corn Cafe which describes itself as the "oldest locally owned restaurant on 9th Street." This got my hubby and I to trying to figure out if this is true...are they really older than George's Garage and Elmo's? I'm sure that Bahn's has been around for longer. And probably International Delights?

Wondering if anyone has a better memory for the chronology than me.

Dinner suggestions in RTP, NC?

Looking for a place for a small group to meet beween Durham and Raleigh. Proximity to I-40 is probably preferable in terms of where folks are coming from. Is there something in that corridor around 55&54? Around Morrisville? Flexible about cuisine, doesn't need to be fancy, just tasty. Some ambience a bonus. Thanks!

Carolina/Kure Beach, NC

Actually, the Cottage is no more...a greek restaurant (haven't eaten there) has opened in it's place.

A&G is great place for authentic Southern food...definitely try the fried oysters when they have them on special! And the fried chicken is excellent.

I'd say it's definitely worth a trip into Wilmington (30 min) for a good dinner!

Thoroughly fed up with Whole Foods in Raleigh

Okay, I couldn't read this without mentioning that the Whole Foods in Raleigh--even when it was called Wellspring--has always been part of the "Texas corporation"--Wellspring was acquired by WF back in '92, it's just the name change that came more recently. (the Durham and CH stores were opened before the "takeover," but all stores since then have been opened by WF).

So any changes that you're seeing are due to changes in the store management or larger corporate policy/culture, but not the result of a corporation sweeping down and taking over a local store. The Raleigh Wellspring was never an independent local store.