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Portland, ME pre-marathon dinner: pasta, please!

I'm curious...what makes a pho standout? I'm not trying to be a smartass but I never had pho until I moved to portland 12 years ago. I find the broth a Thanh Thanh 2 rich, not over seasoned and, by Friday, you can tell that pot has been simmering all week and is delicious...Good fresh garnishes, like rau ram, bean sprout, lime, jalapeno and thai basil and decent raw steak, brisket and meatball. If you want strange and seemingly authentic, on the weekends they have a version with blood cake, house made sausage and tendon...

Late Night in Portland

The only places I can think of is Boda for sure til 1a.m., Check with Nosh but i think they might just be til midnight. There's a chance Novare Res does serve til 1 but that's more snack like. Also, I think Sebago Brewing has a late night menu that goes til 1

Portland, ME pre-marathon dinner: pasta, please!

Asians do some seriously good pasta too. I vote for Thanh Thanh 2 on Forest Ave or Boda on Congress Street or their sister restaurant, a vegan spot, called Green Elephant.

Father's Day Dinner Portland - Crab Cakes/Smelt/Soft Shell Crabs?

Soft shell crabs are done for the season. I've never had the crab cakes at Street and Co. I was unaware they even had them. I've had a crab bake there that is very good. I like the crab cake at Caoila's but they may be closed Sunday night too. I would suggest the Grill Room, Old Port Sea Grill, or maybe 555. I'm struggling with solid restaurants open on Sunday night...I think you may have a lot of Crab Cake options during brunch, if that's an option. If you go south, Pier 77 is a good choice too.

Lunch with older kids in Portland

I take my teenage boys to NOSH semi-regularly. Big sandwiches, great fries. Duckfat is a good choice too for the same reasons plus the addition of great milkshakes and house made sodas. If they like Thai, Boda is excellent as well.

How's my list ? Critique my Portland dining choices please!!

If you're looking for a list of "musts", I agree with Yosaku over Benkay for sushi, although neither are sushi "musts". Miyaki would fit that description more aptly. Marcy's and Bintliff's: A diner and "crazy weekend brunch place", respectively. Breakfasts not to be missed would be the Front Room (Try the Gnocci, spinach, lardons, poached eggs and hollandaise), Hot Suppa or Becky's (also, just a diner).

I don't agree with the Bourdain hype over J's. Yes, its an institution. Yes, some people love it for it's waterfront "character" but it doesn't suit me. If that's the feel you want, go up the block to Gilbert's and sit out back on the waterfront deck. Otherwise, for happy hour "Snack", my vote is for duckfat. You could do this for lunch too and check out Novare Res for great beer, cheese and charcuterie as your happy hour snack.

For Monday, my favorite is Martini Mondays at the Armory Lounge in the Portland Regency Hotel. Well made cocktails, discounted prices 4-6pm and free cheese, fruit and crackers.

I would skip Walter's (mediocre food in a sterile, hotel lobby kind of feel dining room and go to Emilitsa, an excellent Greek (think Mediterranean whole fish and grilled lamb chops not mousakka and pasticcio). Fore St is excellent and better than Street and Co, IMHO and while their cuisine may seem simple, it is perfectly executed with some of the best desserts in town AND they were doing "farm to table" 15 years ago when most places still only knew the phone number to SYSCO...

Cocktails/Beer in the LES

Coming down from Portland, Maine for the weekend. I have my M&H reservation for early Saturday night when they open at 8. From there I wanted to ht Death and co., PKNY and then finish over where we are staying in the West Village with Lani Kai and Little Branch. However, I haven't seen much on PKNY and don't know what is up with them since Pussers forced the name change...Any input, kathryn? You seem pretty well dialed in...

Feb 16, 2012
Noreaster in Manhattan

Help for Portland lunch on Thanksgiving

I'm sure Preble St Resource Center would welcome your help.

Great new Somali / Middle Eastern restaurant in Portland, Maine

Sounds like the location of where Chappies used to be, a block up from Samuel's

Vietnamese in Portland, ME

Kim's is, by far, the best spot for bahn mi. I prefer thanh thanh 2 but they do not have sandwiches. Their weekend pho is more authentic with house made sausage, tendon and blood cake

Wine/cheese tasting- Portland, ME

Correction: Novare Res does indeed have wine available although far from high end glass pours. It's a shame, come to think if it. They are so particular about their draught and bottle beer selections that they should pay attention to the wines as well. The wines looked as though mostly available in the supermarket

Wine/cheese tasting- Portland, ME

Are you looking for a freebie or a decent restaurant for wine and cheese? For the freebies, check As for restaurants, my best choices for wine and cheese plate are Vignola, Fore St, Caiola's, NOSH, Novare Res (Beer though, not wine).

58 Pine St, Portland, ME 04102

10 Dana Street, Portland, ME 04101

Best Cheeseburger in Portland, Maine

Nosh doesn't agree as they dictated to me that "because there is ground pork in their burger, they do not take temps and cook it til done"....I agree with your comment when dealing with whole cuts but not ground. I am dubious of ground meat unless I know it is local and all the ground meat is coming from the same animal.

Best Cheeseburger in Portland, Maine

IMHO, a burger stops being a "hamburger" when ingredients other than beef are added to the meat. Top it with whatever you wish but once you add pork, one can no longer order it medium rare, it becomes meatloaf, a sandwich "creation" or anything but a burger. The Nosh "burger" is ok but misnamed. Frankly I found it a bit dry, didn't care for the texture and it was too thin a patty.

One dinner in Portsmouth

Black Trumpet, for sure

Looking for some resurants in Portland,ME

My favorite thing to do at Becky's is walking past all the tourists waiting for a table and sit at the counter while they all glare at me for cutting in Becky's is fine...It's a diner but nothing more. There are much better options frankly. Hot Suppa. Front Room. If price is an issue, Becky's is just, well, fine...The other posters covered the rest

Front Room Restaurant & Bar
73 Congress St Ste A, Portland, ME 04101

Hot Suppa
703 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102

Can there be a more magnificent burger than the one found at Dogfish Cafe

Why the St John St assumption? We go to the Free St location specifically for the burger (ok, in summer the deck too) and it is excellent. The Silly's burger was good too (and the fried pickles) but didn't stand out the same as the Dogfish one. Caldwell Farms beef at both Dogfish locations, btw.

Mt. Desert Island - what's new?

My review of Fathom isn't mixed at all. We found it outstanding with it's friendly unpretentious service and excellent cuisine. The chef (formally of Red Sky) has a real flair for incorporating unusual flavors to harmonious result. Cocktails were decent ( a harder shake would be nice) and the wine list fairly priced. Get there before the word is out!

Cold River Vodka

I really don't enjoy the Cold River products. The vodka has a caramel-esque quality. Rumor was that the initial batch was rushed to market even though flawed and the response was mixed but they went ahead with that flavor profile. The gin reminds me of witch hazel...

Bar Harbor Dining

Smoking? On a restaurant patio, it's no longer an option...

Otto Vs. Otto 2

Does the Arts Ditrict Otto's (Enzo's) have salads? Otto 2 does which I find a plus. Beer and wine at Otto's 2. Parking is lousy at both...

Disappointed by Galatoire's...

I am coming to your fine city once again with an impromptu visit starting this Sunday morning. I haven't been for several years. I am reviving this thread to give a quick opinion regarding Galatoire's. I am in the restaurant business, came with a large group and sat downstairs. This was nearly eight years ago. I don't remember the waiter's name but knew instinctively to put ourselves in his knowledgeable hands. The food was exactly as I expected and desired. In a world of overdone and too fancy, this brought me back to a simpler time before molecular gastronomy but of simply prepared, classic cuisine that was delicious. The best part about this first visit was being treated like a regular the moment I walked in the door. The host, the waiter and everyone I encountered could not have been more gracious.

Suffice it to say that I am hoping my very first stop, after checking my bags at the hotel Sunday morning is to put on my Sunday best, wait in line and enjoy a leisurely afternoon, sipping milk punch and letting Galatoire's and their able bodied staff take care of me anyway they please.

I have no doubt it will feel as though I'd been coming there my whole life...

Galatoire's Restaurant
209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

May 11, 2011
Noreaster in New Orleans

Jp's Bistro-portland

Is this the old Rachel's location?

Pai Men Miyake - Noodle Bar In Portland

"We"? Does this mean you are working there Johnny?

Portland Weekend - culinary itinerary advice?

I thought Evangeline continues to do a Monday night, Prix fixe menu for around $30. Have they done away with that?

Emilista in Portland

Simply one of the top five restaurants in our fair city.

Wild blueberry availability outside of Downeast Maine?

Went to our secret spot north of Freeport 3 weeks ago to a bounty of wild high bush blueberries. Went again yesterday to find it all but dried up. Lack of rain I am guessing. The Blackberries were in full swing, however, and our buckets full!

Pho Hanoi in South Portland

too hot for pho this summer??? When is it ever chilly in Southeast Asia?? LOL

Typical Dress Code in Coastal Maine

I don't there is a restaurant in Portland where you couldn't roll off the beach, sit down and eat. But why would you want to? I think one should use common sense and give the restaurant's reputation some consideration and respect and dress accordingly.

Best Chinese Food in Portland, ME???

FWIW, it has not changed hands at all. The chef is still the same but the front is now run by the daughter since, at different times, both parents had been ill and away in Taiwan