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Attari Grill Westwood - Anyone Been?

I was there just this weekend for lunch. The 4 of us split 2 soups (OSH) - a vegetarian soup that was excellent; 2 vegetarian sandwiches - they were good, but not as good as the soup; and we had one lamb dish/sandwich. It came with flat bread, onions, tomato (on the side) and it was delicious. Overall, a really great and fun experience. Sandwiches are big enough for two people.

Oct 07, 2010
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Santa Monica on a budget?

For good Mexican, I highly recommend Tlapazola Grill on Venice Blvd at Abbot Kinney, in Venice (and there is another location in W. LA), both are very close to SM.

Tlapazola Grill
636 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Apr 15, 2010
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Southwest Mexican Grill - Venice / Marina del Rey

I agree, Tlapazola Grill has wonderful food and excellent service.

Jan 08, 2010
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Southwest Mexican Grill - Venice / Marina del Rey

This is a new place (has been open for 4 months) on Lincoln (next to Brennan's Bar). Went there for dinner last night for the first time and was greeted with KISSES by a very friendly host/waiter/owner. The place was virtually empty (just another table of four people). The friendly owner brought us a delicious tamale as an appetizer (on the house). We ordered a veggie burrito ($9.95) and fish tacos ($11.95). Both dishes were great - fresh and tasty. Chips and salsa were great too. The owner presented us with a complimentary dessert (creme brulee), which was delicious, but at that point I was too full to finish it. Overall, a wonderful experience. I highly recommend for people on the West Side to try this place, as we want to help them stay in business (and from the look of it on a Saturday night, they don't seem to be doing that well).

4059 Lincoln Blvd
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 822-3454

Jan 03, 2010
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

JOE'S in Venice - very disappointing

I finally made it to Joe’s in Venice. I heard (and read) about this restaurant for a while now, mostly very solid reviews, so I had reasonably high expectations. Sorry to report that my visit to Joe’s was very disappointing.

Both my companion and I had the tasting menu ($65 each). The amuse bouche - seared tuna with octopus, was interesting, if a bit strong on the aftertaste. The tuna sashimi appetizer was the highlight. Then the fish course arrived (don’t remember the name of the fish, it was a meaty white fish), my piece was completely raw. I very nicely asked the waiter to take it back to grill it a bit, which he did, and the cooked fish arrived. The problem (before it was fully cooked and after) was that it was too salty, and with not a lot of taste. Next – rabbit roulade with lentils on the side. The tiny bite of the rabbit was very good, but on the second bite all I could taste was fat and toughness (had to spit it into a napkin as it was un-chewable). So – the piece of the rabbit, the size of a dime, was very tasty, but the rest of the piece was inedible.
The dessert was fine, a cheesecake with raspberries – too rich to go with the meal, in my opinion, but not bad.

The bill – almost $200 with tip (we shared 1/2 bottle of wine). My companion felt the same way as I did…too expensive and not good enough. In addition to very mediocre food, flies and bugs were flying above our table most of the evening (and we sat indoors).

Either the tasting menu on the night I was there was off – or it is best to order a la carte. Or is the restaurant going downhill?

Oct 15, 2009
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Anyone been to the new La Cachette Bistro? If so...good or no bueno?

Went there last night for dinner. Three of us had fish - disappointing all around. Another friend had a veal dish, which she loved. Lobster bisque was just okay, and spinach salad was lacking in flavor. Dessert was good, especially tiramisu (which was very good). As of last night, they were open just for one week...the waiter was friendly, but not too experienced. He has not yet tried any dishes, so he was not helpful when we had questions about the food. The outdoor patio is nice, and it is a nice addition to the area, but I will not be rushing back unless I start hearing and reading stellar reviews.

Sep 07, 2009
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Need burrito advice from someone who knows Boston and LA!

I lived in Boston for many years, and loved burritos from Anna's Taqueria (especially at their original location on Beacon St, near Coolidge Corner)... In LA, I get burritos from:

La Playita
3306 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica

Give it a try.

Aug 03, 2009
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Babita, or other suggestions for b'day dinner?

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. I will report back after our dinner on Saturday night.

Jan 11, 2009
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Babita, or other suggestions for b'day dinner?

I have never been to Babita, but have read about it on this site and I'm looking forward to trying it. Here are my two questions:

1. Is Babita the best choice for good Mexican for a birthday dinner? Or does anyone have other suggestions (for Mexican), as I hear that Babita does not have much of an ambiance. I would prefer good food in a nice setting as I'm taking a friend out for her birthday.

2. What dishes stand out at Babita (I know there are some older posts about this, but I'm wondering if there are any more recent suggestions).

Many thanks to all.

Jan 08, 2009
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Echo Park - good midrange recommendation?

LOCAL has waiter service when you sit on the patio.

Nov 21, 2008
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Echo Park - good midrange recommendation?

I had two excellent meals at LOCAL on Sunset, and I highly recommend this restaurant. They have chicken, fish and vegetarian options. No liquor license, so bring your own.

Nov 21, 2008
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Special Birthday Dinner - Where to go?

Providence tasting menu. Enjoy!

Aug 28, 2008
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area true star!

How much was it?


Nov 15, 2007
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Need nice brunch place for 25 people

I am looking for a nice brunch place (on a Saturday) for about 25 people to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday. I don't live in Boston anymore, so need your help... Would be fine to pay about $30 pp. Would prefer it to be in Brookline/Cambridge/Somerville area.

Thank you for your help.

Jul 30, 2007
Alex250 in Greater Boston Area

Chocolat on Melrose - has anyone been recently?

I am going there this week for a friend's birthday and wondering if there are any dishes that are better than others.


Mar 20, 2007
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Santa Monica in April

For breakfast, go to Amelia's on Main St. (closed on Mondays, and some Sundays).

Mar 17, 2007
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Need recommendations for the area that I am moving to. National Blvd/overland area.

Sushi Zo is on Palms and National

Mar 17, 2007
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Big Mama's and Papa's (Khachapouri)

Khachapuri is a traditional food in the Soviet Georgia. You can probably also find it in some Russian stores on SM Blvd.

Mar 17, 2007
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Vito's Pizza

Where on LaCienega is it? Thanks.

Mar 15, 2007
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Who has the best sushi rice?

I am a big fan of sushi rice at Echigo

Jan 13, 2007
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Valentino Tasting Menu

How much was the tasting menu?

Jan 04, 2007
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Recs for lunch, Japanese near Playa Del Rey

There is a Japanese restaurant called KAMPAI on Lincoln, on the way to the Airport, between 83 & 84 St., I believe. It is pretty good, but check to see if it is open for lunch.

Dec 27, 2006
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Fun Sushi on Westside?

You might want to consider K-Zo Sushi in Culver City (next door to Trader Joe's). It is a very nice place (good ambiance). It is not my favorite sushi place, but it sounds like it might be a good place for your needs for tonight.

Dec 22, 2006
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

going to MAKO for the first time

I am taking a friend to MAKO for her birthday this week. I am very excited to try this restaurant, as I have been reading a lot about it on this site. Please advice as to how much is the tasting menu, and is that the way to go? There will be just 2 of us.

Thanks for your help.

Nov 25, 2006
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Birthday dinner suggestions please :)

Can't go wrong with either Providence tasting menu or Spago tasting menu. I went to Spago for their tasting menu for the first time about 10 days ago, and it was a great experience. We did wine pairing with the food, but for my taste, it was too much wine (I could not get behind the wheel after that!), so if you are not a big drinker I would recommend just getting a glass or two, instead of the 9-10 glasses they give. Spago tasting menu for 2, with wine tax and tip - $413...

Nov 21, 2006
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

What places have NEVER disappointed?

Echigo Sushi - I go once a week, and it is always amazing

Nov 21, 2006
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Delivery in Santa Monica?

POOM Thai on Lincoln (between Pico and Ocean Park) is great.
Bravo Pizza on Main St. is very good. Both deliver.

Nov 17, 2006
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Your thoughts on Grace...

I ate at Grace just once (birthday dinner). The food was very good, but the service was not. The waiter did not pay any attention to us, and we had to ask him a number of times for water, bread, etc. I might go back, as the food was good, but the service did not impress me at all.

Nov 09, 2006
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Best Japanese Sushi Restaurant in LA

Sushi Zo

Nov 08, 2006
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area

Is Sushi Zo in my future?

I would suggest making a reservation for the sushi bar, as the place has been getting busier lately. Keizo is the only sushi chef there, and he will take great care of you. He has specials listed on the board, but everything is amazing and very fresh...enjoy!

Oct 26, 2006
Alex250 in Los Angeles Area