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What is Your Favorite Non-Foodie Thanksgiving Dish?

I have had sooo much fun reading all these posts. I cried a bit, laughed a lot, and got some great ideas!!! I will certainly try some of your recipes,

For me, I am a stuffing nut. My mom used to buy the junk white bread and dry it in the oven with the pilot light, over night, to make her stuffing. The first year I tried to make the stuffing myself, I found out I have an electonic starter( no pilot light) You just have to laugh. I also use rolls from my favorite resturant for the stuffing. One year I didn't break up the rolls before they dried out and I had to use a hammer to break them down. I am sure most of you have left the bag of giblets in the turkey the first time you cooked a turkey.

A few years ago, a friend didn't want to deal with her family, so she and her family joined me and mine. I started making deviled eggs and put the yoke stuff in a zip lock bag and give it to my friends son and this has become his job. My sister LOVES that green bean cassrole. My friend's other other son in a vegetarian so I learned how to make mac and cheese veggie style.

This year another friend and her family will join us. My only answer when people ask me what can they bring to my house is ..."Bring whatever will make Thanksgiving complete." I love the variety.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane

Oct 14, 2007
temiha in Home Cooking