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Punta Gorda- Gators-Tamiami tr.
Indian Shores-Beach Pizza Plus-Gulf Blvd.

Oct 19, 2007
DenimOrchid in Florida

Best Florida Road Food

The Yearling is a real out of the way place,on CR 325 about 1 mile North of Marjorie Keenan Rawlings Park,closest town is Hawthorne, It is well worth the effort to take the drive for this real Florida Food and people.The house is where M.K.R. lived and wrote her best works.You can stroll around the property and actually see & feel, the things she wrote about.

Oct 19, 2007
DenimOrchid in Florida

Restaurants that personify "Old Florida"

The Yearling has got to be the most authentic "Old Florida" place I have ever eaten.This place has been around since the 50's.For such an out of the way place,it is always packed. I had fried frog legs,my friend had gator bites and quail. They serve venison,coon,turtle with wonderful homemade sides,large french fries,hushpuppies to die for,slaw etc.The atmosphere is so backwoods Florida,that it is actually in the middle of two lakes.While waiting for a table,you can browse the antique room that features all Florida antiques of this old house.Willie Green sits on a stack of coca~cola crates playing his acoustic guitar while singing the blues in between two of the dining rooms.
Arriving early I got to meet the cook and have him autograph my Cross Creek Cookbook,his mother was Marjorie Keenan Rawlings cook.

Oct 19, 2007
DenimOrchid in Florida

What are the foods you grew up with?

Blue Crab Spaghetti sauce
Noche Buena Pork
Black Beans

Every summer we would go to my great Aunt Jennies house on Sundays for her spaghetti & crabs. Blue crabs were once plentiful in Tampa Bay.I am happy to say she left me her recipe, and now I am the one keeping the July 4th tradition going.

Oct 15, 2007
DenimOrchid in General Topics

Sautéed Plantains

Another food that was a staple in our house growing up. We would wait until they were very black and almost furry on the outside,slice diagonal,and spoon into medium hot oil.Drain on paper towels.The blacker the outside the sweeter the plantain.

Oct 15, 2007
DenimOrchid in Recipes