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open Sundays Hyde Park- U Chicago area any good eats?

What's open Sundays in Hyde Park - U Chicago area that is any good?

We'll be at Robie House for early tour at 58th & S Woodlawn on Sunday June 17. Need to eat lunch (before walking across campus to DuSable museum at 57th & S Cottage Grove). I looked around there, and seems like some greasy heavy stuff or pizza joints. I saw a Korean place but closed Sun.

Wouldn't mind walking up to 30 min from Robie House (which could include short bus/tram ride) for something special. We are adventurous eaters but I assume nothing in that area, so just good quality is key. Doesn't have to be fancy, moderate price is best. Is there a good Sunday brunch without an hourlong wait somewhere, or where we could make reservation for 2 ? But does not need to be brunch, lunch is good too.

Should I assume any of the cafes listed on google maps as being in the Univ bldgs are closed Sundays?
Appreciate any help! I've gotten good advice on the rest of our trip from existing posts already, so hopeful...

Jun 10, 2012
starvinginNH in Chicago Area

Sunny's Table--spicy and tasty in Concord NH

We love Sunny's, it has been a very welcome addition in Concord. Just plain good food. But some good Asian influenced food? Even better. Always great service. We were so happy when they started serving lunch even just the last half of the week. The menu changes often enough to keep it interesting (when I've tried everything on the menu a few times already!)

It's kinda funny, but Sunny really likes Indian food! (Having worked at his mom's restaurant he can of course make good Korean food). His wife runs the front and is a sweetheart.

PS - yeah, you can never get into Angelina's without a reservation these days.

Cocktail Culture in Portsmouth?

You need to go to red door

Black Birch: Kittery, Maine

Wow, thanks for the tip. Just looking at their menu online, I want to go and know I will probably love it.

Duck confit poutine? Yes please.
Duck rillette? mm hmm.
Fun flavored deviled eggs? Yeah. And beer me now.
Scallops with Okinawan yam puree and gingered pea shoots? Two of my favorite ingredients, and who the hell comes up with that in ME or NH area? Yes yes yes.
Steak with fingerlings, and pickled ramps? Entree order!

Just saw someone else posted to go early to avoid the long waits since no reservations. I can eat a light lunch!

Upper Valley VT/NH Roundup...Hanover, Norwich, Lebanon et al

Oh, good info on original post, thanks! Gas station Chinese? It just has to be good! I must try.

Don't forget about Yama in W. Lebanon for Korean, there is also a branch in Hanover too I believe.

maple creamy

I was born in NH technically, but grew up in VT, so glad to see you made the creemee correction! One can find them all over ME, NH, VT now, but often creemee stands have different flavors each day or every few days until they run out of that flavor. So it's often hit or miss to find the flavor you want.

The Pearl in Rockland

Oh man, I love gigante beans! Hard to find around here, I mostly ate them in Greece.
We are planning to head up to Rockland a couple times this year so will definitely try The Pearl based on your recommendation. (besides our usual favorites!) Thanks.

Baked, Manchester - new

Yeah, every state can have places with the same name, you only register your business name with your state (unless you want to get a national trademark and copyrights for a national interstate business, which is rare since expensive). There is a Baked bakery in Boulder, CO as well.

The franchise part is just what he said in the Hippo article about his hopes for the future, once this place is successful. I haven't tried it yet, sounds like it could bebetter than other places, will report after. Martinis were added for happy hour and evening, so it's not just a breakfast/lunch place like so many in Manch.

Foodie Weekend Suggestions in Portsmouth NH - or should we go somewhere else?

I agree, Portmouth is a great weekend destination. Even if you don't want to go to Strawberry Banke museum, it's lovely to just walk around, near the water in the charming old part of town, or Prescott Park gardens. We live an hour away but it's like a world away to visit Portsmouth for the afternoon or the day. If you time it right and there's a festival on the weekend, so much the better - fish festival, chowder fest, etc. The parking garage is cheap, and right where you want to be to start walking around.

I don't know why you guys are complaining about the restaurant scene there. We live in Concord which is a chain restaurant wasteland (aside from Sunny's or Granite, yes). We have to travel a lot (ie all over the US nevermind int'l) to get our chowhound fix and we love Portsmouth. You sometimes have to hunt if you don't want to eat at touristy Dolphin Striker or waterfront restaurants (which have perfectly fine seafood). Seriously, only The Brewery, Jumpin Jays and Popovers have been mentioned? That's the best our board hounds could come up with? No one has even mentioned my favorite places.
Street is a great newer place, it has global street food apps and bowls/plates perfect for sharing, in a cool industrial decor interior. You can sit at the bar or at booths. Service is good. The Korean Fried Crack (I mean chicken) is truly addictive, a little spicy with Korean gochujang chili sauce and just a little sweet. Empanadas yummy. Lamb burger with curried shallots and mint yogurt is amazing. Mexican cemita or Vietnamese banh mi or Cubano or Porchetta sandwiches are all great. Various noodle bowls, Korean bi bim bap rice bowl.
Drinks and cocktails are great (aperol cocktail, extra bitters is my drink!).
They have brunch on Sundays, you gotta try the Sweet Home Alabruncha! Southern pulled pork version of eggs benedict, drooling just thinking of it.

Also when you are in that plaza (it's tucked around the back side), a When Pigs Fly bakery is right there, so before dinner sample some breads and olive oils, balsamic vinegars and buy a loaf or two.

Black Trumpet is worth a trip. You can read lots of reviews on that everywhere so I won't go into detail.
For breakfast you must try Friendly Toast, the decor and collections are as big a part as the food. Yes, it is now known on TV, but if you don't live in the area and have never been before, it is AN EXPERIENCE. I mean, if you google "funky breakfast portsmouth" and only Friendly Toast comes up, what other recommendation do you need? Have some fun. It's also OPEN 24 HOURS from Friday am until Sunday 9pm on weekends. Good late night food.
There is a new Hot Pot (Chinese, or Japanese call it shabu shabu) restaurant, everyone at the table can share a hot pot of broth to cook on the table hot plate, with whatever meats, seafood or veggies you want and flavor it however you want. It's fun and the broth at the end tastes great. There aren't many places you can do shabu shabu even in big cities in the US.

(I would have added 106 Kitchen to the list but they are already closed, bummer).
for evening, go to red door lounge, (upstairs kinda unmarked but with a red door), good martinis and other cocktails. Faves: "Thai martini" - I love the "buddha's hand" citron, plus lemon, ginger; or the "V" which is made with caipiroska, veev acai, muddled lime, hibiscus rose. Check out the music calendar so you can time when to go.

We love Gus and Ruby Letterpress for browsing, the shell and rock emporium at a corner on Daniel (forgot the shop name, Scallops? or something



Suggestions for 50th Birthday Dinner in Central NH?

I guess depends on your definition of comfort food. In Concord I personally go to Sunny's Table for special occasions, but they have a slightly Asian flair in many dishes on the menu (Korean, Indian) and a good wine list (the current Malbec is great). It was a little too spicy for my 60ish mother there. They are only open Wed-Sat during fall now too.

(besides the places you mentioned which I agree would be good choices)
If you are thinking steak, seafood, a little bit fancy preparation and martinis then Granite Restaurant would be good. It's a good special occasion atmosphere. I know they have martinis, but I just checked online and they don't list any special martinis except on their dessert menu. They do have an extensive wine list, with some good wines available by the glass. They won't rush you out either.
Dinner menu at Granite

Have you ever been to The Library in Portsmouth? It is a good special occasion place, nice manly dark wood library atmosphere, a very traditional steak house with good quality preparation. Nothing nouveau, very classic. Their lounge bar area is Old English Style Pub decor. You would enjoy their almost 100 different specialty martinis.

Enjoy your 50th celebration!

Cheng Du Kitchen, Manchester N.H.

Yeah, Fujian province is on the SE coast, near Taiwan. It has nothing to do with Sichuan province (Chendu is the capital city) in the interior, where the spicy (hot chili pepper) & numbing (Sichuan peppercorn) food is eaten. Where the waitress is from probably doesn't matter, where the chef is from or what cooking school they attended is the key. So maybe the chef learned some Sichuan style dishes, or they thought it would be more popular. Chengdu has become more of a foodie city in China even now.

Has anyone else eaten there since Jan 2011?

Good Mexican, Manchester NH

yes, we were so happy to also have Taqueria La Guadalupana, besides Consuelo's, in Manchester. Have eaten there a few times, always good, I've had a waitress young woman who did speak perfect English, maybe the younger generation in the family or hired help. Man, I love gorditas and they have pretty good ones.
Consuelo's is all about the street tacos (al pastor, carne asada or chorizo) and the agua de jamaica for me. Their veg burrito was also good, I branched out one time!

The Taco Fest last spring in Manchester was a great idea, but a fiasco because everyone went out for it and none of the restaurants prepared enough food! After a couple places we hit, then the lines were long & by the time we got to the counter they were out, sometimes even out of the substitute they had scrounged up. But of course Taqueria La Guadalupana always has taco ingredients so we ate there and filled up at the end of the night!

I live in Concord but won't eat Mexican in Concord, what's the point?

El Mexicano Jr is also very good, down n dirty.

I hope you all hit the Latino Festival in Manchester in August? Some good food and music there.

El Mexicano Restaurant
197 Wilson St, Manchester, NH 03103

Looking for prawn crackers (krupuk) to cook at home

We just drove past the new location of Lanna today and you can see it from the road (if you're looking on the correct side of the road while driving that is!)
Unfortunately the Saigon Market in Manch is the closest Asian grocery you will find to Concord. There used to be a small one in Concord but went out several years ago. Saigon has a lot, I've heard Lanna has even more selection so will check it out next time (too busy today). Those shrimp chips are truly addictive! And it's fun cooking them, pop in the hot oil and watch it explode!

Rustic Leaf Bistro - New in Milford NH

Yes, it's 2011 and we just went to Rustic Leaf Bistro today for a later lunch at 3pm on a Saturday while walking around Milford (we live in Concord but have never really visited Milford except a friend's house outside downtown). Many places in Milford are open for breakfast & lunch, but closed at 2pm. Others aren't open yet for dinner til 5.

We are both very picky about quality and flavors, and we were both impressed. The lunch menu has a great selection of salads and sandwiches, (which I have to say don't normally thrill me, not really a sandwich person) but these looked different and appetizing.

I had the "beet" version of the salad - romaine, roasted beet cubes, feta, chick peas, sundried tomato strips, fresh peas with choice of dressing - I got balsamic dressing which was well mixed and almost creamy and not too strong which I loved ( I usually dislike balsamic vinaigrette at most places since I am spoiled with good balsamic and can't eat the cheap stuff, plus it's not usually well emulsified but oily).

I got a combo with a half sandwich, but it was humongous and I would consider it a whole sandwich, maybe they just gave it to me? I got a whole wrap, cut into two halves.

I really enjoyed my "Elm" wrap because the ingredients were great - real sliced turkey breast, not crappy deli meat, with avocado, bacon, tomato, baby spinach leaves, cheddar cheese in a whole wheat wrap, and the best part is they put it in a panini grill. Wraps are always served too cold and rubbery/slimy for me, but in the panini press, it warmed and toasted it just enough to be delicious, the cheese was melted.

Spouse got a tuna salad sandwich on delicious seeded wheat bread with olives, sundried tomatoes, feta, fresh peas; it came with fries and what was clearly homemade ketchup, yummy! I stole half his fries...

They serve desserts from the Dutch Epicure bakery, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, they served it at the correct temperature! It is my pet peeve when restaurants serve desserts, especially chocolate based, or with buttercream frosting, that are too cold. They are hard and you can't taste the flavors. They should not be stored in the regular frig but in a proper temperature pastry case! The lemon raspberry cake was fabulous - like a cream cake, and the cream layers and the buttercream frosting were just the right temp and therefore texture, it makes such a difference in how it tasted.

I would definitely go there again and try some dinner entrees, the menu looked interesting.

Our service was very good, by the way. Even at 3pm a couple other tables were occupied.

Taiwanese cusine--New restaurant in Nashua NH

Yes, Asian Breeze is so good, if you order off their "special menu." The special menu in the restaurant was more than the website listed for special menu too.
Make sure you ask for it, it's the authentic menu that is bilingual Chinese and English. Our favorites are the san bei ji as it happens, any greens they have that day (cooked "qing chao" just stirfried with garlic), and a spicy fish dish that is several nice fillets of fish swimming in a hot chili & Sichuan peppercorn broth/soup. The waiters are very nice and if you are interested in trying different authentic things, will make recommendations of what is good and what goes well together for a meal.
Unfortunately given where they are located, a lot of people want their usual favorite pu pu platter crap. But if you can say a few words or names of dishes you like in Chinese, they will know you are serious about good food and prepare you some great dishes you won't otherwise taste in the NH.

Asian Breeze
1328 Hooksett Rd Ste 41, Hooksett, NH 03106

Sunshine Oriental Restaurant - Dim Sum in Concord NH

We ate there again with friends recently Sat am and I was very pleased. The rice congee was great, got you tiao cruller sticks too. Varied dumplings were tasty, got a pork bun that was homemade, filling was different than typical Cha xiu bao. Garlic stir fried greens good. The specials looked good, need to go at dinner. Yay!

Gluten free dining in Southern NH

Concord may be too far north & OP is old but this is popular topic.
Rasa's Vegan cafe is gluten free, all natural too.
Cafe Indigo has a whole gluten free menu as well.
You can find their websites easily

Cafe Indigo
128 Hall St Ste H, Concord, NH 03301

Info on Nonno's truck Montpelier VT?

Saw this cart/truck with outdoor seating on empty lot btwn bldgs downtown as drove thru (on bus trip so couldn't stop). Can't find any info or reviews online about it. Curious, anyone tried?

Sunshine Oriental Restaurant - Dim Sum in Concord NH

We tried it last week. I worked late so spouse brought it home. I wasn't as impressed as I was hoping. The char siu bao BBQ pork bun seemed like a frozen one, I could be wrong but having lived in China I can pretty much tell homemade buns. The luo bo gao panfried turnip cake was good. We also shared did Ginger chicken which is usually one of the few edible things for me at Chinese restaurants in NH since it has the dry fried string beans and Ginger means the sauce won't be too damn sweet & bland. It was awful, sweet sauce with chunks of pineapple, the string beans weren't dry fried properly. I'll go back & try more things since usually you have to figure out which dishes are edible at which joints. Sounds like owners are eager to please so hopefully can convince them we don't all want sweet glop. A new place I like A LOT is Asian Breeze in Hooksett. They have a separate 'special menu' with better dishes (original Chinese food not Chinese American). It is really good. I will do a separate post about that place soon.
A new

Asian Breeze
1328 Hooksett Rd Ste 41, Hooksett, NH 03106

Anthony Bourdain coming to Conte's 1894 and Rocklnd, Me in January??? A Conte's Introduction.

I didn't see in article that Conte's was opening elsewhere. Where did you get that info? I need to know because if not, we have to go soon one last time to say goodbye, loved that place for years, had some good chats about music with owner.

Roadtrip up towards Quechee, VT for leaf peeping

Brattleboro VT has quite a few good places to stop. Do a search on this board, lots will come up. A wide range -from Korean, to Jamaican, to a great bakery with sandwich and soup. I have enjoyed Shin-La Korean/Japanese restaurant, Vegetarian Paradise Caribbean place (check their hours if a weekend), Amy's bakery. The food coop has hot food bar with good choices too, quick and easy.

NH VT staycation favorite restaurant ideas?

Well, here's the report:
We didn't make it to Lowell this time, got too busy. Definitely want to get there this spring.

We tried Krayatip Thai in Tilton NH and I was impressed. The menu has great choices and all our food tasted right, and good quality. Nice Thai iced tea.

We ate lunch in Brattleboro VT at the Vegetarian Paradise, a Jamaican Caribbean place. The food was amazing, homemade fresh tasty interesting. The server asked if we had ever eaten there, and since not, he brought us a sampler plate with a couple bites of all their entrees! All tasty. We chose the ackee fruit tofu - a national fruit of Jamaica usually served with fish. It had pieces of yellow-orange soft delicate fruit that i loved in a nice stew with veg and tofu. Also got the ital ("eye-tall") stew - with red beans, pumpkin, coconut and other veg. All entrees come in small and large sizes which I like. They come with tasty rice and beans (pigeon peas). They have fresh carrot juice and gingerbeer and lemonade which wasn't too sweet, nice.

Walked around town, then based on a chowhound rec we ate a snack and tea at Amy's Bakery. I've since been back there for excellent soup and bread at lunch when driving through again. Love the apricot bars, and cookies.

Then we had dinner at Shin-La Korean (I've eaten there again since too). The spicy radish pickle gak-dugi was perfect, that and the regular cabbage kim chi were nice and spicy. Loved the the Korean pancake appetizer, I got the simple zucchini one. Had bulgogi wtih well-flavored marinade sauce and nice cuts of beef. Bibimbap in stone pot all vegetarian had great ingredients, incl. nice rich dark mushroom and classic Korean plant stems, besides the shredded veg carrots, zucchini, etc.

We went to Keene for the concert and ate at Luca's Mediterranean. It was expensive for NH (we did apps, entree, dessert, wine) and excellent. Great waiter, all the food was fabulous. I had perfectly cooked lamb chops with a red wine sauce, good sides. Bread and dip on table was great. I had the semifreddo for dessert, which I didn't like. It was too frozen and was like a slice of frozen ice cream pie. That's the whole point of SEMIfreddo. Now I can rant about how I hate things served too cold, which is a big problem in America. Chocolate desserts like mousse and pastries are so much better if allowed to warm up a little, not just grabbed out of a too-cold restaurant frig and plonked in front of patron. Pastry case temperature is best, not the regular food supply refrigerator.

We went to Dover and ate at the Silver Moon Creperie. The crepes were excellent, they are not completely buckwheat (don't expect to be like Brittany, more like Paris). I would have liked more complex choices for savory fillings but they don't want to be a full-service kitchen to provide cooked meats and sauces. The ham, cheese, mushroom crepe was great for lunch. We walked around town and then came back for dessert crepes! Lemon curd and blueberry was nice as a different choice from usual chocolate or sugar crepe filling.

On the way to Maine we ate at Susty's in Northwood NH. I love that place. We're not vegan, but anyone would love this place. It's real food, all prepared fresh from scratch. I love the fresh squeezed juices. They have hot entrees like shepherd's pie and lasagna. But we like the seitan wrap sandwich. I love the simple stir-fry (but ask for sauce on the side, as it's too sweet and too much for me). Their salads are good. The desserts are actually good with no dairy, but we seldom have room! You can BYOB too, we have enjoyed some nice wine with dinner there.

We did travel a little farther and went to Rockland Maine for 4 days for the chocolate festival and to stay at our favorite Berry Manor Inn. That little town really has some fabulous restaurants, I'm so jealous. We've visited a few times before, but tried some new places this time. We went back to Rockland Cafe and Conte's but this time tried In Good Company wine bar restaurant - amazing food cooked by one woman in a tiny kitchen you can see in the middle of the place. Everything was great except the French olive oil in the olive oil sampler with bread - almost acidic and burned my mouth. And I can't rave enough about Suzuki's Sushi. It doesn't have a neo-sushi fancy long menu with torch-seared this or that like certain places in Boston or Austin or Calif. But that sushi is the freshest and best quality, as good as I've had anywhere across the nation. After one round of sashimi - the most tender amazing scallops, hamachi yellowtail, maguro tuna, mackerel, I had to order a second round because it was so good I wanted more. I tried some things I've never had before because I realized it was so fresh I'd probably enjoy some of the unusual things. Had local Maine shrimp sashimi, loved it. My favorite was actually the nigiri with fish roe and a raw quail egg yolk wrapped in a tall collar of nori seaweed - the texture of the slightly crunch roe with the perfectly toasted seaweed and that runny rich egg yolk put me in ecstasy.

Had Sunday jazz brunch at Amalfi's at their huge new location on the water which was included in weekend package. It was good quality food and tasted nice but just not that interesting to me.

We did go to Boston Chinatown and tried Hei La Moon for dim sum. I was impressed, as the quality of the food and preparation were excellent, as well as the choice of what came around in the cart. Sad it was just the two of us, so we couldn't try that much. We're bringing friends down there this spring so will have a bigger crowd to share more food.
Then we went to ICA exhibit and ate at nearby Legal Test Kitchen. Love the paella there, and ordered it again, that is the only place I will eat mussels because I am spoiled for any lesser quality mussels now.

So still need to check out Lowell, Smokehouse, Zampa, and this summer hopefully Dipsy Doodle and over to Maine for Coco Loco's.

Need hours open for dim sum Chinatown

Well, we haven't found a date we can take our friends with kids, but talking about the dim sum so much (and an ICA exhibit) made us go to Boston last weekend! We tried the Hei La Moon (after i figured out where the heck it is on the other side of the surface rd in that alley, no signs visible from the street I could see, it was frustrating and we had to backtrack a few times to figure it out).
I thought it was excellent, fresh and tasty. The carts could have come around more often. By the time we were full and saw some carts twice, I walked around the room and saw all sorts of stuff that never reached us.
The shrimp dumplings were excellent, the crystal wrappers perfect texture and the shrimp good quality. I love Chinese chives, but I've never had chive dumplings with the crystal glutinous wrappers before, they always go with the wheat flour wrappers, but it was good. The siu mai were among the best I've had, good combo of pork and shrimp with nice mushroom flavor. The red bean filled flat round glutinous cakes were fantastic being lightly panfried to take the edge off the stickiness, and lotus seed buns and char siu bao BBQ pork buns were perfectly steamed and soft with good fillings. I was impressed with the quality of ingredients and the proper preparation. The turnip cakes and lots of other stuff looked great, but with only two of us, I already ended up taking leftovers home so couldn't try everything.
Since we could park in the garage with the parking discount and go to Cmart, it was a perfect stop. I might just take the friends and kids there since it is so convenient.

For just us next time, I'll try your other recs where we can order from menu such as Winsor and JoJo or Gitlo's.

Tacos Lupita

Yes, I have loved this place for years. I had an apt in Somerville for a few years that was pretty close and every time I came down during the week would have to eat there at least once.
I like the Salvadoran influence on the food, it's not Tex-mex that for sure, and it's like homemade. Stand at the counter and watch the two ladies cooking everything fresh on the grill !
Their cheese pupusas are probably the best I've ever had. The pickled cabbage and sauce for toppings are PERFECT.
I'm in love with the huaraches too. If you've never heard of it, they are served and eaten flat, they are like fat homemade corn tortillas but a little thicker. Your choice of meat and topped with sauce, the white fresh cheese crumbles, onion, slices of tomatoes. They have all the right meats for me - tender shredded pork carnitas, beef carne asada, spiced pork al pastor, spicy chorizo sausage crumbles. I never bother with chicken here, you can get chicken burritos and tacos anywhere.

Their 3 (mild and hot red and green) hot sauces are both fantastic. I can never choose and must have both. One of the red sauces does have a little smoky flavor like chipotle in adobo.

I love their gorditas and soft corn shell little tacos. They do have nice burritos, I just prefer the other stuff so much more. Oh, and their homemade tamales are really good too.

NH VT staycation favorite restaurant ideas?

Thanks for the South Indian recs with websites. They look great, will definitely go to one of them and report.

We LOVE spicy (and I lived in Sichuan for a month, boy that numbing sichuan peppercorn is like nothing else in this world! ).

I assume from seeing other chowhound discussions about martinis, that you mean real martinis at Stella Blu and not flavored cocktails inaccurately called martinis ;)

Yeah, we haven't been to the new wine bar Corks at BVI yet. Thanks for the tip on the special wine deals, that will help the pockets during this foodcation!

NH VT staycation favorite restaurant ideas?

Thanks for all the great info on things to do as well as eat!
Oh, I remember you talking about Pho88 in our Vietnamese food in NE discussions.... I think we must try it.
Sounds like we should head to Lowell much more often - my kind of chow! Sichuan, tapas, Vietnamese, Portuguese, sushi, diners! More than we can do in one day this vacation.

Brattleboro VT experts please help

thanks for the tip, I will never pass up good homemade soup! Are they open for breakfast if we got there around 10am? Then a late lunch, wander the bookstores, a late dinner, head home.... :)

Brattleboro VT experts please help

Oh, I looked up the Vegetarian Paradise, it sounds great - something different for NH!
I didn't know the Coop had a cafe, can you eat there?
What kind of food and atmosphere is Peter Havens, what are your favorite dishes there?
Thanks for all the info, these are places I didn't know about.

Need hours open for dim sum Chinatown

Thanks everyone for the details on carts and hours. They really do want to go to Chinatown for the kids to experience it again (they are adopted from China). We'll wander around the herb shops, junk shops, get pearl bubble tea, eat dim sum etc.

I do love Chau Chow City and having lived in Taiwan for a while, the Shangri-La and Chung Shin Yuan are faves despite the long waits for a table.

As for myself, I appreciate the info on the other places where I somehow haven't been yet (mostly since we moved to NH 10 years ago and only go back to old favorites in Boston! ), like Hei La Moon across the frontage road and Gitlo's and JoJo Taipei in Allston etc. Look forward to trying them.

Brattleboro VT experts please help

So for our NH VT staycation I've decided to spend a day in Brattleboro.

I read an old post recently revived about eats off I-91 in VT and MA. There were some Brattleboro recs and I just today had to drive from NH to Mass via Brattleboro and stopped for dinner at Shin La. I was pleasantly surprised at the Korean offerings! The homemade spicy radish kimchi was amazing, the veggie Korean pancakes were fantastic. The jap chae noodles wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was tasty.
I hadn't been to Brattleboro in years, so I walked through part of Main St and side streets and it's really nice -lots of eateries, shops, bookstores etc. I could use some expert advice before we spend the day there eating and hanging out.

Where should we not miss eating for lunch and dinner, within about 30 min drive radius of Brattleboro? Anything from a country store, to an Inn, diner, Japanese etc. that's special and your favorite. Thanks