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Kitchen 324 - Oklahoma City OKC

Went to Kitchen 324 yesterday, a Saturday, for brunch. Arrived around 1 pm to a long line, which moved slowly but steadily. Some people turned away and left because they saw the line was so long. LOVED the interior. Inside the Braniff building (hotel?) at 324 N. Robinson. Lots of marble and cozy, tufted green banquettes which had a really cozy and stylish feel to them. The staff was super attentive, with the chef and many servers constantly checking on the food prep and delivery.
I noticed later that there is a separate counter for coffee and pastries, and so we could have avoided the main brunch line and just had a nice coffee and something small to eat.
I ordered a small nonfat latte from this smaller coffee bar with a chocolate cupcake and a raspberry danish. The chocolate icing on the cupcake was very tasty - just the right balance of chocolate and sugar. The cupcake itself, however, was a bit dry and less dense than I would prefer. My favorite cupcakes are from the Magnolia Bakery in NYC, which are more dense and moist than this one. The pastry was well flavored and had a good consistency. I'm not a huge danish fan so this rated OK in my book. I should note that the raspberries were super fresh and delicious. Just perfect. I usually encounter mushy over-ripe raspberries, so this was a good factor in my opinion.
The latte was HEAVENLY, and was crafted with love, with a pretty flower design in the foam on top. It did take a while for them to deliver my latte, but I was able to watch them make it and in the end it did not bother me that it took a little extra time. I am always on the search for a delicious, well-crafted cup of coffee whenever I come home to Oklahoma, and this is simply the best cup that I have encountered. It was delicious. I will return for a latte every time I'm downtown.
For entrees, we ordered the BLT, which was fine, and the soft eggs. The eggs were well seasoned and well cooked, served in a little turrine with white beans (navy beans?) very well seasoned with sage and oregano? maybe thyme? It was yummy. We also had the egg & shaved black forest ham on toast, which came with roasted potatoes. The poached egg on top was perhaps just slighly over-done, but in this case I prefer my poached egg a bit firm, so this was a good thing for me. It was really delicious!
(Side note -- We ordered the fried green tomato eggs benedict but it was sold out by the time we got there around 1 pm)
The staff was very attentive and helpful, refilling our water glasses very often and clearing away plates quickly and efficiently.
We waited a bit longer than I would have prefered for our food, but overall, the experience was good. The food was very tasty and it was so fun to try a new brunch spot in OKC that's inventive and uses locally-sourced ingredients. We will definitely be back again for brunch and are looking forward to trying lunch too!
NOTE - CLOSES AT 2 PM which is annoying, but hopefully as they grow they will expand their hours

Dec 31, 2012
Mamayumyum in Great Plains


I do not agree with addlepated, and I wonder if the cilantro problem happened at a super busy time for them? I have been getting take out since they opened and never had a problem except maybe one time. Talk to the manager, and I'm sure they can fix it.

Aug 05, 2012
Mamayumyum in Austin


Hooray hooray for Tarka on Brodie Lane! My husband and I moved to Austin about three years ago from NYC and we were worried about finding a good Indian place that would satisfy our Friday night Indian fix. Tarka rivals (and sometimes it tastes even better) than all of our old haunts in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The ingredients taste fresh and are lovingly prepared. Our favorites are tikka masala, malai kofta, lamb biryani and the samosas. the raita is good too.

It's hard to find good naan here, but Tarka is pretty good. A bit thin and limp for my taste. Could be thicker but still be fluffy and soft. I'm not sure of they have the best oven for this, but don't know because I've never checked it out.

Chicken kebab dish is a bit dry most times and their "naninis" leave something to be desired. But stick to the above dishes and you will not be disappointed.

The only dish I miss from NYC is "aloo papri" (a snacky appetizer of potatoes, chickpeas and tangy yogurt raita). Tarka - if you are listening, would you please add this to your menu?

Aug 05, 2012
Mamayumyum in Austin

My favorite things from HEB

Yes!!! To the Hatch Green Chilli Salsa! They also have a red version that is also soooo delicious!

Aug 05, 2012
Mamayumyum in Austin

Hatch green chiles

The hatch chillies are here!!!
My favorite hatch green chilies come from the CM at Westgate. Their Hatch Chili Festival, which you can read about below,has started and they've got boxes and boxes of the hatch peppers stacked up which come directly from New Mexico.

I have tried buying them raw from CM and roasting them myself, but I prefer the taste of the in-house roasted hatch chilies that CM sells in a plastic bag.there is a hot and mild version. I usually get some of each and they are amazing when thrown into a blender to make fresh salsa, salad dressing, marinades, or even added into a fresh aioli. CM also does a hatch chili gelato -- usually chocolate and/or vanilla, but to me I prefer a different kind of chili when added to chocolate. The hatch is so flavorful that it overpowers the gelato, to my taste.

I also tried the hatch chillies last week at the new Whole Foods down near William Cannon and mo-PAC. They were roasting them outside last week and had some freshly-roasted in the store. These were not very flavorful and poorly-roasted. Some parts were just charred whereas others were still a bit raw. They had a big sign outside that said "Whole Foods is first to the market with hatch chilies," but I will not get my hatch chillies there again because the qualit, taste and texture were not as good as CM.

Aug 05, 2012
Mamayumyum in Austin