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Packaged foods made in Bronx or Queens??

Hey fellow Chowhounders!
I am working on a small exhibition where I need to round up some foods that are produced in outer boroughs that are nicely packaged. I have a bunch from Brooklyn — Wheelhouse, Mast Bros, Pure + Raw, Luminous Kitchens, the two gin distilleries, etc — but am having much more trouble when it comes to Queens and the Bronx (not to mention Staten Island). Have any of you spotted anything made (either by hand or machine) in any of the other boroughs that I should check out? Or are there any great specialty shops in either borough that might stock items like this? I went all the way to Brighton Beach a few weeks ago to hit up Golden Key. That's how dedicated I am.
All helpful tips appreciated!!

Apr 21, 2010
mnk in Outer Boroughs

Birthday lunch in Milan?

Hello everyone! I've read a lot of posts on this board about Milan restaurants (and I've been there many times), but I'm having trouble picking one for my upcoming birthday celebration... My dream is to take over Latteria for lunch, but they won't even let us make a reservation for 10 people, so that dream is crushed. The other place I frequent for lunch is Peck (the cafe/bar), but it's not a particularly charming place to turn 30. Can anyone recommend somewhere that would be nice for a group of 10-12, plus not too expensive, plus good food, plus more charming than Peck? Tall order right? :)
Many thanks!

Mar 19, 2009
mnk in Italy

Fun Milan birthday dinner?

Hi everyone! I'm going to be in Milan in late April and want to host a fun birthday dinner on a Monday night with 4-6 friends. We're all in our late 20s/early 30s. I'm looking for something delicious but not too stuffy/fancy. Maybe more a of a small/hidden gem/laid back feel, somewhere we can escape without paying more than $40-$50 a head with wine. Maybe even with a garden table? Pipe dream?
Food-wise, I'm more of a fish person than a pasta person, but a mix of the two would be perfect. I prefer food pretty natural and simply prepared.
Any suggestions?

Mar 06, 2007
mnk in Italy

cold borscht

it's not really borscht, but my favorite beet-based soup is at flor's kitchen in either the east village or the west... soooo delicious and very very thick. i think you can get it hot or cold.
also, B&H dairy is kind of fun in a dive-y way, on 2nd ave just below st. marks. super cheap, too.

Aug 16, 2006
mnk in Manhattan


oh my god, i thought i was the only one with a serious addiction. it is my favorite food.... i think i like the tarama at snack best.... but i often get the krinos kind at home and put it in the middle of omelettes. yum!

Aug 06, 2006
mnk in Manhattan

Congee Village

my friends and i love to get the congee -- veggie and fish and lettuce especially -- then order the greens with garlic so we can pour the garlic sauce into the congee. SO GOOD!

Jul 31, 2006
mnk in Manhattan

S'MAC finally opened on Saturday!!

i'm sure the answer is no, but -- any chance they have a soy cheese option?
i'm sorry, had to ask... :)

Jun 27, 2006
mnk in Manhattan