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Help! Birthday dinner restaurant recommendation in Fairfield County, CT

Thanks everyone! Leaning towards Douro, maybe Brasitas. I was always been leaning towards for a Latin or Mediterranean, but not set on it. Technically I was told "top shelf restaurant", but I don't want to get too carried away.

Help! Birthday dinner restaurant recommendation in Fairfield County, CT

My in-laws are planning a birthday dinner for me, and want to know where I'd like to go. Not being from CT, I need help with suggestions.

Serve at least one good vegetarian or fish dish.
Not be overly blue blooded (less stodgy the better).
Any ethnicity, the more interesting the food, the better.
Avg price of an entree can be 20-25 $.
Be in Fairfield County, or Westchester, near the CT line.

Thanks in advance!

Can I survive a move from Manhattan to Pittsburgh?

I moved here a few months ago from NYC, my husband moved here 2 years ago- if you haven't already moved to Pbrgh and made your own way, here is how we have been braving things:
You will sadly realize that your skepticism is not snobbery.

Fairway, Zabar's, your typical Korean bodega, have no equals here. There's a small store on Walnut St. in Shadyside that has what you might expect in a small NYC store. You will go to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods a lot.

Wine: State liquor laws here are screwy, and many restaurants carry Cali/ South American/ Aussie wines with maybe 2 sad Euros. With no competition, people can essentially price gouge for anything halfway decent. Ask at restaurants you like for their wine list/ distributors. I still buy from Acker, Merrall, & Condit.

Nightlife/ activities: you will find a few treasured places that don't have TVs. Notably Dish, on the South Side. This is a college town. But that also means that cultural things get attracted here. Pbrgh is outside Broadway's controlled sphere, so you can see shows for much less. You will find good ethnic food at the local ethnic festivals.

Deli/ baked goods go- If you have thoughtful relatives or Zabar's ex-patriot catalogue, you will manage a little better. Although you can find some decent bread at the afore mentioned store in Shadyside, and at Breadworks in the North Side.

High end dining experiences: you can find some very good food here. It may never be a spectacular experience, but you might be impressed. It is not the high end I miss here, but the low end. NYC has the best food and best selection you can get for 2.50 $. But hey, now you have a kitchen! Which is fantastic because take out here SUCKS.

NY will always be there. and you will likely be spending all your vacation time there. In between times, invite your family and friends to your "mountain chalet". And tell them to bring bagels.

Oct 14, 2007
Fornalisa in Pennsylvania