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Tokyo/Kyoto/Nara/Hiroshima/Osaka Meals - Opinion greatly appreciated

Hope you're all well!

I'm planning my Japan trip in April, would appreciate your thoughts on restaurants. Please do not hesitate to comment / provide some feedback/ recommendations on food/ restaurants that i should not miss / i should try.

My 3 months research comes down to the list below.. I hope other Chowhounders / trip planners can benefit from this post as well.

6th April - Day Trip to Nara
Lunch - Shizuka, Nara
Tea - Hiraso Sushi (If time permits)
Dinner - Kinryu Ramen, Osaka

7th April - Osaka
Lunch - Daruma
Dinner - Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M
Dessert - Rikuro

8th April - Day Trip to Miyajima & Hiroshima
Snacks - grilled oyster, momiji manju (maple leaf bean paste) @
Lunch - Mitchan, Hiroshima
Dinner - Osaka street food at Dotonbori Takoyaki from Honke Ohtako etc

9th April - Kyoto
Breakfast - Honke Owariya
Lunch - Katsukura
Tea - Ippodo Tea
Dinner - Guilo Guilo Hitoshina

10th April - Kyoto
Lunch - Syourian (Shoraian)
Dinner - Omen Ginkakuji

11th April - Kyoto
Lunch - ??? (Will be around Kinkakuji & Daitokuji area)
Dessert - Tsujiri Honten
Dinner - Izuju

12th April - Kyoto
Lunch - Taki no ya
Snacks - Nishiki Market - Soy Milk Donut, Wagashi (Japanese sweet), Crackers (Senbei), Tofu Icecream, @Miki Keiran Tamago & Unagi, Mochitsukiya for Mochi
Dinner - ??? (Open for suggestions)

13th April - Tokyo
Lunch - Kyushujangara Harajukuten - Ramen
Snacks - Crepe at Harajuku
Dinner - ??? Shinjuku area, preferably yakitori (please recommend)

14th April - Day Trip Hakone
Open for recommendations

15th April - Tokyo
Breakfast - Sushi Dai
Lunch - Maisen
Desserts - Hidemi Sugino
Dinner - Shin Hinomoto

16th April - Tokyo
Lunch - ???
Dinner - Mizutani / Saito (could not decide which to go)

17th April - Tokyo
Lunch - ??? (Open for suggestions. will be around asakusa & solamachi area)
Dinner - Ryugin

18th April - Tokyo
Lunch - Ichiran Shibuya
Dinner - Agaru Sagaru Nishiiru Higashiiru

19th April - Tokyo
Lunch - ???
Early Dinner - ??? (Open for suggestions, will be at Shinjuku area)

Thanks for your help + time.

I've also read that Inakaya, Fuku, Toriya is pretty good. What are your thoughts?

Feb 12, 2014
zarkerberg in Japan

Venice - Local Delicacies ADVICE!!

Thanks alot for the info..

Which restaurant would top the list then to get the local seasonal seafood, if i dont mind paying the $$$.... ?

thanks again

Aug 06, 2012
zarkerberg in Italy

Venice - Local Delicacies ADVICE!!

Wow, that's really informative ! Thanks for taking time to write that up. Much appreciated, PBSF..

One last question, if it was your first visit and you only have 2 nights / meals, which of the twos would you pick? ;)


Aug 06, 2012
zarkerberg in Italy

Venice - Local Delicacies ADVICE!!

Hey peeps!

I've read quite a number of threads recommending top / Michelin starred restaurants at Venice - which has been really helpful - Thanks!!

However, I only have the luxury of having 2 dinners (staying 2 nights) in Venice, and I would really love to sample their famous local delicacies (Seafoods - Spider Crabs etc) / restaurants popular amongst the locals (not necessarily most expensive / michelin starred restaurants).

Are those seafoods in season early october?
What else is a must TRY Venetian meal?

Anticipating inputs from everyone especially PBSF..
Much appreciated!

Thanks Again!!


Aug 05, 2012
zarkerberg in Italy