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Some recipes on page 255-259 in the 1969 Greenwich Village Cookbook.
Baba ganoujh; Kibbe Kufta; Pitnijian Yarik, Mahshi; Syrian Coffee. But not the salad dressing. A friend of mine worked there, gave me the recipe, I made it, but have lost the recipe and my memory of it as well.

Jul 07, 2015
KenS in Manhattan


I loved that place too. Hooked on their Pitnijian Yarik (lamb stuffed eggplant). Their brilliant salad dressing was made with all the discarded greens put in a blender with a secret spice mix (also horse radish). The waitresses were all very breasty. The decor involved lots of chains, hooks and naive bondage items. Shrimp saganaki was served on a sizzle platter. I do not think AIDS hurt them as much as a very messy divorce.

Jul 06, 2015
KenS in Manhattan

Which 4 breakfasts in Lower East Side would you choose?

Shopsin's closed for vacation 7/21-8/6

Jul 16, 2014
KenS in Manhattan

Who has great burger sliders?

a recent menu PDF is always on page #1 of my web site- Sorry no beer, wine or liquor.

Feb 19, 2013
KenS in Manhattan

Hatch chile peppers

Hatch @ Shopsin's are fresh/frozen, but not for retail sale. K

Aug 13, 2012
KenS in Manhattan

Iconic NYC Restaurants?

Shopsin's- 40+years

May 22, 2012
KenS in Manhattan

Old Mexican Restaurant in Greenwich Village - The Alamo?

casa paco 330 bleecker street

May 31, 2011
KenS in Manhattan

peanut oil in bulk?

35 lbs @ BJ's jersey city- $25.99

Nov 16, 2006
KenS in Manhattan

all-clad fry pans

I have been using my 10" stainless fry pans for over 30 years and have never had any problem with them. Someone said that there are now 2 types of all-clad. Domestic and imported. The latter being of lesser quality. Anybody else hear that? Ken.

Aug 16, 2006
KenS in Cookware

Toaster ovens (again!)

They have Home brand one in BJ's for $49 which is also a conevction oven. It is very small but cleverly designed to accomodate a 12" pizza.
It cooks very well. Just did a 4lb standing rib in 1hr 15 min.

Aug 16, 2006
KenS in Cookware

It is a good thing

I enjoy chowhound much more now, than with the old set up. As a result, I scan more boards, more often.

Jul 10, 2006
KenS in Site Talk