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suggestions for an Italian restaurant in Richmond Hill for a group of 10


The kitchen at That's Italian closes at 9:30pm it doesn't mean you have to be out by 10pm. Give us a call and let them know you're requirements. Thanks. 905.770.2929.

Disclosure: I am the owner of That's Italian.

Sep 21, 2014
joey36 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Jamaican Patty Shaper and Sealer

Hi Chrissy,

That is a commercial turnover machine. Nella carries it. You get one mold for free and must by the others. If I'm not mistaken, I saw one that looked like a patty mold.

Feb 24, 2014
joey36 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

PF Changs

Meh... sometimes I'm in the mood for 'junk food'. On the brightside... I've been drinking my recommended water intake for the last few days.

Jun 14, 2012
joey36 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

PF Changs

I just got back from PF Changs in the Walden Galleria and I must say, the food was really bad. Even though I expected the Salt & Pepper Calamari to have salt in it, I was simply blown away by how much they put into that dish. I've never had a more saltier dish in my life. Not only did they oversalt the dish, but they actually bring you a little cup with extra salt and pepper as well! For my main course, I had the Kung Pao chicken with fried rice. The chicken, again, was really salty and the rice was pretty mushy. My wife had the lemon chicken which was void of any lemon flavour but it wasn't salty which I guess was a good thing. The first thing that came to mind was the new location scheduled to open at Don Mills. If they don't allow for customization, such as little salt, I don't expect them to last too long.

Jun 13, 2012
joey36 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Savour York Region

Just wanted to know if any chowhounders had the chance to try out any restaurants during Savour York Region which runs until March 20th? Any thoughts or reviews?

Mar 15, 2011
joey36 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Copacabana on Eglinton and Mt Pleasant

I just got back from my dinner at Copacabana and was disappointed with my experience. I've been looking forward to trying this place out for the last few weeks. I booked online with Open Table and arrived at 7pm. My date and I were quickly seated. We started our dinner at the buffet table but it was a very poor selection of appetizers. I left with an empty plate. The waiters came around every ten minutes with different types of meats. They all seemed pretty young but I still don't think it was appropriate to keep calling everyone "YOU GUYS". They all tasted okay but I didn't really find any of them to be authentic Brazilian. They were all barbecued cuts of meat with not too much spice. The ribs were probably my favourite part of the meal, very tasty and the meat fell off the bone. The barbecued pineapple was also very sweet and tasty. Our server was nice but not very attentive. We had to waive at her to get her attention. Overall, my expectations were not met but maybe that is because they were quite high hearing all these 'rave' reviews about the location in Niagara Falls. Would I recommend this place? Probably, if someone likes barbecued meat. Would I go back? No. Once was enough. We were in and out in approximately 50 minutes.

Feb 15, 2010
joey36 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Toronto: ISO Italian pasta condiment "aglio olio & peperoncino"

I think I saw a similar package at Eddystone Meats near Jane & Shepphard. They carry a lot of imported goods that you can't find elsewhere. Hope that helps!

Nov 16, 2009
joey36 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

upscale continental restaurant close to the 400 between Hwy 7 and the 401, or within a 20 minute drive of Pearson?

Timo has been closed for a while now.

Aug 05, 2009
joey36 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Salumerias - Little Italy

I usually go to Centro del Formaggio on College near Manning. It's small but you can find good products and the owners are quite helpful!

Jul 30, 2007
joey36 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Anyone know the restaurants on Wilson west of Dufferin?

I haven't been to mastro's in years but from what I remember, the food is pretty good. We would have family functions there such as communions and baptisms until we moved away from the area.

Sep 06, 2006
joey36 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Mini Wedding Cakes

Can anyone recommend a bakery/pastry shop that can make 'reasonably' priced individual mini-wedding cakes? I've had a few quotes of about 13-15 dollars each and that is a bit too high for me considering I need anywhere from 300 to 350. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Jul 28, 2006
joey36 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

il Gusto on College

I've noticed this new place on College which occupies what used to be Cafe Margeaux. Anyone ever been?

Jul 04, 2006
joey36 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Seafood Restaraunt for Dad's Birthday!

Can anyone please recommended a nice seafood restaraunt in Toronto? I'm planning to take my family out for my dad's birthday. Nothing too expensive or fancy as we all like good-tasting & simple dishes. My dad has never been one for exotic dishes and spices so I don't expect him to change after 59 years. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Toronto or nearby preferred.

Jun 29, 2006
joey36 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)