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Second time around was the charm! Didn't love it on first visit,, so it took a few months to return. Now I love this restaurant. Their borscht is fantastic, as were all of our dinners: lamb, shrimp, and what looked like little burgers or meatballls were dishes for our group. Everything had such yummy flavors!

Vega in Hartsdale

The guacommole, fajitas and fish tacos are excellent. Those are my go to dishes and i have never been disappointed. My last visit was in june, w 8 others - all of whom loved their meals.

Cari-Blue Cafe - Hartsdale

A definite keeper! I tried it for the first time and ordered a bunch of things (takeout) to taste their menu. My husband and I LOVED the crab cakes - different from typical crab cakes, but yummy. Served w just the right ammt of a sweet sauce (I hate when things are drowned in sauce). We also had the excellent chicken soup and the excellent chicken skewers which have chunks of fresh veggies. I can't wait to go back and try additiona items. PLEASE try this out. I agree with the post that said the location may do it in. That would be a shame.