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best place for oysters on Tomales Bay?

Thanks to all for your recommendations. Saturday was a gorgeous day and every oyster place we passed had cars lined up for blocks on both sides of 1. We ended up at Hog Island. Shorter wait (30 minutes) to share a stand up table. Service was attentive from valet parking to waiter. Food was pricey: $56 for 24 oysters, $13 for charcuterie plate: miniscule portions of Copa, Creminelli Wild Boar, St. George Cheese,Cornichons & mustard. Tiny baguette: $5. Wine selection limited: G-Ferrari fume blanc: $13. Setting lovely. Could save a lot of money by buying oysters by the bag, shucking your own and bringing your own 'sides' and wine. They do take reservations.

best place for oysters on Tomales Bay?

Any updates? I'm taking a friend to Tomales Bay for oysters this weekend.

11 Classic Cocktail Recipes

love your list but where is the Manhattan?

May 17, 2015
chowfish in Features

Chowdown Report: Lunch at Nido in Oakland

A delightful reentry to Chowdown! Although they tried to take it away several times I did manage to 'borrow' a menu. Answer to ceviche ingredients: Ceviche Acapulqueno: lime marinated fish, tomato, olives, jalapeno, cilantro, avocado, chile de arbol hot sauce. Gazpacho Moreliano: stone fruit, orange, pineapple, jicama, beet, lime, queso cotija, crema fresca & chile de arbol hot sauce.
Thanks to Melanie for making reservations and Felice for her guidance. Enjoyed meeting Wade, Peter and LikeFrogButOOOH.
Bot the last mochi of the day in Chinatown after our lunch. (Another guy literally had his hand on the package and decided to let me have it because he didn't want the black sesame version. What's the other version?)
Looking forward to next Chowdown in my neighborhood!

Plum > Ume [Oakland]

When I had the mochi bun dessert a few days after you tried it, it was exactly as you said it should be: "chewy soft texture". They must have read your comments, Felice!

Non-chain take out food near Stanford?

I forgot how much I appreciate Chowhound. Thanks for the recommendations!

Non-chain take out food near Stanford?

Any recommendations for take out food for a dozen people (ages 8--96) near Stanford? Have no preferences other than want to avoid national chains.

Miso-Ginger Glazed Salmon

delicious, quick and easy. Grilled steaks on the BBQ.

Mar 30, 2013
chowfish in Recipes

Sobo Ramen in Oakland Chinatown

Took Rob and his 94 year mother to #20 Ryowa for lunch today. Thank you for the recommendation. It was Tibby's first ramen (she needs to meet up with your mom) and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

did Taco Zamarano truck really close?

wasn't open when we went a few days ago.

Your favorite Kansas City BBQ restaurant?

ditto on Oklahoma Joe's. Don't be intimidated by line. it moves fast. BB's wins for atmosphere and live music. Next trip I'm going to try Brobeck's.

Dec 24, 2011
chowfish in Great Plains

Downtown Oakland/Ogawa Square - AT NIGHT?

original opening date was 11-11-11. Now it's 12-31-11. They've done a couple of nice private events for us in the lobby space.

Your favorite Kansas City BBQ restaurant?

Melanie: What a list! I'll be in KC next month for a few days. Is it possible to narrow my choices down to the top 3 or 4? My current fav is Oklahoma Joe's. I love that you are giving me recommendations in my home town!

Nov 01, 2011
chowfish in Great Plains

Pizzaiolo's cocktail: amaro, campari, tonic, lime: recipe?

Thank you, twocents--your proportions were just right.
Pizzaiolo's bartender, Cate Whalen, was named one of five 2009 Bar Stars by the SF Chronicle today.

Pizzaiolo's cocktail: amaro, campari, tonic, lime: recipe?

Thanks. I'll give it a try. Yet another example of the beauty of Chowhound. I've never asked a question that hasn't received at least one thoughtful answer.

Pizzaiolo's cocktail: amaro, campari, tonic, lime: recipe?

I drank it before my meal while waiting for my dinner guests. It was very refreshing on it's own.

Looking for a dinner spot near Oakland City Center

And Battambang has the honor of being the site of the very first SF Chowhound get together. Were you there, Ruth? I remember Celery and Melanie.

Pizzaiolo's cocktail: amaro, campari, tonic, lime: recipe?

Finally dined at Pizzaiolo. Liked food, atmosphere but LOVED the Pizzaiolo cocktail. Menu lists ingredients: amaro, campari, tonic & lime. So I gathered all the ingredients and realized I had no clue how to put this together. Any ideas?

Dinner for 16 in Boston

I've offered to find a Chowhoundish restaurant for dinner for 16. We're in town for a national convention in April. Some of us are Chowhounds; the rest will go along for the culinary ride. Two years ago our convention was in Chicago. I scored reservations at Alinea. Several of us are still drooling; the others didn't 'get it' but had a good time. Prefer walking or cab distance from the Westin-Copley Place. Thanks!

Mar 09, 2008
chowfish in Greater Boston Area

New Strouds you lucky dogs

Here's the story from the KC Star:

Dropped ChowChild off @ Evergreen in Olympia last weekend

Dropped Chowchild off @ Evergreen State in Olympia last weekend for his freshman orientation. At one point my son was the youngest Chowhound poster on SF Bay area board. His only concern re his first year at college was how would he adjust to small town cuisine after 18 years of eating in the SF Bay Area?
He had thoroughly researched Evergreen and knew it was the right school for him. During move in day he noticed a large empty spot in front of all the dorms and announced to the other freshmen--"I'm going to bring a grill and make my famous BBQ ribs for everyone." Silence. One thing he hadn't looked into was the eating habits of his fellow classmates--estimates are 70% of students are vegans or vegetarians.
He regained his spirits at Anthony's that night. Loved the oysters, chowder and seafood fettucinne. The planked halibut was very good. Yummy huckleberry desserts. Service was friendly and attentive. Chowchild is going back next Sunday for the all you can eat dungeness crab. (704 Columbia Street NW; 360 357 9700;
We heard raves about the Oyster House downtown so tried it out the next evening. Nice selection of oysters; very reasonable price (at least by SF standards): $10/6; $16/12. Impressive list of local microbeers on tap--my favorite was Fish Tale wild salmon pale ale from a brewery a few blocks away. Huge glass was only $4.75. The wine list reminded me of Kansas City menus--Columbia Crest, Corbett Canyon, Inglenook?!? Mr. ChowFish was thrilled to see Manhattan clam chowder on the menu and pronounced it one of the best he'd had. I enjoyed the oyster bay stew. The main courses are not even worth writing about--the vegetables were obviously frozen. So stop by Oyster House for beer and oysters before you go out for dinner. (320 4th Avenue West; 360 753 7000).

Sep 22, 2007
chowfish in Pacific Northwest

Kopitiam: New Singaporian Restaurant in Lafayette

Enjoyed breakfast @ Kopitiam last weekend.
Positive review in Contra Costa Times today--

Doug's BBQ- are they open again?

Just called Doug's to see how late they were open and got a "you have reached a # that has been disconnected" recording. I was shocked and immediately came to Chowhound to get the story. (And, of course, within seconds I had everything I wanted to know. Rather, in this case, everything I didn't want to know). Any word since April re reopening? Or relocating?

Conference in Scottsdale: Cowboy Ciao?

It was VERY loud. In fact, I was going to bring a 80+ year old client who wears hearing aids but changed my mind.

May 20, 2007
chowfish in Phoenix

Conference in Scottsdale: Cowboy Ciao?

Thanks to all for your recommendations. Cowboy Ciao was everything I asked for--fun, interesting food and drink, very good service. Love the decor--from the painted cowboy cherubs on the wall to the crystals hanging on the front desk. There was a mix up with the reservation--still not sure if it was the fault of the concierge at the hotel or the restaurant but the good news is Steve--the manager @ Cowboy Ciao--more than made up for the confusion. The only puzzling thing about our meal was the bill. It was 1/10th the price of what we paid at Alinea last year but Alinea is the most expensive meal I've ever had. Still the price was remarkably reasonable considering what we ate and drank. We went over the bill a couple of times to make sure they hadn't left anything out. We ordered so much food we couldn't finish it all. And we ordered 2 bottles of wine (one was very pricey) plus several cocktails. Maybe I'm jaded because I live in the SF Bay area but I have to point out Cowboy Ciao is a tremendous value on top of all it's other great attributes.

Apr 22, 2007
chowfish in Phoenix

Conference in Scottsdale: Cowboy Ciao?

Attending conference in Scottsdale next week. Staying @ Westin in North Scottsdale but sounds like Old Town/Downtown is place to go. 10--12 of us would like to have dinner somewhere fun. We live in SF Bay area so would prefer something we can't get here. I read through your board and am leaning towards Cowboy Ciao. Other recommendations? If necessary we're willing to pay more for delicious and fun. (Last year we ate at Alinea in Chicago. Paid more for meal than any other I've ever had but still 'dining out' on that evening so didn't mind the price). Thanks for your recommendations!

Apr 14, 2007
chowfish in Phoenix

Mexican Cuisine in the Mission for ChowChild

ChowChild (just turned 18! Do I need to change his name?)is still fuming that we weren't able to attend the picnic Sunday so I am trying to placate him with promises of Chowhound's best recommendations in the Mission Saturday after we see play @ The Marsh (on Valencia). Those of you who have met ChowChild know he has a unusual palate for a high school kid. His Lafayette classmates think Taco Bell is authentic Mexican cuisine. ChowChild would never patronize Taco Bell. He grew up savoring Fruitvale taco trucks and restaurants. His favorites are al pastor and carnitas but he'll try anything.

San Francisco Chowhound's first visit to Philadelphia

Thanks to everyone! Would not have enjoyed Philadelphia as much without all your recommendations. Unfortunately Wharton classes took up way too much of my time AND it was unbearably hot and humid so I didn't get to explore as much as I would have liked to but all the Chowhound recommendations were huge hits (as usual).
First night I got in late, wandered around campus and ended up at White Dog Cafe (3420 Sansom). Kind of a Chez Panisse wannabe. Decent food and service. My first soft shell crab in a long time--very good. Fun shop next door--actually connected to restaurant: Black Dog (3426 Sansom).
Reading Terminal: (btw--tip for us tourists: it's pronounced 'redding' not 'reading'). Took 15 pages of Chowhound notes with me. Am directionally challenged and got a little turned around in SEPTA terminal. A woman in her 60s not only told me how to find Reading Terminal but walked me there! Had nothing but nice experiences with the people in Philadelphia. Ruth Lafler is right--it is like Oakland's Housewive's Market. Also reminded me of San Francisco's Ferry Building Market without all the chichi. You can buy good oysters at Pearl in Reading and equally good ones at Hog Island in SF Ferry building but in Philadelphia they're at least 1/2 the price of SF. Unfortunately it was a Monday so the Amish places were closed as well as a few others that have limited summer hours (ex: Termini Brothers--wanted to try bluehensfan's cannoli recommendation but they have limited summer hours). Made a beeline for DiNics--knew from jcmods, kitchenmom, susanh, jugglerdave, gdswamp and other Chowhounds to order roast pork 'wit' provolone and peppers and greens. An elderly man sitting in front of DiNics said "Too bad--they had a Friday on a Monday". Took me a minute to digest (so to speak) what he had said--they had run out of food and were closed! I was devasted. I had skipped a couple of meals so I could feast on DiNic's roast pork sandwich! The man saw how disappointed I was and walked me over to Down Home Diner (he told me the owner was not a cook; he was a chef) but I just wasn't in the mood. Ended up @ Salumeria (thank you, GBak504) with a great hoagie. Loved the people watching @ Reading Terminal.
Cheesesteak: running out of time so on last night played hookie from planned Wharton dinner and walked down the street to Abner's (3813 Chestnut) for my first ever cheesesteak. Was recommended by Chowhound Jack Flash and the bell captain at my hotel. Dragged along a fellow classmate who grew up in the area. She confirmed they were the real thing. Could not resist taking a picture of the rows of canned Cheese Whiz. Think they knew I was a tourist?
Food trucks: unfortunately I did not read truck posts from Jim, Missclaudy and himheer until I had left Philadelphia for NYC. I did spot the ones next to the U of Penn gym (made it quite difficult to work out while drooling over the trucks outside the window.) Tried a hoagie from George's. Thought it was good until I went to Salumeria in Reading. Judging from the lines the most popular ones were Bento Box and Kim's Food (Vietnamese and Chinese). Never saw anyone in line at the Curry truck. On the way to the train station (you're right, Jim--great way to travel to New York) I finally spotted the Carribean trucks across street from station but it was too late to stop. Quick walk through food kiosks in the train station. Saw one that offered Southern food--not sure but it might have been April's.
Thank you, Chowhounds, for once again making a good trip better.

Aug 06, 2006
chowfish in Pennsylvania

San Francisco Chowhound's first visit to Philadelphia

Taking some classes @ Wharton in a few weeks. Supposed to be studying. And I am...I'm studying your board! Would like to eat whatever I can't get in Bay Area (so not interested in Asian or Mexican). And probably shouldn't plan on ditching class so prefer restaurants in University City District or accessible by SEPTA, taxis or preferably walking.
You've taught me what BYOB restaurants are but still not sure which are BYOB and which aren't.
I gather cheesesteaks and roast pork sandwiches are not the same but not clear on differences. Sounds like I should have cheesesteaks 'wit' @ Campo's and roast pork @ DiNic's?
Would also like to find an old school Italian restaurant. Enjoyed Jack Flash's May 22 post re Dante and Luigi's so was considering that. Any others?
Should I add to my list: hoagies, Amish food (what is it?), soft pretzels, ice cream?
Melanie Wong mentioned an old Jim Leff post about Carribean(?) trucks in Philadelphia but I've searched all the old posts and couldn't find anything. (Did find a very amusing 7 year old post where Jim was considering changing the title of his post but decided not to because of the limitations of the software. The new and improved Chowhound is remarkable! Congrats to Jim and everyone who made it what it is.)
Thanks to all for any recommendations. I promise to do same for you when you visit my neighborhood!

Jul 13, 2006
chowfish in Pennsylvania