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How much do you tip in Toronto restaurants?

Ok Folks here it is...... Simple. I Work and live in Calgary. a nice spot and am treated very well by guests. For those abroad ie, Europe.. I dont think your travel agency have advised you well. 15 % is the norm at least! No no not 5% 8% or even 10%. I ask Euros if they would like the service to be included on their bill or would they like to take care of that themselves? Most say yes as this is what they are used to. If they choose to leave me there 3 %..... Meh I am screwed! Many people, not only europeans ,do not realalise it costs every server to serve each and every person! I PAY 5 to 6% to serve youre table! I pay a bartender, Hostess, Managers and even the house. Lets do the math. You spend $100 you leave $10. Any waiter walks with between $4 and $5 dollars! Honestly we do not get what you leave! Its all % even if you spend the big bucks on wine and food its still a % game! I still tip out on what has been spent. I feel sorry for those that dont get it. Yet I am fortunate that do! I have google. And I travel! I would never go anywhere b4 looking at what the % for tipping should be! I would never want to offend in ANY country! That being said! If you are not happy with service in any circumstance, let the establishment know! Tip accrordingly. If totally unhappy.....5% will cover any service tip out.; I have had to pay to serve......even though many people have left so very happy! People its our livelyhood! For most ,we love to do what we do! For the others you can tip and do what you do?! Hope this did not offend.. Yet I hope it informed.

Aug 04, 2012
Waitertrader in Not About Food