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Where to celebrate 50th birthday in NoVA/DC; 15 people

Thanks. We'll have 5 kids and none of us are really heavy drinkers. Under $50/person.

Where to celebrate 50th birthday in NoVA/DC; 15 people

Hello. Looking for suggestions to celebrate a 50th birthday dinner. Group will include 15 relatives. Some are not food "risk takers" so ethnic like Thai or even Japanese won't work. Suggestions on some of the popular, mainstream "celebration" places are appreciated.

Benjy in Reston

Restaurants in Northern VA with celebrity photos on the walls?

Hello. For a fundraiser I'm running, I'm looking for a really good restaurant in Northern Virginia that has a lot of celebrity guest photos on the wall. I know the Palm has their famous drawings, but I'm looking specificially for restaurants that have those photos with the owners arm around the local sports, TV and nationwide film stars.

Know of any?


Nice 2nd date suggestions in Fairfax area?

Ironically, we went to the Cafe Renaissance and it was wonderful. Food was great. Service and ambiance top notch as well.

Nice 2nd date suggestions in Fairfax area?

Thanks Dennis. We both live in Vienna and work in Reston, right near the RTC, so we often hit the RTC for lunch. The first date was a "business" lunch at Jacksons. I was looking for something a little different than the places we both have gone to and not a chain. Considered Bazins in Vienna and Bonaparte but might hit them in the future. Villa Mozart sounds interesting. I was not aware of it but am sure I have driven past it 100 times.

Fresh cherries anywhere in No Va?

I asked the same question to the Ashburne Wegmans produce guy yesterday and he said not to expect anything for at least 45 days.

Nice 2nd date suggestions in Fairfax area?

Hello. Looking for good Friday night, "second date" suggestions for dinner. Needs to be a place that will impress. Not looking for super upscale, but want a place with good ambiance, quiet, low lights, good wine, etc. It needs to be nice. Looking in the Fairfax/Falls Church area. We're both in our 40s. Want to avoid Tysons and Reston.

Where should we go?

Sushi Buffet Lunch (NoVa)?

The buffet is also open on Saturday and is fresh and abundant.

Sushi Buffet Lunch (NoVa)?

I agree with the Todai recommendations. We live in Vienna and go there with the teenagers for everyone's birthday. I know the original question was about lunch, but we usually go in the evening. Sometimes gets very crowded on weekend evenings. Huge selection plus lots of other good, fun choices.

The sushi place in the Reston Town Center also has a good lunch buffet. I believe it's $13.95. Not a huge selection but the standards with one or two chef specials. Sometimes they are a little slow on replenishing.

Matsutake used to be good, but the rice to sushi ratio is disappointing.

Good Restaurants in Vienna, Virginia

Sushi Yama is very good. Sweet Ginger, which is a few blocks closer to Tyson's up 123, is great and has a larger Asian menu. Both places are very friendly with good value.

Best Sushi in NoVa

You are correct, sir. Sushi Yama is great, fresh, fun, and well priced. There's another place in Vienna called Sweet Ginger, which is a few blocks up on 123 towards Tyson's. Great, great spicy rolls. Almost the size of hambugers. Also has a fun, eclectic pan-Asian menu for non-sushi eaters. Sweet Ginger is in the That's Amore shopping center.

Where are the Apples?

Good to know about the Apple House. We always go to Hartland and Stribling the third weekend of October but were unaware of the Apple House. We miss the cider house donuts we used to get at the Franklin Cider Mill in our hometown of Detroit and look forward to checking these out.