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MDI In August with Kids

Good Day Northern New Englanders!

Me, my husband and our two kids (8 and 11) will be staying on Mt Desert Island (near Southwest Harbor in Hall Quarry) for the first two weeks of August. Any recommendations for must have food experiences on the island and in Bar Harbor would be greatly appreciated! If there are also "must haves" on the way there (we are driving up from Boston after flying in from SF), let me know those too! Thanks much! Monique

Where to celebrate 50th birthday in SF

It's happening next month and I can't believe it... I need a beautiful, delicious restaurant a la the old Chez Michel, early Gary Danko - nothing too stuffy-I like a comfortable, professional, "we're so pleased you're here but we won't hover and fail to tell you the price of the champagne by the glass" vibe, not a Fleur de Lys kind of place, but it is, after all, an occasion. Where would you recommend? Probably just me and my husband, so we could splurge a bit.

Gary Danko
800 N Point St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Family trip to DC over Easter for a week with 8 YO and 11 YO - Your Suggestions Greatly Appreciated!

First, I've got to say, the contributers to this list are amazing! I have read through a lot of the previous questions and posts and gotten great ideas for our trip, so thanks! My husband, two kids and I are traveling to DC on April 23 for the Great Family Trip to Our Nation's Capitol. We are very excited and have all the usual suspects lined up - Capitol Tour, White House Tour (fingers crossed still, and got shut out for the Easter Egg Roll - boo), Smithsonians, etc. We are good travelers, kids fairly adventurous eaters (sushi, Vietnamese and whatever else we throw at them in SF), and staying at the JW Marriott near the Mall. Two things I'm curious about - best place for a fun brunch or earlyish Easter dinner - NO hotels - not that kind of thing. Doesn't have to be a special Easter menu, I just want to be festive. Also, if there are Easter-related activities that people know about that would be good to know too (my son is skeptical of the bunny, although a grudging believer; my daughter's all in). Second, the best fun, cool neighborhoods to explore for food, small non-mall shops, people-watching. I visited DC in the late '80's and loved the Adams-Morgan area (and ate at a great little place then called Wings and 'Tings), but don't know if that's happening at all anymore. We live in the Mission/Noe Valley area of SF and like that sort of vibe - but want to see what DC thinks is fun and cool. Oh, and one more thing, where's the best place for a cafe latte - my husband will have withdrawal if he doesn't get good coffee, and I doubt it's at the Marriott.
Thanks in advance, Monique

1st time visitor.....need critique of list please!

I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved pet. I didn't reach that post until after reading all the great tips that came in from your original post, which I am so grateful you wrote. We leave next week for a week in D.C., daughter (8), son (11) and husband with a very similar agenda to yours. We will be at the JW Marriott on the Mall and don't know anything about where anything is, but all these suggestions are terrific. I am planning also to ask for any chowhound thoughts on a good, but not too stuffy or expensive place for Easter brunch or dinner as we will be arriving the day before. And what a great idea to coordinate with a baseball game!
Best wishes!

Birthday Celebration restaurant in Quebec City?

My husband and I are going to be in Quebec City for his birthday (we live in foodie heaven, San Francisco). We're staying at Auberge Sainte-Antoine and it's our first trip sans enfants for about 2 years (!!). I'd like to take him someplace wonderful, not too stuffy though. I have reservations at L'Initiale and Panache, but wonder what people's thoughts are on their relative merits. We will be in QC for a total of 3 nights, so other suggestions for other nights (and they don't have to all be posh) would also be welcome. Thanks!