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Oriel any good???

I know this is 4 years late but I will respond to try to help others out. I just finished 6 bottles of Oriel wine. They were shipped for $75 incl. shipping. I looked up their prices first (all $20+) and figured I couldn't go wrong. I don't feel that the wines were at the $20 - $30 range which they are sold for. I do think they were at the $12 - $20 range. The standout was a 2006 Jasper Pinot Noir. It is sold for $28 + shipping on their website. It had a great nose and nice floral bouquet with a great finish. It was a little thin, even for a Pinot. If I paid almost $30 I would not be happy. There are many better $30 Pinots available. Most wines tasted like mediocre $12 wines. In fact I know a lot of $12 wines that are better than these. I hate to be so "price obsessed" but when comparing wines I do feel it is warranted. My advice is to not bother.

Jan 31, 2012
kbrod7 in Wine

Stop Bashing Paula Deen

I personally don't like either of them. That being said, it's a free country and Anthnoy Bourdain is a pompous ass. What he really doesn't like is that Paula Deen's food is too 'southern trailer trash' for his taste. No such thing as bad publicity right?

Jan 30, 2012
kbrod7 in Features

Great spot in the Hudson Valley (Orange County) - Christopher's Bistro

I ate here a couple of months ago. They had a great selection of about 10 craft brews on tap (Rouge, Dogfish Head, etc.) I heard that Chris is a grad of C.I.A. Whatever the case he certainly shows a lot of creativity and care in his food. Service was good and the decor is new, kind of dark and tavern like inside. Not a high end place for a date but good to take the kids or for a casual dinner.

Brothers BBQ in New Windsor, NY

I'm glad you guys liked this place. I always pass it but I'm hesitant to go in because the other barbeque restaurants up here suck. I will definitely try it out!

flat cut of corned beef

No fat = no flavor. I agree that you don't want to eat a clump of fat, but you don't want corned beef so lean that it is tough and without flavor. You really have to see the marbling and be your own judge.

Hudson Valley Brunch Spots?

Hotel Thayer at West Point has a nice buffet brunch. Not gourmet but food is good. Beautiful dining room and environs.

best buffalo wings in/near White Plains?

Candlelight in Scarsdale has THE best Buffalo wings in the area. I went to college in Buffalo and these are authentic. Ask for them well done. I prefer the medium which is spicy. The hot is definitely HOT!

Good Eats Near Storm King Mt?

Painters in Cornwall is good for burgers and such and is 10 min. from Storm King:
If you feel like travelling about 20 min try:
It's a little more upscale but it may be the "Hudson Valley" experience you are looking for.

When I am in Buffalo, I should eat......

I went to U Buffalo in the late eighties but I believe these places still exist. All are lowbrow yet I crave them every day. Mike's Big Mouth on Hertel Ave. has steak tacos to die for. Sloppy but good fast food is Mighty Taco beef and cheese burrito. Anderson's Custard for roast beef and cheese on a weck roll. Not traditional beef on a weck but delicious in it's own way. And you have to go to Duff's (Sheridan Drive in Amherst) for wings no matter what anyone says on this board.

Rockland Butchers?

Steve's Prime Meats in Congers. Has dry aged steaks at relatively reasonable prices. Try their sweet potato side dish and sauteed string beans as well.