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Dinner for 60+ - high-end, great wine; between Santa Monica and LaBrea/Melrose

We're looking to book a group dinner for about 60 people somewhere between Santa Monica and LaBrea/Melrose area (doesn't have to be exact). Must have great food, wine list and be able to accommodate the large group. As for type of food, it's pretty open. The atmosphere should cater to a celebratory mood for the large group. Cost is not an issue.

Any ideas?

May 24, 2011
kasla in Los Angeles Area

Pimientos de Padron...and flaky salt

Great idea! I previously checked out Whole Foods in the spice section where they had a bunch of different salts, but not the flaky kind you get in Barcelona. I'll check out the bulk section next time I'm there!

Feb 28, 2009
kasla in General Topics

Pimientos de Padron...and flaky salt

I fell in love with Pimientos de Padron while I was in Barcelona last summer. I ordered some seeds so that I can plant them in my backyard, but I have no idea when to plan them. I live in Los Angeles, so climate-wise I should be able to grow them successfully. Any tips on when to plant them?

Also - I can't seem to find the amazing flaky salt that was everywhere in Barcelona. Any tips on places to purchase that?

Feb 28, 2009
kasla in General Topics

Eating at the bar - westside

I'm looking for a place to eat at the bar as a solo diner on the westside. I was thinking of someplace like Nook, but was there last week. Does Violet have a bar with dinner service? Any other suggestions? (budget, type of food, etc. doesn't matter...just looking for a good meal with a glass of wine near the westside)

Feb 09, 2007
kasla in Los Angeles Area

Monday - lunch/dinner/drinks in Philly

Hey rabidog and Tonyjlive - great suggestions and you have me so excited for my visit! I'll have to plot these all out to determine how I can maximize my eating/drinking experience without freezing - it's supposed to be cold there on Monday and I'm weak now that I live in LA!

BTW - I was at Amada about a year ago and had a great meal there with a large group. On that same trip, I tried to get lunch at Matyson, but they were booked (well, the place was empty, but they apparently had a lot of reservations coming in). Oh, and I have no desire to ever step into Bookbinder's. :)


Jan 30, 2007
kasla in Pennsylvania

Monday - lunch/dinner/drinks in Philly

My BF and I will be in Philly on Monday for lunch, dinner and drinks (visiting from LA, but we both lived in Philly 4 years ago. Since we don't get to spend much time in Philadelphia anymore, we want to make the most of our food consumption while we're there!

I'm thinking RTM for lunch, but am open to other options - is Good Dog a solid choice for lunch or do you have other suggestions?

For dinner, we would like someplace that has excellent food (obviously) and is casual (jeans). it doesn't matter if it's BYO or not. Maybe something along the lines of Amada, Django, etc. Matyson seems like we wouldn't be comfy in jeans?? (would like to get a pre-dinner drink someplace...either a pub or wine bar like Tria, etc.)

Type of food - anything (however, we're coming from LA, so please don't recommend Mexican since we can get plenty of it out here! Also, no Steven Starr, overly commercial or chain restaurants)

Cost - not an issue - as long as the food is great and we can wear jeans, we'll pay for it!

Location - Rittenhouse/Old City/Northern Liberties are all options...we just really want to enjoy great food in Philadelphia!


Jan 29, 2007
kasla in Pennsylvania

Dan Tana's - dress code and sharing

We're heading to Dan Tana's tonight before a show at the Troubadour. Since we'll be standing for several hours after dinner, we want to be comfortable from a clothing and digestive standpoint! So, does Dan Tana's allow sharing of the Caesar Salad and the 16oz NY Strip? Also, would it be ok if we were wearing jeans and comfy shoes?

Nov 22, 2006
kasla in Los Angeles Area

Your current favorite BLT?

SF Saloon on Pico has a decent BLT. The bacon is crispy, the sourdough is toasted, the tomatoes are tasty, and the mayo is just right... (BTW - I am not a bacon fan unless it's in a BLT!)

Aug 19, 2006
kasla in Los Angeles Area

good casual places on Westside for regular rotation?

all casual - some are closer to Westwood, but on somewhat of a rotation for me and I would drive a little extra for them if I had to. i also realize some are repeats from above, but worth mentioning twice. :)

eduardo's (westwood blvd near SMB intersection)
zankou (sepulveda near SMB intersection)
damon & pythia's (westwood village)
bay cities (on lincoln in SM)
baby blues bbq (on lincoln closer to Venice)
il forno (on ocean blvd. in SM)
father's office (on Montana in SM)
clementine (side streets b/t westwood and century city - near LACC)
john o'groats - (on Pico b/t Beverly Glen and Overland)
sf saloon - (on pico just east of barrington)
la bottega marino (next to Il Grano) - (on SMB west of 405)
lemon moon - (olympic west of bundy)
coral tree cafe - (brentwood and also CC foodcourt)
library alehouse - (main st. SM)
lares - (pico in SM)
snug harbor - (Wilshire in SM)
bread & porridge - (Wilshire in SM)

Jul 22, 2006
kasla in Los Angeles Area

best CHEESESTEAK place?

Philly West on Westwood Blvd. just south of the Santa Monica Blvd. intersection is pretty good...and I've tried most of the others (South Street, Philly's Best, etc). It's predominantly a bar and they serve some good beer and other hoagies. I'm partial to the egg salad hoagie, but their cheesesteaks are quite good. They also sell TastyKakes. Fries are tasty as well. For the cheesesteaks - they don't have wiz, but I'm not a fan anyway...when I lived in Philly, I only had provolone on mine.

One other tidbit - their rolls are excellent during the weekdays, but they have a lesser quality version on the weekends. I asked the bartender and he said they can't get the good rolls from the bakery they use on the weekends.

Park in the back of the plaza for free...behind the laundromat and Starbucks.

Jul 07, 2006
kasla in Los Angeles Area