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Where to get "Dutch processed" cocoa...

Denningers, with locations in Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton stock Van Houten cocoa, which is imported from Holland.

Kecap Manis

If you are close to Burlington there is a Dutch store in Rosedale Plaza(can't remember the name, but it's the intersection of Guelph Line and New St., south of the QEW), that sells a range of Indonesian sauces. including kecap manis.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Family Dining--NOT!

Like most tourist hot spots, the majority of restaurants in NOL exist to rip visitors off. The Angel Inn has a loyal(and local) customer base, and the food, while not overly exciting, is of reasonable quality and reasonably priced. Good range of beers. Always a safe bet. The Inn is also a period building and is attractive and atmospheric.

Curry Fries

Many Indian restaurants who do take out also have fries on the menu; just ask them to spoon some curry sauce over the fries.

Curry Fries

Queen's Head pub in Burlington lists it in their sides, but I think they just open a can of Patak's. See link -

Szechuan Village chinese restaurant Burlington

This restaurant was located on Plains Road, Burlington until it closed earlier this year. Another Chinese restaurant under new owners has now occupied the premises.

In my view Szechuan Village was a beacon of quality in a city full of mediocre Chinese restaurants. Does anyone know whether the owners have reopened elsewhere, or, more importantly, what happened to the chef?

Thai Restaurants in Burlington

Not a great quality selection in Burlington; Siam Dish may have imported furniture and Thai dancers but the food isn't up to much, but better than My Thai. Bahn Thai is ok, and I've heard good things about dining in at Thai City, but their take out was poor. Much better quality at comparable prices in Toronto. One review has mentioned Big Bowl in Mississauga, which serves gigantic portions of Thai and Vietnamese food in a lively atmosphere at rock bottom prices; try their pho(soups) - no imported furniture though!