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top dive bars in new orleans

Brothers 3, Buddha Belly, The Deckbar, The Lamplighter (the last two are Jeff Parish)

Nov 24, 2009
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

Tony Angelo's

Ah! I ate in that room before a high school dance, some 13 years ago!

Jul 13, 2009
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

cochon's Butcher - take 2

My man and I hit Cochon Butcher a few weeks ago after a morning trip to the farmers market, an afteroon trip to the Hollygroove Market and some kind of big breakfast. We had no business setting foot in there to eat, but once we were there .. wow oh wow.

We initally when there to buy some bacon. We walked out stuffed. The cook gave us samples of the Cochon sandwich, the muff and something else. We ordered the pork belly sandwich. I have to say, I was skeptical about the white bread it came on, however when it arrived ... yowza. Crispy on the outside, glistening and tender on the inside, the belly fell apart with every bite. The toasted white bread was slathered (generously, but not too generously) with what I remember to be some kind of homemade mayo and sprinkled with fresh mint. It was so simple and so delicious. We also left with a half pound of house made blood sausage and bacon. The blood sausage makes the perfect late night drunken snack, and the bacon is worth the high price.

We also tried some of the salami. it was good ... almost as good as Salumi in Seattle, but twice the price.

Apr 04, 2009
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

Must try food at Jazzfest?

hands down, softshell CRAWFISH poboy.

Apr 04, 2009
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

the elusive $15 entree

Ciro's is one of my favorites. Great, fresh mussels. Fried Frog Leg Salad - awesome. Its not super fancy or super exciting, but just plain good.

Mar 09, 2009
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

off the beaten path between Houston and New Orleans

There is a great stop is Iowa, LA called Rabideaux's. Home made sausages cheap, plus a selection of warm food. Pistolettes (fried pistolettes with either shrimp or crawfish and cheese), Meat Pies, Dirty Rice (the DIRTIEST I've ever had. awesome. gamey), and my personal favorite: Livers and Gizzards FRIED.


Mar 09, 2009
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

Panchos is Back!!!

I am SO excited. As a kid, we used to get these "free meal at Poncho's" coupons for good grades. My father used to take us, because my mother was (and remains today) disgusted by it. I think he took her on a date there at one point in their courtship.

Me, I'll be taking my man there as soon as it open. We love both the highbrow and the lowbrow. Other Chile Rellenos have never matched up the Poncho's, imo. Even the super expensive one I had at Taqueros Coyochon. Hahaha,

Mar 09, 2009
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

Extreme Foodies Seeking Down and Dirty

Boucharie for lunch or dinner - wonderful spin on local food
Crabby Jacks - poboys and the like
Parkway Bakery - Roast Beef or Oyster Poboy
Cochon - for Cochon and a moonshine flight

Feb 11, 2009
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

[hou] beer shops?

Hey - I know I'm missing something in Houston as far as beer shops go. We are traveling to Houston for the weekend from New Orleans. New Orleans gets practically nothing as far as good domestic micobrews, so we like to stock up in Houston. Usually we hit the Specs, but I'm sure there is something else out there. Suggestions?

Jan 28, 2009
Vivi Doom in Houston

Fiorella's - what's the story?

We tried to go to Fiorella's one night after they re-opened. It was empty save for one other table and we were ignored for 15 minutes before we got up and left. We were not drunk or loud or anything else. Shame, because I was really looking for to finding out if the fried chicken has returned to its legendary status.

Jan 13, 2009
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

Luke for Dinner..your thoughts?

Had a great girls' night out at Luke a few months ago. the Rabbit Liver Terrine, thd Griller Boudain Noir, and the Moules Frites spilt between two of us had us both full. We also shared a split of Rose and each had a French "75". It was a great meal with wonderful service. The kitchen staff was even nice enough to split the Moules into two different cast iron pots.

Jan 13, 2009
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

Gott Gourmet

We ate there last week. The Quster Panini was great, the St. Patty's Day Massacare was great. The service was kind of brusque, and I have to wonder why a place that claims to be sustainable would serve their drinks in a go-cup (albeit a highly biodegradable plastic made from cornstarch cup). I have a problem with businesses claiming to be sustainable as a marketing ploy. Perhaps they are recycling, and buying local, too ... Maybe I'm just a cynic.

Jan 13, 2009
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

The very BEST King Cake?

Absolutely, agreed. I plan on making a bunch of my own this year. I grew up eating the McKenzie's plain sugar and brioche King Cakes and occasionally the one laced with cinnamon. I've never been able to stomach the heavy, super sweet ones.

Jan 13, 2009
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

Vegetarian visiting new orleans

You just have to be REALLY clear that you want the vegetarian version. Unfortunately, while dining there with my boyfriend's child (who is a vegetarian) they brought her favorite dish with chicken and given that it took 45 minutes to get our meal, we did not have time to wait for them to re-assemble the meal. Try telling a toddler that she can't have her food.

Other than that though, Bennachin is amazing. And very worth it, if you have the time.

Jan 13, 2009
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

Very Last Minute Trip to New York for Winter Jazz Fest this weekend

Food-fiend from New Orleans here, begging for food suggestions for this weekend. We will be staying in Brooklyn (I think), but will be all over the place. We're going for the Winter Jazz Fest (at (Le) Poisson Rouge, Sullivan Hall, Kenny's Castaways on Saturday night) and basically plan on eating the rest of the time (seriously, we have been known to eat back to back meals).

We are major (domestic) craft beer fiends, and we eat everything. I'm passionate about farmers markets and he loves beer stores. So:

if you could eat one semi-splurge meal, where?
Beer suggestions?
Any farmer's markets in the dead of winter?
Breakfast suggestions?
Specialty food shops ranging from sweets to cheese to charcuterie?


Jan 07, 2009
Vivi Doom in Outer Boroughs

Where to get boudin balls?

That pork sandwich is awesome. Their ribs, too ...

I had some AMAZING and GIANT boudin balls at Rabideaux's in Iowa, LA last weekend. It is a few hours outside New Orleans off I-10 on the way to Houston. We also had fried livers and gizzards, shrimp pistolette, and dirty rice -- all winners.

Aug 17, 2008
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

Where to get boudin balls?

The purple truck outside of Tipitina's on Napoleon and Tchop has the best boudin balls. They are only there late nights when Tips has a show. They are the size of a toddler's fist, and about three to an order. YUM.

Aug 04, 2008
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

Dick and Jenny's or La Petite Grocery

I've been to both and would choose Dick & Jenny's over La Petite Grocery. I've had consistantly excellent service and food and at Dick & Jenny's. At La Petite Grocery, both the food and the service left me disappointed.

Jun 01, 2008
Vivi Doom in New Orleans


I found La Petite Grocery quite the disappointment. My ex and I went there for dinner one night, I believe it was to celebrate my new job, and it left a great deal to be desired.

I'd do Cochon, Irene's, Adolfo's, Herbsait, and Iris instead.

Oct 15, 2007
Vivi Doom in New Orleans

Dumplings in New Orleans

I'm hosting a baby shower for a friend in the beginning of November. We'd like to serve a variety of dumplings from local restaurants. What are your favorites?

Oct 12, 2007
Vivi Doom in New Orleans