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Brad's Takeout on Roncesvalles CLOSED

I figured chances were slim, but if he had a new place, i would talk to him personally. We bought about 5 certificates for clients and still have 3 left.
Same thing happened to us when CRU closed. Got shafted. Even though they opened another restaurant downtown.
Buyer beware.

Brad's Takeout on Roncesvalles CLOSED

Help! I have two gift certificates from Brad's.
Any idea if Brad Krawchuk is associated with a new restaurant or am I out of pocket??

Thx for any help

good eats in Etobicoke

I am convinced Green Mango uses MSG in almost everything.
I never feel right after eating their food.
Simply Thai down the street does not use MSG

Delight Chocolate any good?

Yes, the chocolate delightful and devine!