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splurge meal- best place for experience?

Hi all--

I will be in dc next week and have the funds for a splurge meal! I think it would be too late to get reservations for komi (first choice) but am trying to decide where to go. I'd like to do somewhere that has a tasting menu and would be very memorable. Thinking CityZen or Restaurant Eve or maybe the Kaiseki tasting at Sushi Taro (or is Mokoto better?). I made a reservation at Volt (not table 21) but thinking it is too far away for a weeknight dinner. Wondering which would be the meal that I'll be thinking about for years to come...
Thoughts? Thanks so much!

Make your own salads?

I've just moved to the Rittenhouse Square area from Washington DC. I used to go to Chopt or Sweetgreen in DC at least 1-2x a week where they have make-your-own salads starting at $5.99. I know there's a sweetgreen further west in University City but does anyone know of a Sweetgreen-like place near Rittenhouse Sq where I can make my own salad starting at a really cheap base rate??

If not, what about any places that have well-priced salads that you can take out?


Aug 02, 2012
vck11 in Philadelphia