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Night Market in harvard square

cant agree with you more

La Brasa, Somerville

oh thank you!

Fairsted Kitchen im Brookline

i thought the drinks and the service were outstanding

La Brasa, Somerville

i guess i ll post some food pix

I like raw meat!

try raw chicken with avocado at yakitori zai, delish

Need Romantic, dimly lit place for anniversary in Boston


YumeWoKatare Ramen - anyone been yet?

nope. only pork on pork on pork hahahha

YumeWoKatare Ramen - anyone been yet?

some pix

Yakitori Zai

Yakitori Totto is cheaper than zai for sure, but their meat isnt fresh. Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori in cali is the best, beats all the yakitori places in NYC and boston

Yakitori Zai

yep, didnt get sick still alive. it tasted like tuna sashimi, pretty tasty. it's called Sasami Tartar.

Yakitori Zai

wayyyyyy toooo expensive! the raw chicken with avocado, i liked it

Where to eat lunch in downtown Boston?

and lunch deals at Q and shabu zen are totally awesome if you are into hot pot!!!

Tacos @ Taqueria Jalisco East Boston, MA

yea i really wanna try Tostada de camarones next time

Tacos @ Taqueria Jalisco East Boston, MA

that sounds amazing i ll def try them next time! thanks for the rec

Tacos @ Taqueria Jalisco East Boston, MA

will do. thanks for the rec

Help filling in itinerary for this weekend

i def like hawthorne better too!

Chacarero Sandwich at Joseph's Pizzeria in Mission Hill

Chacarero in downtown is totally awesome

Tacos @ Taqueria Jalisco East Boston, MA

have you guys had tacos @ Taqueria Jalisco in East Boston? it's totally awesome. ive been looking for good tacos in boston forever and finally found the one. the meat is ridiculously tender! def worth to check it out if you love tacos.