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St. Louis, Tanner B's?

Downtown closed. The original location is open.

St. Louis-Laumeier Sculpture Park Area Eats?

I vote no to Smugala's. To give you an idea of the place, it's where all the teen and preteen softball teams go after the game... if you are too old for Chuckie Cheese, you go to Smugala's.

How about Spencer's Grill on Lindbergh (Kirkwood) for a diner experience.

Steak and Rice is a decent Chinese place at Lindbergh and Big Bend.

Right behind S and R on Big Bend, you can go to Richard's Ribs for some BBQ.

St. Louis Business Breakfast

If I were having breakfast in the CWE, I would go to the Majestic Cafe. However, for what you are asking, a hotel restaurant may be the best place. Eau Bistro in the Chase Park Plaza (CWE) or Clark Street Grille in the Westin Downtown would be good bets.

Where to buy "fresh," quality food in STL?

Why is it when I hit "back" on my browser it reposts comments?

Best fried chicken-St. Louis

I think Hodak's is overrated. Very bland. Porter's would be better.

Of course, I was raised on Southern fried chicken, which is fried in a cast iron skillet, not a deep fryer.

St. Louis Candy Store

I do believe it's molasses puffs from Merb's Candies. The 1960s location you mention is still open at 4000 S. Grand in the city.

Sorry, no website.

You can see a picture of them at Bissinger's, which may jog your memory.

Crown Candy has been around since 1913, Bissinger's since 1927, and Merb's, I don't know, but a long time.

Apr 11, 2007
Extreme Glow in Great Plains

Bar B Que in Saint Louis - where to go?

Memphis or Kansas City.

st. Louis

I would recommend Iron Barley for something local, or at least unique. They are on Virginia at Bates in south city. Try the soup, peppered pork sandwich, smoked fish (smoked in a skillet), or the pasta with bacon and chicken. Ignore that part of the website that says "Just Opened", they've been open for over three years.

Another somewhat unique experience would be a Bosnian restaurant. I prefer Grbic on Meramec in south city.

Not unique, but casual with very good food, would be The Pitted Olive on Hampton in south city. Great soup, sandwiches (chicken and goat cheese), plus whatever's in the deli case or specials.

Trip to NCAA Tournament in St. Louis

Everest Cafe on 1800 block of Washington would be a tasty and interesting lunch.

St. Louis dinner for around 15-18

Trattoria Marcella has a curtained-off room that can handle that size.

W. St. Louis/Chesterfield

I would recommend Yia Yia's on Olive just N. of 40-64.

Felix's- Dogtown, MO

Sorry, can't help with the personal experience, but here's their website for some background.

Lunch/dinner recommendations near the Renaissance St. Louis Grand?

Everest Cafe on the 1900 block of Washington has a great, inexpensive buffet for lunch. It is a Nepalese restaurant, but the food is very similar to Indian. It's a bit frumpy looking but it is clean and the food is good. It would be a nice walk or a very short taxi ride from the hotel.

Red Moon at 15th and St. Charles is relatively close and would be a good dinner. They claim to be Asian with a French influence, or at least, cooking style. Very neat decor and atmosphere and the food's pretty good. A great place for a martini.

If you really want to use public transit, take the light rail (Metrolink) from downtown to Shrewsbury. This end of the line is only a few blocks from Ted Drewes on Chippewa. You can take the 8 bus from the station and get off at Chippewa, with only a short block walk.

Across the street from TD is Aya Sofia, a nice Turkish restaurant.

St. louis food

Red Moon (15th and St. Charles) is lively and has an excellent martini list.

Best Arancini in St. Louis?

Lorenzo's Trattoria and The Pitted Olive have very good arancini.

Just moved to Dogtown--St. Louis

Stellina Pasta on Watson just south of Fyler has a very good sandwich selection and pasta of course. Salads are very nice as well. A very nice place and casual.

A bit out of your neighborhood but further south on Hampton, I very much recommend The Pitted Olive. Very good sandwich selection as well as specials and lots of good things in the deli case that they'll heat up for you.

Anthoninos on the Hill...St. Louis

I've been there and I think they do a good job. Service was very good. The iced tea and hummus dip was excellent. The gyro was good but not as good as those at the late Colossus. The gyro is about the same as what you get at Michael's on Manchester.

Comfort Food - St. Louis

I like the meatloaf at The Pitted Olive. It's made with sirloin, wrapped in bacon, and is finished on the grill. Get it with some potato pancakes or roasted butternut squash.

Also, the pasta at Iron Barley is pretty warming. The meat in the pasta is your choice of chicken, bacon, and shrimp. Get it with the smoked chicken and bacon. It comes in a big Jethro bowl and there is definitely plenty for leftovers.

Sometimes IB has a beef stroganoff special. A big bowl of beef, mushrooms, and spaetzle in a rich sauce.

Both TPO and IB have great soups too.

The Hill, St. Louis

For a good sandwich, be sure to go to Adriana's.

For a more traditional Italian meal, I would go to Lorenzo's Trattoria.

Smokin' Als St. Louis

Well, St. Louis is a bad BBQ city. So, being number 1 in a place with pretty crappy BBQ doesn't really say much. I went there once and wasn't thrilled. It's kinda-sorta TX style and I prefer TN style.

Secondly, RFT voters tend to vote for the first place they think of. Do people really think Hardee's has the best hamburgers, McDonald's the best fries, and Pizza Hut the best pizza? They've all won at some point in the last 20 years. Also, they don't always vote based upon personal experience but on what they've heard.

4 Seasons Vietnamese St. Louis

Yes, Four Seasons is still open on South Grand and they have a very nicely remodelled facility. Added bonus, they have a parking lot, which is very helpful on S. Grand.

I've only been for lunch, but I think it is pretty good.

Best hamburgers in Missouri?

Tucker's in St. Louis does the scoop of cheese spread thing too.

Nov 16, 2006
Extreme Glow in Great Plains

Best hamburgers in Missouri?

In St. Louis, in no particular order:
The Pitted Olive, O'Connells', Tucker's, Seamus McDaniels, Carl's Drive-In, Schlafly Bottleworks, and Scottish Arms. Blueberry Hill, as already mentioned, is pretty famous for theirs. I believe I had a good burger at Tin Can too.

TPO is the gourmet burger experience, while Carl's is low budget end. Decidedly different presentations but both are excellent. The Bottleworks has a good buffalo burger and The Scottish Arms a lamb burger. The other three are bar burgers; big and best served with a pile of fries. At TPO, I would get the soup of the day as the side or possibly the pasta salad. I'm sure I'm forgeting some others.

Nov 15, 2006
Extreme Glow in Great Plains

Jay's Krispy Fried Chicken; Sikeston, MO - Awesome!

The BBQ place is Tami's on Malone (the main E-W drag). They also have a Sunday buffet, but they don't have pulled pork on the buffet line. It's on the south side of the street; you would have passed. Supposedly, there is a Dexter's BBQ at 124 Main St. I've been to the one in Dexter but not the one Sikeston. Assuming that it's the same quality as the "home office", then it would be a good stop as well.

I'll pass on the gizzards, but a good fried chicken breast will do me well. I'll have to give them a try.

Christmas in St. Louis

There was a similar thread regarding Thanksgiving recently. The consensus was to check in the Get Out section of the Post Dispatch a couple of weeks before.

St. Louis--Mike Shannon's Steakhouse vs 1111 Mississippi

Can't you do both?

I haven't been to Mike Shannon's so I can't make a fair comparison. They describe themselves as the place to "see and be seen". Not exactly what I'm looking for in a restaurant. Atmosphere-wise it's purely baseball and pricey.

I like 1111 very much. They bill themselves as a kind of Napa-Tuscan wine bistro thingy. The old warehouse gives a wonderful atmosphere. The creme custard napoleon dessert is wonderful.

st. louis - where on so. grand?

Wow, that covers a lot of choices.

Vietnamese choices would be Lemon Grass or Pho Grand. Chinese would be Four Seasons (they also serve Vietnamese). King and I for Thai.

For something a little different, Cafe Natasha (Kebob Intl) or Sameem's: Persian and Afghan respectively.

For Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches, try Banh Mi So 1 on far south Grand.

La Tropicana, St. Louis

Sorry it took so long, but I checked with Luis at Tropicana and he said the info on the website was old... an blamed his brother on that. All of the remodeling has been completed.

The Pitted Olive -- Thanks St. Louis 'Hounds

TPO has tented their patio and it will be closed in and heated for the winter.

Last week, the smoked tomato and smoked pork soup was extraordinary as was the pork roulade with a goat cheese and sun dried cherry stuffing. The maple roasted butternut squash was an excellent side dish.

However, what is available in the deli case varies and they may not have those when you visit. If you can't find anything in the case that tempts you, you can always have a chicken and goat cheese sandwich. Always available and alway an excellent choice.

Anyone eating spinach?

I would if I knew it came from an area other than the Salinas valley.