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Flint Michigan, good eats?

Red Rooster is one of the nicest places in flint, I guess most of you chowhounds have ever tried eating in flint, please don't call this city the arm pit of Michigan--trader joe--, Flint was the birthplace of General Motors, has many nice restaurants,

Jul 17, 2012
roadside in Great Lakes

Froglegs..where to be found in lower MI?

There is a place in ortonville called bullfrogs, its on m-15, about 10 miles north of I-75 they deep fry them, also a place in new lorthrup called Gracies country house. that is about all I know in mid michigan.

Flushing, Michigan

Eartha, not much going on in flushing, Fandangles is ok, not sure about the hours of operation, the Speakeasy is long gone, the best and it can be very nice is Kathy's located in downtown flushing, full menu, and drinks, many specials, and the town is nice to walk around, If you want to travel to flint, the redwood lodge is nice, Red Rooster is the best, Sorrento's is also very good,

Recommendations for Flint/Frankenmuth Area?

hello, the best place to eat in the flint area is the Red Rooster, located on davison road, at the corner of averill, they do table side cooking, very good food, full menu, great staff. Two brothers run the place, do a very good job, have been in business about 40 years.