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Frozen Durian!

How to describe durian? Just to give you a little background, the fruit is indigenous to Southeast Asia and dubbed the King of Fruit. Description of taste vary from sweet and custardy to vomit, so take your pick! As Pamela said the frozen ones don't taste and smell as strong as fresh durian, but try leaving some on the kitchen counter for a while and I guarantee the smell will spread through the whole house!!! The ones you find here, whether in the whole spiky fruit or opened and neatly packed in plastic cases, are generally from Thailand, which produce the best variety called Monthong or 'golden pillows', describing its thick, yellow flesh and tiny seed. I'm a great fan of durian having grown up with it, but for a beginner frozen ones are best or go to your local Malaysian or Vietnamese restaurant for some durian shake!

Jun 27, 2006
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Great dim sum in Long Island, NY!

Hi budcar, I guess your experience was a miss. I've had dim sum in Flushing and Chinatown, of course in many ways they are superior in ambience, selection, etc. but I still stand by my review, plus after all the unfortunate experiences I've had with Chinese food in Long Island this was a treasure find for me!!!

Great dim sum in Long Island, NY!

I've been having a bit of a hard time finding a good Chinese restaurant in Long Island, let alone one that serves dim sum on weekends! So I was super happy to find one in Bethpage, Long Island with fresh dim sum traditionally pushed in carts. The Orient's location is a bit deceiving, tucked away in a small strip mall off Hicksville Road, its pretty unassuming. But once I got whiff of the food and how they were being served Hong Kong style, I know I'd hit jackpot!!! Doesn't hurt that 80% of the patrons were Asian, a likely testimony of authenticity!