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Costco Strategy For Ist Experience

Kerrygold grass fed butter-great price and quality. Organic hummus without any nasty oils-only olive oil. Almond butter is a great price and quality. Organic EVOO is high quality and a great price.
If you buy produce and it goes bad-just take it back. They are very easy for returns.

Oct 06, 2012
WhereTheCopsEat in Chains

Favorite Union Square Spots-Modest Budget

We are headed to SF from OC and will be without a car. We prefer casual and healthy/paleo/organic options. Would love your input. Thanks!

your recommendations for Laguna Beach?

Head North to Newport for Italian, Mama D's on the Newport Peninsula, Hit Alta Coffee for music and coffee with the locals after dinner-just down the street off the main drag.

Bear Flag is another strong option they have great fish cooked to order, but it's casual, order at the counter kind of place. You can share a table and meet new people. It's a fish market with a grill and long tables.

After coffee, check out Balboa Island for their famous balboa bars and a walk around the Island!

Dinner with kids close to St. Regis in Dana Point

There's a fun Burger place in Dana Point called Shwak Burger. Great food and laid back atmosphere-easy with kids. Their prices are reasonable too!

Then head down to the harbor and take a walk by the Marine Institute. They have tall ships in the harbor and big waves crashing on the jetty!

Looking for Laguna Casual Lunch & Dinner Spots

We love Bear Flag for Tacos and Burritos. They have great quality seafood and it's a casual, order at the counter kind of place. There are locations on the Newport Peninsula and Newport Coast Shopping Center which is South Laguna.

We also enjoy The Beachcomber at Crystal Cove-Such a fun place for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Enjoy your visit!

Union Square Area-Where should we try?

We won't have a car so we would love suggestions within walking distance. We prefer whole foods and casual dining or whole in the wall type place. TIA

Great Artisan Bakery in OC?

The Laguna Niguel Farmer's Market has a terrific artisan bread vendor! Sundays from 9-1 and there is a Sprouts in the same center if you can't find what you need at the market. It's a good one!

Orange county must eat

One of our other favorite spots off the main street is Alta Coffee in Newport. Great Breakfast and small town feel. Go early for breakfast and parking is metered. The table service is spotty but you can always take your mug up to the counter for a refill if you get tired of waiting. Great poached eggs and french toast o the weekends!

Orange county must eat

La Tiendita in San Clemente. They also have cheap bean burritos and quesadillas! If you get a combo they serve it up on a real plate too otherwise it's cheap paper plates. Love this family owned spot!

Favorite Meals Under $5

Fish Tacos at Bear Flag in Newport Beach on Tuesday Nights! $2 each, share a table and meet new people!