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Death and Company

You can see the costs etc. by just checking their site,

If you like Chartreuse and bitters, you'll likely find a few things here; there seems to be less of a "sweet tooth" on the menu than at PDT.

By the way, if you/your friends are keen to find well-executed drinks, consider the bar at the Tasting Room restaurant. Not a lot of unusual choices here and the menu is short, but what they serve is usually outstanding. Their Salty Dog, for instance, has just-squeezed juice and a delicately flaky maldon salt rim. Wonderful attention to detail; the costs are on par with these cocktail joints.

Mar 31, 2008
fossettes in Manhattan

Please Don't Tell

On my first visit here, I was just thrilled to think I could meld my high/low urges in a combination of tater tots and a great Manhattan. Fun to try that combination---once.

Many of the bartenders came over from Pegu, so you'll find a similar execution here; Meehan of course has a pretty sharp technique. Several of the drinks are on the sweet side, so read those descriptions/ingredients lists through to the end...

If you've been to places like Freemans, the taxidermy on the walls etc. will look pretty familiar to you. But it's small, it's comfortable, and it's good to be in class with the Professor cocktail.

Mar 31, 2008
fossettes in Manhattan

Pegu Club

As others have mentioned here, there's a BIG shift between early weeknights and weekends --- Tuesday nights are quiet and the staff is focused, while on Saturday nights the music is too loud, the guests tend to be yappy showoffs, and the staff can be sloppy.

The signature drinks (like the gin gin mule) are well worth trying, as are some of the seasonal picks, but one of their best choices is the Jimmy Roosevelt, a vintage-recipe Champagne cocktail laced with Chartreuse. (If you don't see it on the menu, just ask.) Hard to find elsewhere---and if you're paying this much for a cocktail, why not go for something unusual rather than a well-executed but otherwise unexceptional dark & stormy?

On the food menu, the star by far is the "sloppy duck" sandwiches, small brioches loaded with an amazing pulled-duck concoction---a tangy, slightly fruity sauce with the rich meat, a great partner to many of the cocktails.

Mar 31, 2008
fossettes in Manhattan

Northampton / Amherst Coffee

Thanks to some posts on this board, I culled some good recommendations and warnings about places to eat in Massachusetts and Vermont for a trip I made this past weekend. One of the best spots was at the Northampton Coffee shop, on Pleasant Street. A lovely, sunny room with George Nelson lamps, a communal table, and a counter for looking out at the street. Terrific, strong coffee and espresso, the latter carefully prepared on a powerhouse machine. Lots of thoughtful details, like the well-designed water tap with glasses at the ready. Stopped at the Amherst branch too, which is larger, with a few snacks and wine available---this must be one of the most popular places there. Thanks for steering me there!

Also visited the Peter Havens restaurant in Brattleboro, Vermont. A good wine list and a warm welcome but whew, the meal prices were NYC-high for straightforward, somewhat bland fare. Had a better experience at the Wine Gallery near the movie theater---kind, attentive staff and reasonably priced flights and snacks. (Far better than Metropolis, that's for sure!)

I wanted to hit the Farmers' Diner in Quechee but it closed at 3 --- will check the boards here for feedback. Any recent meals?

Chef / travel Q&As

Stumbled across these chef Q&As in an unexpected place:

Granted, the chefs talk about their own restaurants to a certain extent, but there are also some neat bits about their other favorites. Suzanne Goin and Govind Armstrong's are a pretty good read... I'm newly inspired to hit the Hollywood farmers' market and that biker bar in Topanga Canyon!

Oct 11, 2007
fossettes in Food Media & News