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Providence romantic dinner

I would recommend Gracies over the other two, the decor and atmosphere is very romantic, low lighting and quiet tables... and I would always choose a local restaurant over a chain.
Mills is also very nice

Rant: Pane e Vino, PVD, Email

I felt the need to respond to this even though the topic is years old now... The salad was meant for 2 guests to share as it was on V-day, $8.00 per person is an average price for a salad.
I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience when you dined with us previously. Hope you will consider trying us again sometime.

Bread Pudding at Pane e Vino (Providence)

email me at and I will send you the recipe :)
The secret is definitely in the bread, it is the durum stick from Seven Stars Bakery.