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We spent a month in Alaska last June. We paid the same for Halibut there as we do here. The local fishermen don't make much profit off their catch. Most of the catch goes to larger middlemen marketers.

Bartlett Pear--new in Easton

We ate at this 6 month old restaurant in Easton last week on the reccommendation of friends. Kevin Lloyd the chef has an interesting menu, with many ingredients noted as being from the surrounding Eastern Shore. Several different salads with local organic ingredients. The dining room is done in soft grey and white with lots of light. It looks like there is an outdoor patio, but it was cool the night we were there and I didn't go out.
We had the Duck Trio, a homemade duck pate, duck fois mousse, and duck procuitto which was excellent. The homemade bread comes with sweet butter with a few sprinkles of Hawaiian red salt on it. Heavenly.
Kevin gets in a few fresh Dover Sole from France each week and we had one reserved. It serves two. We enjoyed it. Its served with brown butter, and I added a little extra lemon to add some more flavor.
We had a chocolate thing for dessert as well as a passionfruit sorbet with meringue.
Coffee is served in a French press.
I would definately go back.

The Bartlett Pear is also a B n B.

Two weeks of eating in St. Martin

Continuing on, lastly we went to Mario's Bistro, in Sandy Ground. Service was great. Appetizers of mussles were excellent, the special salad of portobello mushroom was a little bland. Duck =10, Lamb Chop and Sheppard Pie=10, Veal scallopini=10, but the tuna with blue cheese and pasta was very bland. Molton chocolate cake, however, was superb.

On the whole, we were very pleased with our eating on the island. The wines tended to repeat themselves at each restaurant. Service was mostly all very good. While we had reservations, everyplace except the Tropicana had available seating for walk-ins.

Two weeks of eating in St. Martin

We tried four restaurants that were new to us, and several we have been to previously. These rating are on a scale of 1=terrible, 10=great. We were here 11/30/08 to 12/13/08.

Uncle Harrys--on the road near the airport, in the boatyard. This is a boat? pier? that serves food. I did feel some slight motion of something moving. We had grilled shrimp and grilled carribean lobster. The lobster was about an 8, the shrimp about a 7. People near us had steaks, they looked ok, but bland.

Skipjack--in Simpson Bay. Ended up going there twice. My mahi was about a 7, tuna about a 7, cod in cheese sauce about an 8.

The Hide-away--in LaVista resort in Simpson Bay. Service was mixed here. They forgot my oinion soup, that made the main courses uneven. Mahi--6, Snapper--6.

Halsey's--in Simpson Bay. Great service. Grouper--10, mixed filling ravioli--8, chicken--7.5, tuna---7.5

La Gondola--Cupecoy Beach. Sort of upscale Italian food, next to the casino. All types of attaire here. Veal Parmesan--8, Four Cheese ravioli--8, Osso Bucco--8, Fish--8.5. Excellent service.

Temptation--Cupecoy Beach. We have been here numerous times, it is still very good.
Asian Duck, very sweet-8, Scallops--9, grilled veal chop--10, short ribs, a little salty--8.
Very good service.

Tropicana--Marigot Harbor. We have been here several times before. Great service.
Pork special--9.5, Red Snapper --10, Lobster Thermodore 10

Can concierge get reservations?

Two of us are staying at the Hotel Elysse on 54th. We want a flexible schedule and several theatre tickets, so we don't want reservations weeks ahead of time. What's the change that the concierge can get us decent short notice reservations at the better restaurants? Not per se, or daniels, or that high end, but still really good food places.

Mar 06, 2008
Bank of Dad in Manhattan

visiting shortly - looking for classic New York Cheesecake

See, I like really zoftig cheesecake, heavy, creamy, with cherries on top. Juniors or ?????

Oct 11, 2007
Bank of Dad in Manhattan

Prix Fix at EMP?

I'm not complaining, just surprised cause she said it was a change, like they didn't do it before. I just wanted to know what the rest of you thought. Maybe it was just the way she worded it. I'll keep the reservation.

Oct 11, 2007
Bank of Dad in Manhattan

Prix Fix at EMP?

I just called to make a reservation at EMP and was told "dinner is now a price fixed menu, $82.00 pp". Any reason for the change, and is this a reason to go elsewhere's in our late Oct visit to NY?

Oct 11, 2007
Bank of Dad in Manhattan