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Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbooks

My all time fave cookbook is Veganomicon by Isa Chandra. There are recipes in there that I eat over and over again. If you want something for fancy dinners The Concious Cook by Tal Ronnen is really good but all the recipes def require planning and forethought, the recipes have ingredients that you won't have lying around most of the time.

Happy Family in Monterey Park -- what to get?

I love their steamed buns! I think they might even have the fried version of the buns which is harder to find. Have fun!

vegetarian sushi? OC or LA?

I am veggie and I love the vegan sushi at Shojin, it's all vegan there. Also we go to Crazy Fish on the westside and they have a few vegetarian options. Still you can't beat sushi made for vegans.

Fun place to take 20 YO daughter in LA

I will second Carney, Nickle and Wurtkuche. Of the three I think Carney is best for a great "tourist" experience, especially since that section of the Sunset strip is so iconic. You could try Mel's nearby there too.

If you have to stay on the west side b/c it's a layover Swingers is pretty cool too.

Dinner for foodie with grandchildren

Kid Friendly Sushi brings Crazy Fish to mind. I see a lot of families dine there. I only ever eat the veggie rolls but they are good and ppl tell me the fish is fresh:

9105 West Olympic Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 550-8547

Great upscale LA restaurant for a date night/birthday dinner?

Personally I love Gjelina in Venice for a special occasion. If you want to stay on the East Side I like Osteria La Bucca but they've changed chefs since I last went.

tofu/ bean curd sheets, where to buy in LA area?

I recently went to China and had these pressed tofu sheets:

Does anyone know where to find them in LA?