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Power Outage - FRidge/Freezer - what to keep ...if anything

I'm in Los Angeles, and it was nearly 90 degrees last night when the power was off. The house heated up within 10 mins.

I am guessing the temp at 2pm when the power went back on was easily 90+ degrees

I did NOT open the frig or the freezer once during the outage. My freezer is full, side my side items.

Sep 16, 2014
yummyinmytummy in General Topics

Power Outage - FRidge/Freezer - what to keep ...if anything

So the power went out last night at 8pm. As of 6:30amthis morning it was still out. I believe it went back on around 2:00pm this afternoon - or approximately 18 hours.

All dairy and meat in both the frig and freezer are a total loss I fear.

My gut is to toss it all (sadly)and use the situation as an expensive excuse to clean out the the frig and freezer.

Please let me know what, if anything you think is safe to keep.


Sep 16, 2014
yummyinmytummy in General Topics


Their prices are pricey. Service can be iffy. The food is VERY good.

Where to have Dinner on Rosh Hashana

I believe we did Rosh Hashana at the Daily Grill one year, I just can't remember if we did the menu or if it was offered.

We just go back year after year to Akasha - it is so good and now part of our tradition.

Brunch delivery

Nate N Als

(Almost) any deli will deliver you platters.

You didn't include which neighborhood you are in.

Check out LA Bite....

Delivery to Anaheim hotel?

You should ask the concierge when you check in.

Rustic Canyon

I have a dinner there coming up.

Can someone tell-

Does the menu change daily?

How accommodating are they to food issues and preference?


Where Should I Have Lunch?

If you are game for a road trip - I saw head north to King's Burgers-Got Sushi....
9345 Reseda Blvd
Northridge, CA 91324

The sushi was amazing.

This is a JOINT worth visiting!!!!

Seafood Main Course for 8 That Doesn't Break the Bank?

Make a batch of gazpacho (Ina Garten recipe) - garnish with shrimp, crab of lobster on top. SO refreshing - a side salad and a great loaf of crusty garlic bread -
Add Rose to drink and fresh fruit and a cheese plate for dessert and you have my perfect summer meal.

Jul 21, 2014
yummyinmytummy in Home Cooking

Baby Shower Locations

If you are looking at $15-20 a person, I would find a friend to host and call in a taco truck or bring in platters of Chinese food.

I don't know where you can have a shower and come in at $20 inclusive of food/beverage/tax and tip.

Orsa and Winston Tonight - Which Option?

Go with the 5 course and a couple of supplements - if they have the chicken liver -OMG not to be missed.

Favorite chocolate chip cookies from an LA area bakery?

La Provance on Olympic and Lapeer - AMAZE balls!!!!

Birthday Brunch - I'm hosting

Maybe 13 people-
Beach to Weho
No place where someone cant get egg whites (i.e Everleigh)
A patio would be nice
Keep it $40-45 a person all in (food, booze, tax and tip)

While I will eat almost anything - my friends are a bit more "traditional" in their brunch desires.


Girls night out - HELP

Thanks everyone.

I think we decided to go to The Wallace in Culver City.

I will let you all know what we thought.

UNLESS there is STRONG opposition to this post.

Girls night out - HELP

There are 6 of us. Would like to keep to $75/100 a person. We are not that picky of a crew.

Location: Venice, SM Culver City, BH, Weho - NO DOWNTOWN.

We are in our 40s...want someplace fun, but someplace where we can hear the conversation.


Sushi grade salmon

Call SM Seafood

How many nights a week do you have dessert?

Growing up, my mom made dinner every night. We did not have dessert.

Dessert was a treat that we had on special occasions - birthdays, holidays, vacations, dinner at the home of a friend.

The irony is, my mom was a word class baker. There was always several types of homemade cookies in the freezer, cakes and pies. It was not until my siblings and I were 11 or 12 that we understood that my mom baked these items to satisfy her late night sweet tooth.

As teenager and young adults we too were able to enjoy the "goodies" in the freezer.

Those were the days.

Jan 22, 2014
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LAX and environs

We often travel with our own wine - this is what we use.


You do have to check it. The bottles are totally protected.

If going internationally, check with local customs to see who many bottles per person you are allowed. We have never had a problem.

Thanksgiving disaster!

Next year you should invite all your friends to join you at HER house....no one should be alone at Thanksgiving.

Dec 05, 2013
yummyinmytummy in Not About Food

Cook Islands - Rarotonga for the week.

Where should we eat?

We are up for anything and money is not an issue.

Lunch places?






Chowhound worthy dinner for a family only night in LA

When in Pismo, you MUST eat at the Cracked Crab


Worth every dime and nickel.

Make sure you have a big bag to collect all your shells in when you walk shell beach.

Best Donuts?

Doughnut Man on Route 66!

Aug 27, 2013
yummyinmytummy in California

Where is a good Deli?

Label's Table on Pico has really good CB and pastrami. They also have a nice crusty rye bread.

Full disclosure - there is no ambiance - but the food is really good.

Sugar-free Salted Caramels ... where?

I would like to know if you find them. How do you take sugar out of caramel?

Israel - December - 14 people - 6 Kids (under 11)

I would welcome any suggestions. My boss and his entire family - including 6 kids under the age of 11 - are traveling this December to Israel. They keep kosher, which I don't anticipate being an issue in Israel. I am more concerned with the size of the party and the cost.

Any suggestions for kid friendly reasonably priced places to eat in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat.



I need help ! extremely picky eater & basically wont eat anything !

Cookie - I have seen this issue with adults and children. It is a control/attention issue not a food issue. I promise it will get better.

She will not starve. She is 6, at 6 you have very little power/control over anything in your life. Your sister is very smart and has figured out that she has power - yes power- over you entire family when she decides not to eat something.

My brother ate NOTHING but cheeseburgers and peanut butter sammies for over a year (he was 8). My parents would stop for a McDonalds cheeseburger on the way to where ever we were going. That is power and control.

I am happy to say that my brother grew out of it - so will your sister. Just remember, It is not about food rather the reaction she gets for not eating the food.

I wish you all the best!

Aug 20, 2012
yummyinmytummy in Home Cooking

Group of 10 LA

Are you coming from the land down under?

Lasagna by the Pan - Would you Choose Angelini Osteria or Mozza?

I would order from Joans on Third or Clementine for what may amount to half the cost.

best ice cream- cappuccino flavor

Al Gelato - their capuccino crunch is AMAZING. On Robertson - east side of the street between Olympic and Wilshire.

Kouing Aman?

BLD has them on their brunch menu.