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Basil-Parsley Pesto

I bet this tastes good with plain hot sauce..

Dec 29, 2012
PeppyKitchen in Recipes

Fridge Pickling

Yea, for a long time I hated pickles... That is the only way I eat them except for sweet relish.

Fridge Pickling

Like an hour.. I can never wait.. That's why I make the fridge pickle cause it's so crispy.

vegan cooking blogs

So helpful thanks

Vegan breakfast casserole for Christmas brunch

Do some "soul food" searching on Youtube the vegan moms on there have the best ideas! Search Vegan Mexico Trip

Fridge Pickling


Fridge Pickling

I just did some fridge pickles using white vinegar and then some red wine garlic vinegar... The bigger cucumbers needed the sugars and the Persian cucumbers I made a brine of red wine vinegar.. I just want to know what types of vinegar's people use to make brine and the process difference between canning and just dressing and putting into a container. ~ Sites are welcome~

Fridge Pickling

What recipe do you use for the canning brine of dill pickles...??

Fridge Pickling

Add spices, fresh or dried directly to the jar. For a quart jar, use anywhere between 1/4 and 1/2 tsp of whole dried spices like peppercorns, fennel, cumin, coriander, dill, cloves, or whatever sounds delicious to you.

Combine the following ingredients in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil:

1 cup any kind of vinegar
1 cup filtered water
1 Tbs of Kosher or any non-iodized salt
You can add sugar if you like a sweet pickle, but the above is a standard tart pickle recipe. Try starting with 1 tsp sugar; be sure to taste the brine to see if you like it.

Pour your just-boiled brine over the vegetables in the jar.

Nuclear 'Fire Roasted' Salsa

Yum sounds great! : )

Aug 12, 2012
PeppyKitchen in Recipes

Summer Salad Recipes Needed

Good cause I need more recipes for Broccoli Slaw, when I say it it even sounds like one of those things people just won't know what I'm talking about.

bought a little too much zucchini

sticks, pickled is good you could try the fridge pickle recipe, it take like 20 mins.. fried zucca.. or just look up zucca.. I like Panni, basil, tomato sauce, spinach zucca.. check out italian websites and casserole recipes.. veggitable manocotti... cubed for replacing meat in mexican food burritos and pastas.. Milk substitute for sauce recipes and avocado dressing..

Summer Salad Recipes Needed

There are prepacked broccoli shred salad packs.. I like to put ranch dressing, fake bacon, lemon juice and sometimes fresh herbs like cilantro. Just make sure you wash the broccoli shreds in a vinegar solution to get any residue from the growers off. It's crunchy and bright just right for outside eating. It's good no matter what amount of measurement you use but the fako bacon needs to be put on as served.... no salt or pepper needed.. pepper would make it gross.. salt is good..

Here is one I haven't tried with spices ~

The same one but with less spice ingredients to be substitued with vegan products.. vegenaise, fake bacon, ~

Low Carb Vegetarian Meal (and snack) Ideas

Deconstructed Strawberry Shortcake~ Vegan Salad Sandwiches with Tomato Sauce and "Cheese" slices.. ~ Pesto Salad~ Beet Salad~ Snack mix is even good after school.. Homemade Pretzels Bagels~ All with low carb items.. : ) Those insulated lunch sacks are excellnt for keeping food fridged without getting everything in your bag wet. Onetime, I opened my pack after a long day of walking the streets to look for a job and the things was halve full of water from thrown ice into a sandwich bag and nothing else was wet.

Fake Meatballs are good for school they have alot of vitamin D and if you put tomatoe sauce your can get vitamin A. That's a good shot of the smart snacking food plus it's easy to keep. What other stuff is good cold~ Fake Sloppy Joe's with Falafel.. Cheese Sandwich with good cheese and fake bologna... Fruit Salad, popcorn, quesadilla and homemade salsa,

V&V What's for dinner?

YUM~ I love meatless meatballs.. I guess I just don't really like real ones.. Where is a good place to get TVP?

V&V What's for dinner?

Wow ... That sounds like a great slow cooker meal.. You'll have to write that up as a Vegan recipe post!

V&V What's for dinner?

: ) Wow I've never know a Romanian with dreadful wine... Great comment : )

help with vegan chocolate frosting

Wow.. How did you not get what I wrote about it.. She is an excellent teacher when you teach for a certain amount of years your always going to be a teacher. It's a great learning book, to each their own I guess.

help with vegan chocolate frosting

If your addicted to cake I would suggest getting the SINFULLY VEGAN book by Lois Dieterly.. It's made by this elementary teacher who after so many years just up and changed everything about herself and loved it so much. She wrote a vegan cookbook in desserts and opened a restaurant, it sounds right up your alley and there are a things like Mocha Goober Cake.. and New Fangled Minced Meat Pie.. Which isn't actually meat at all but teaches ways to incorporate vegan ideas with the old ones. It helped me fit vegetarianism into my life even when I don't feel like going to the trouble.

V&V What's for dinner?

Mmm jalapeno poppers, trying to making your own sounds good. What did you use for them?

V&V What's for dinner?

Eat a crap load of jalapenos till you sweat tears and re-post.. Onetime, I made this crap meal out of rice noodles.. Beans and Hot sauce.. I added garlic and greens and it was soo fricken good. but I'm a salad so I picked.. Actually I should be thanking you for that site.. YEAAHHHH

Need a potluck dish for a vegetarian wedding

Check out Kambocha Pasta.. on google. There are alot of recipes and you can use the Kambocha's to decorate tables too for fall weddings.. I just love pumpkin pasta and I checked there are lots of recipes.

Here is a dessert link.. too if your feeling fancy but don't forget to sub out any animals fats for vegan butter.. :)

toddler dinner rut

that is so cute.. When kids first eat veggies everything just seems so new and they're pallet explodes.. Best part of being a kid ever!

toddler dinner rut

The best thing about babies is they will tell you what they like. I would try with some of their favorites and do a re-make. Like spaghetti squash spaghetti or appetizer sized foods.. Like Italian tomatoes on toast like Julia Child made, Rachael Ray has her kids line and there is alot of nutrition in there. When the kids get older the kids cookbook shows how you can get your kids into healthy eating. I love that book! Tofu egg breakfast burritos. Kids like food they can feel and taste I loved granola., but that is a ways off. Peach Cobbler is a good snack food and you can deconstruct and it still taste the same.
I used to watch a Vegan mom make dinners from her garden and organic markets for like 10 people. Then make the kids something totally different, you just have to keep making sure to reach the nutritional dietary needs in their food pyramid. Have staples around and prepp till your heart is content.

Should Food Critics Be Anonymous? My Talk with Jonathan Kauffman

No.. The Vegas world would be so dull without food critic articles. Where would I eat? But I do think they should be more, "hey everyone lets all go to dinner and make a group date out of it."

Aug 01, 2012
PeppyKitchen in Features