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looking for great vegetarian breakfast burritos in the mission [San Francisco]

I know it's weird, but I love the veggie burrito at St. Francis Fountain (diner on 24th near York St.). I know it's not authentic Mexican style, but the veggie chorizo is delicious and I like the flavor of their salsa (plus it's a huge plate). Only issue is that it's not spicy enough, but you can pick the veggies they use (I go for mushroom and spinach usually). AND they have a cheap mimosa with fresh-squeeze orange juice, yum!

Unique, Weird and Unusual Dining in SF

I have been to Supperclub twice, but each time it was a gougey experience (in particular the wine is really expensive and the pricing isn't clear) and I feel like there are better/more interesting variety shows for cheaper in the Castro and elsewhere.

In Search Of: Exceptional Catering For 2006 Wedding

Hi Joy,

This is a way late post to your post from 7 years ago, but wanted to know how that worked out for you. I'm feeling the way you did about the menus, but would worry about keeping the hot food hot and cold food cold. Did you end up going this route, and if so, how did it go?

SF Cheap Wedding

Thanks for the note, Robert! Unfortunately, I can't find the lists and reviews of vendors, etc. folks posted on the prior indiebride, so was hoping they might have some notes they could share...

SF Cheap Wedding

Hi dolcevita_sf, saw this old thread and wanted to click on the indiebride links, but it looks like the site has been shut down! Do you have any info you would be willing to share on the vendors, since I can't see your vendor reviews? I'm thinking of the Falkirk Mansion for my wedding as well.

Mac and Cheese in SF

New here, but a few of these places are out of business - any new places people recommend? Particularly for the baked variety.

Mac and Cheese in SF

I love Blue Plate's - best one I've had so far, but I'm not a huge fan of their vegetarian entree (there's usually only one), so it has to be a focused draw. Like Luna Park, too, but it's a bit rich. Mission Cheese now has a good one, but it feels small (may be similar size to Blue Plate, but not quite up there in taste). I can't remember if it was Home or Chow where I had one of the worst mac and cheeses ever.

Where can I find lobster mac and cheese in SF?

Since I don't eat meat or seafood, can't vouch as to the quality, but both Grub and South End Grill 'n Bar have lobster mac. Grub may cost a bit more. Enjoy!