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Dining with kidney disease

Some pretty basic things like good meats; steaks, veal, lamb, etc. and also potatoes, though he shouldn't be eating them now because I believe they are high in phosphorus... He likes pasta, but cream and tomato sauces are not the best for him now either. And usually he'd pick meat over pasta anyway. He likes seafood too, particularly shellfish, not so much fish.

Dining with kidney disease

Thanks, I think I'll call Scaramouche and see what they say...and as for wanting to go for dinner, it's what he asked for actually! I'm just trying to figure something out that will be considerate of his dietary requirements.

And yes, those are the three biggies (potassium, phosphorous, sodium especially).

Dining with kidney disease

Thanks so far for the helpful responses! It's given me some really good ideas and I'm very appreciative.

My father will be going for a transplant operation in several months and we are worried about him. His food choices are always so limited now that I know he gets bored with what he is "allowed" to eat. Hard for a guy who has always really liked his food! Just wanted the chance to take him out so he could have a really good meal he could enjoy and that wouldn't be too dangerous either.

Thanks everyone!

Dining with kidney disease

Thanks for your reply Bacardi.

His is pretty serious and advanced - so we don't really want to chance it too much. That being said a dinner out wouldn't kill him but we still want to be cautious and avoid some major no-no's like too much sodium, potassium and phosphorous...

Dining with kidney disease

I'd like to take my father out for his birthday somewhere nice, but he has pretty serious kidney disease and has some specific dietary requirements. Does anyone know of a good restaurant in the GTA that may be able to cater to this?


Private dining room in downtown T.O. for 60th bday

I would like to book a private room for my mother's birthday. This will be for about 15 people, including mostly people of her age (~55+). Looking for something downtown, preferably an Italian restaurant (this is what she likes), and upscale. As far as a "private" room, I guess it could be curtained off and doesn't have to be completely separate, but I think separate would be best as my 95 year-old grandfather will also be in attendance. We also want to bring in our own cake. Is that an issue?

Sotto Sotto was busy for that night (Aug 18) and Spuntini only had seating times that wouldn't really work. We can't get there before 7:30 p.m. Buca wanted $7500 for the room! I thought that was outrageous.

If anyone has any suggestions, they would be much appreciated.

This is my first time time posting so if I'm doing things wrong...feel free to let me know. :)