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North 44 - anniversary dinner

Hi hounds! We're celebrating our anniversary dinner tomorrow night at North 44 - thanks in part to a gift certificate (that will likely only cover the apps!) I've had a look at the menu online and I honestly don't know where to begin (everything sounds delish).

We'll likely each have an app, a main and split a dessert. Any recommendations are welcome.

Also, this might be slightly off-topic, but I'll be going straight from the office - any dress/style tips would be helpful.

I promise to post my thoughts later tomorrow night!

Good Eats at Bay/Bloor

Three cheers for Le Gourmand - love their veggie lasagna. Also in Roy Square is Salad House - fresh, delish and filling - much better value than over-rated Lettuce. It will be a shame when Roy Square is demolished.

Girls night out

We would prefer to be closer to downtown - I'd say south of Bloor (the Danforth works though). Thanks for asking!

Girls night out

Hi -

I'm an avid lurker here at chowhound, but this is my first post - with two little ones at home I don't get out much for good chow :(

Four of us would like an evening out in the city (three of us are coming in from the burbs). We're looking for a relaxed atmosphere where we can gab for hours while enjoying a delicious meal and some good vino. We're fairly adventurous palate-wise, though one of us is vegetarian (but will eat fish), so that needs to be taken into account. Budget-wise, I'd say $60 pp (app, main and dessert) excluding wine would be a good ballpark.

Would prefer to skip Italian and Indian this time round.

One of the gang tried to book the Sultan's Tent - but we're on the waiting list - if that helps.