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Hearty breakfast in North Conway?

Whenever we're in the area we have breakfast at Yesterday's in Jackson. Maybe a bit out of the way depending on where you're staying in North Conway. Standard breakfast fare but consistent and definately kid friendly.

Know of any great fishmongers in NH?

I've always had great luck at Seaport Fish in Rye, NH.

Jul 20, 2008
jtdbean in Northern New England

Restaurant gift certificate ideas in/around Exeter, NH

You might want to do a Portsmouth a La Carte gift certificate - that way they can choose the restaurant:

chow between logan and dover,nh

You'll be driving up 95N, going through Newburyport MA and Portsmouth, NH. Either of those locations have a multitupe of great restaurants, you might want to search this board for those cities.

Jackson, NH anniversary dinner

Will be spending a weekend in Jackson in late September for a 10-year anniversary getaway (i.e. no kids!) Looking to have one extra-special-delicous-possibly-romantic dinner out. We've stayed in the area several times but always with kids. From searching the board the following look to be some possibilities for our special night out. Husband can be a bit picky so its good to have a good variety on the menu. We also tend to order seafood over, say, steak/chicken, as long as its fresh. Also prefer places that aren't "stuffy" (i.e. don't tell my hubs he has to wear a jacket at dinner). Don't mind a bit of a drive. Which of these would be the best of the best?

Inn at Thorn hill
Notchland Inn
Thompson House Eatery
1785 Inn
The Wentworth


Dinner in Lake George with 6-year old

Thanks for all the suggestions; unfortunately we ended up at a local place overlooking the lake in the thick of it all. Christies on the Lake, I think it was, and I had one of the most bland meals of my entire life! The fish was overcooked and dry, the rice had no flavor (how could anyone get rice wrong??) and the accompanied green beans were overcooked. However my husband reported his grilled chicken sandwich was "fine" and my daughter enjoyed the pasta.

Dinner in Lake George with 6-year old

Hi, spending one night in Lake George this Saturday. I've never been to the area and know almost nothing about it, so any recommendations are welcome. Looking for moderately priced and not fast-food, kids menu a plus. We'll be doing a lot of driving the next day, so probably wouldn't want a destination that put us in the car for more than 10-15 minutes. (hotel is on route 9L off ext 21 of 87). Open to all cuisines. Thanks!

Child-Friendly eateries in Bar Harbor, Maine?

We vacationed in bar harbor last summer with a 5-year old and pretty much felt welcomed in all the places we ate: 2 Cats and Jordan's for breakfast (both good); Galyn's one night for dinner (it was pretty good but not a highlight); Quarterdeck for dinner one night (just okay). Jordan Pond house for a snack out on the lawn in the park. Pizza one night at Rosalie's. We didn't go to some of the places that have been mentioned on the board - such as Havana - that might not be great with a child in tow.

This is the reply to my same question last year!

white mountain deals

I've always had good breakfasts at Yesterday's in Jackson. Won't break your wallet and will fill you up.

Feed the Bachelorette (Portsmouth, NH)

How about the Blue Mermaid? Might fit the bill. The Red Door might be good for after-dinner drinks.

Yet another Cape thread - somewhat upscale, yet kid-friendly?

I enjoyed the Wicked Oyster last summer. We had my then 4-year old with us and it worked out fine. They certainly don't cater to children - no children's menu, etc. - but I didn't feel as though we weren't welcome. I had an excellent spinach salad with seared scallops that I still think about! It might fit the bill for a "nicer" place but still slightly relaxed and casual.

Spending a five days in North Truro in two weeks

I was in Wellfleet last summer - ate at the Wicked Oyster our first night and really enjoyed it. Had a very fresh and delicious spinach salad with seared scallops. We went back for breakfast there as well, service was a bit slow for b'fast but I still recommend it.

Cold bean salads

Recently I mixed cannellini beans, chopped seeded cuke, and chopped plum tomatoes with a dressing of lemon juice, white wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and chopped fresh basil. Light and easy. Could be easily augmented with other veggies. Purple onion would probably good.

Jul 26, 2006
jtdbean in Home Cooking

Kid-Friendly in Bar Harbor?

Lots of recommendations on the board for Bar Harbor, but not sure if any of the more "upscale" places would be good for a 5-year old? She's very well behaved but not too adventurous when it comes to dinner. We're open to most types of food, probably leaning towards casual and reasonably priced, with maybe one "special" night out. Any ideas appreciated!


The best pizza (AMERICAN FLATBREADS) in all of North America

I frequent the location in Portsmouth, NH and the food is always great. Alhtough the menu is limited to salad, pizza (flatbreads) and a few desserts, they are all prepared well and the ingredients are fresh. I enjoy the salad and brownie sundaes there almost as much as the pizzas!