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NYC Hound In Atlanta.Some Questions

Bacchanalia, watershed or greenwoods, swallow at the hollow for bbq and live music on weekend nights (small intimate nashville type), kyma for greek.

Reco's for Stone Mountain GA vicinity?

have you considered the decatur area for dining...also for beverage consumption?

There is a multitude of quality places to dine in decatur...all price and dress code ranges.
You are unlikely to find above decent food in stone mountain.

What are your personal faves in the Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater area?

massimo's in palm harbor...right on 19 near tampa road...chef owned...his name is massimo and puts out terrific food. Italian but not just Italian. If he has any version of his flash fried shrimp or calimari then order it ...if not ask if they can do it for you...they are one of the most accomodating restaurants in that respect. and the owner is most likely going to come out to the dining room during your visit.

My favorite in the area. With a private room if you have a large group as we do near the holidays when all extended family are in town

Oct 10, 2007
jimboknows in Florida

NYC chowhounds ISO Atlanta suggestions

I forgot to put Aria in my 2-cents worth....absolutely can't go wrong with Aria. And you would be remiss not to research Joel as a possible choice. Bones for steakhouse is great. My last great NY meal was Il Mulino.
Please comeback and post your choices and what you thought of them.

NYC chowhounds ISO Atlanta suggestions

Restaurant Eugene's chef won the Iron Chef America challenge in Atlanta against the chefs from Bacchanalia, Rathbun's and I can't remember the fourth chef. He, Linton Hopkins, is supposed to be on the show competing sometime this year?

NYC chowhounds ISO Atlanta suggestions

Bacchanalia and Restaurant Eugene would be my 2-cents worth. Atlanta fishmarket is very tasty/fresh, but not an experience like the Bacch. and Rest. Eugene. Bacchanalia also has Star Provisions, which is a mini market, where you can puchase great bottles of wine at reasonable prices, many of which you can't find/small wineries, as well as gift shop, meats, spices, this giving you a way to kill time while waiting, also the chef owner won james beard award and continues to is that for a run-on sentence?

Atlantans- where do you buy your seafood?

Besides Gulf Coast Seafood market on old milton (see post below) I also have gotten very good fresh fish & shrimp from Harry's on upper hembree in alpharetta. A word of caution/advice: you should always look at the seafood, smell the seafood before you buy and NEVER be afraid to ask the person behind the counter about the freshness (sometimes you will be pointed towards a choice that is not what you came for...but will serve you better at the table)

Atlantans- where do you buy your seafood?

Atlanta seafood market has some of the finest seafood available, but it is pricey.

Atlantans- where do you buy your seafood?

gulfcoast seafood market is a very small and wonderfully fresh seafood market. The owner will send out weekly emails with what fish,shellfish etc is coming and on what days it will be arriving. get on his email list and please help support him before he goes under. the fresh tuna has made great homemade sushi and the fresh scallops are sooo sweet, like having the scallops at the finest restaurant. the shrimp are local (georgia and gulf coast) he will take orders for lobster/oysters etc. He is located @4055 Old Milton Parkway in Alpharetta.
Phone# 678-624-9997...web is