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Ghali Kitchen Open!!

I work in the vicinity and whether it's morning, afternoon, early evening, etc. I have never seen this place open!!!! What is the deal?

Best diner in Toronto

truck stop????? Bathurst Street, as i know, is not a highway! LOL...

Best diner in Toronto

Victoria Restaurant. I used to eat there a lot when I worked at Maritime Life across the street.

Where Can I Buy Kinnie?

Hey guys, Kinnie as far as I know has not been available in Canada for a few years now. Malta Bake Shop used to carry it but no more. The closer taste that I find, though a tad more bitter is San Pellegrino Chinotto. I prefer the Kinnie (used to drink it profusely in Malta) as it is sweeter.

haven't heard much about Anatolia

I was there for dinner 2 weekends ago. We had the Mixed Anatolian Plate, an assortment of dips and an order of Manti. Being a quarter Armenianand having lost family in the Genocide, I don't really cheer for anything Turkish but let me tell you, these people are awesome and their food is fabulous. The walnut spread is to die for! The keftes and kebabs too. Have not tried the Imam bayildi yet. That is the only Imam I will ever try.... lol

Lakeview Lunch

I discovered Lakeview Lunch 10 years ago and loved it. Was a regular for a while then went back intermittently until a couple years back. Went back this past summer. It's not good anymore. I used to love the burgers, the specials, the pies and the waitresses..... OOOH the waitresses... Remember Cait who used to choreograph for Ballets Creoles? If you want a hip place with great food and pretty waitresses, then go to Shanghai Cowgirl...

Notable names in cooking show history?

Graham Kerr, The Galloping Gourmet!!!!

Jan 17, 2007
Fredster in Food Media & News

Seeking dinner recommendations for Sunday January 14, Islington-Dundas area

Sorry but I mentioned, no japanese!!!

Seeking dinner recommendations for Sunday January 14, Islington-Dundas area

My date and I will attend a chroal concert at the Islington United Church, 25 Burnhamthorpe Road. The concert is at 3 pm and we would like to have dinner afterwards in that area. I was thinking Oregano Grill, but they close on Sundays.

Any suggestions are welcome, except pub or japanese.

Awaiting your answers!

Mmmm.... Pork Chops

i agree with Deelicious. You cannot call yourself a gourmet or food lover if you look down on some chains that have really good food, and, let's face it there are quite a few of them. Anyways, try the chops at The Tulip, they're awesome!!!

Katz Deli

Originally from Montreal, I grew up eating Smoked meat. Even though I still go from time to time to Schwartz's in MOntreal, my favourite deli is now Moe Pancer's. I prefer Corned Beef!

fried chicken - popeye's??

Popeye's is not good and the locations here are Halal..... No way, Jose!!!! Mary Brown's is an undercooked and overpriced disaster. Go to Chick-N-Joy for something truly wonderful.

Chick-N-Joy... finally tried it.

Chick-N-Joy is the best fried chicken in Toronto, bar none. Mary Brown's, in my opinion is overpriced (really overpriced) and very undercooked.I went twice and everytime, the coating is tastes barely cooked, just boiled enough to stick on the chicken. When Chick-N-Joy is closed, I go to Bene at Queen and Coxwell, same cooking method, pressure cooked and slightly cheaper. Still very good but Johny is still the master...

Katz Deli

Maybe it's because the area they are located in has less and less Jewish people to begin with?

Kirghyz Hot Yogurt

Hey turnertom,

Very interesting. I did not know about this dish. I know about Ukrainian or Russian restaurants, but no Kazakh, Kirghyz or otherwise. Sounds like a weird combo of flavours, except for the sweet ones. Again.... wow!

ice-cream parlours???

demetre's is still a fantastic dessert place, all they serve is very good. However, the only regret I have is that with the franchising, they lost their greek flavour. Most stores do not have baklava anymore and, except at the Danforth location, it's hard to get greek coffee with your dessert. NBut their ice cream is good. Not as good as Greg's but after clubbing or the pub, it's mighty good...

Canadian Version of "Burgers to Eat Before You Die" ?

The Tulip, Shanghai Cowgirl, Steve's, The Canary and Jim's are my favourite places for burgers. As much as I am a cheese lover, only one type of cheese (if you can call it cheese,lol) makes a good cheeseburger: Kraft Orange processed slices. No respectable diner owner will lower him/herself to put Brie or BLue. An insult to the burger and more so an insult to the cheese!

Canned coffee

Canned coffee? How come it does not surprise me that Japan is behind this? LOL.

restaurants between bathurst and yonge on steels

You mean out of the city. It's in Thornhill!!!!!


My fave places are Jim's at Queen and Logan, The Tulip at Queen and Coxwell, The Purple Onion at Keele and St Clair and the Canary at Front and Cherry.

Chinese Baked Goods [Split from Ontario]

[This thread has been split from this thread on the Ontario board:


In telation to posts about chinese bakeries on this thread, I really do not think that "chinese" and "bakery" are words that should go in the same sentence. I take for example furama and a few others. All their cakes are bland, bland, bland. You feel like you're eating air. And the famous buns? Please...

Honestly, if I had a choice between those bakeries and Tim Horton's.... I would forego dessert altogether.

And regarding Granowska's, it is a damn good bakery. Everything i had from there was always fresh, flavourful and just the right amount of ooomph...

Quite a few other bakeries are not as refined and need way more polish! Ok, I had to say it...

Oct 10, 2006
Fredster in General Topics

Euro Crepe Cafe on the DANFORTH

What is the address/main intersection?

Briskets Montreal - any good?

Brisket's, in the early to late 80's was the best in Montreal, hands down. Bishop street is where i recall going with my father for the "old-fashioned". It had been statrted by an ex- Schwartz cook/smoked meat man who left when the greeks took over the place. I have not been in years. I have kinda left smoked meat for a once in a blue moon treat when I visit the family in Montreal and I usually go to Schwartz's.

Breakfast downtown

greasy spoon breakfast club? I'm in! Did you start it yet? let's do it!

First Rate Falafels?

Must have not been your day as it is usually excellent.

Spring Rolls - Go (on Broadview)

Nothing wrong with gentrification ,as long as it keeps the white trash joints such as Tasty Chicken and Jones bar and Grill closed for good...

Great Chinese Food in West End GTA?

Hoo Wah Garden Tavern at Dufferin and Castlefield. Awesome chinese-canadian food! Fresh vegetables and tofu, primo meats and seafood. The price is right and the portions are huge. Eat-in, take-out and delivery! Repeat after me....... SUBGUM!!!!


Original's burger is a president's choice.

First Rate Falafels?

Red and White on Yonge near Wellesley, Mr Falafel on Yonge south of bloor and United Bakers dairy restaurant at Bathurst and Lawrence are all top nothc choices.

Best Greasy spoon Diner in TO?

I often work the night shift as a dispatcher at Securicor at Woodfield and Eastern and often make my way to Jim's at 6 or 7 am for brekkie. I love their western sanwich, home made burgers, omelettes, bacon and eggs. Two great items are the chicken salad sandwich made with their own bbq chicken and George's famous stuffed peppers offered on special mostly wendesdays or tuesdays. Jim's is a good place. However, there is no dessert but ice cream, so that is lacking.