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best spicy soups?

edit: Could'nt link Cho Dang Gol , but it's on 35th street just off of 6th, next to the new Hampton Inn hotel.. Fresh made tofu.

37 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

Don's Bogam
17 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10016

Baked Bread - Where is NYC's best baguette?

AMY's! Hands down

Zabb Thai - first time visit


Zabb Elee
71-28 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

Jellyfish search

Congee Bowery's got a nice one.

So do many of the Korean Restaurants. (they tend to be the same,but with sesame seeds and more soy)

ISO - Spanish Ham


Broome btwn lafayette and center

Or if you're in Queens,
the original location offers better buys though in a less attractive space
on Northern Blvd. and 87th street


Dean & Deluca, and other of those shoppes have it too, but double price for half the freshness

408 Broome St, New York, NY 10013

Bo Ssam other than Momofuku??

^yeah that's the place!
They have another location on 170something and Northern near the 7-11 just west of Utopia Pkwy!

Bo Ssam other than Momofuku??

Gahm Mi Oak is one of my favorties spots anywhere, and the Bo Sam is great..
however for the best Bo Sam, I'd head to Flushing..
San Soo Kap San


San Soo Kap San
38-13 Union St, Queens, NY 11354

Zabb Thai - first time visit


Zabb Thai - first time visit

I eat at Zabb on Roosevelt all of the time~
I did'nt know they changed owners, nor did I know of the other queens location.
I do know that I'm always happy!
The worst experience I have ever had was an under-cooked squid, which was corrected by a void over it on the check.
Food is great. One of the only places to get proper Issan/Laos food.
Please, fill me in on others ~

How good is Pho 32?

I go there quite often~ It's a nice place.. The pho is good, though do not expect traditional or typical pho.. There are no leaves of basil and more often than not, you will find lemons in place of limes.. However one key advantage is that they are SIGNIFICANTLY cleaner than any other pho place I've eaten in this city..
The soup is very good, the pork chop is very good, the shabushabu is very good, the summer rolls arent special when ordered as an appetizer, but if you get the roll plate (which i usually do ) where they give you the roll paper, vegetables/spices, noodles and pork & shrimp and you roll them up your style by yourself, then they are remarkable~ And yes, they do have seafood pho.. as well as a great sauce and toppings bar~

Nusara Thai?

I went to Nusara twice and I have to post my review here (considering the reviews here are what drew me to the place)

In my experiences, the service was insufficient considering the ratio of waitstaff-to-customer... One time it consisted of one over-worked yet caring waitress,a ditzy 'in one-ear-out-the-other' waitress, one wonderfuly perfect waitress, and constant a mama-san looking lady who gave me dirty looks the few times I exchanged eye contact with her, much less the one time I signaled for her assistance.. They all seem busy, but you can't figure out on what.. It still takes work to get what you want when you want it with the sincerity it deserves... Diner quality service.

Now the juice,
The food was in all honesty, disappointing.
With the exception of the shrimp and (tough) squid, you could tell that the shellfish was frozen-cooked... And even a few of the vegetables, particularly mushrooms in the soup, were from cans.. This is by no means how a place that is 'in the rankings' of best Thai should be cooking.. c'mon..

For a take-out place, or just 'that cool place that's next to pho bac and more attractive and better than most thai spots'.. it's good.. but it by no means lived up to it's hype on here or yxlp, the other (inferior!) ny foodie site..

The Hoy Joe is blah, not bad but far from exceptional (or acceptable to order again)..
The fried calamari is freshly fried, *thumbs up* ..but chewy. so there that goes.
The Tom Yum broth is very good, and the 3 shrimp inside were great , however there was only canned mushrooms, a few snips of lemon grass and a cilantro garnish to keep those shrimp company.. It lacked all the other elements of a well-balanced tom yum.. and though the broth was exceptional, I've had better over-all tom yum eats at thai spots i've stumbled upon rather than sought out in this city..
The salads I've eaten, again, blah.. the sausage in the Yam Mur was a nice off-beat style of cured pork.. but the rest of the ingredients were just run-of-the-mill.. It was unbalanced by means of proportion as well as taste.. And with the perhaps the least remarkable of all thai salads I've had in ages.
The pad-thai was definately above average, perhaps there noodle dishes are special>?
The seafood kra pao was, well, good.. The sauce as someone mentioned on here before was good.. and the spice was strong as it should be! They earned points for that.. but the frozen mussels and chewy shellfish really killed what could have been a good plate.. They could have dolled it up with some eggplant chunks or green leaf.. but as it was, kra pao seafood.. it was a disappointment..
Now the silver-lining.. and one real ray of hope for future dining..
the Tod Mun... was quite literally, the BEST I've ever had outside of Thailand..
I don't know what their story is.. but this was as if it came from a whole place than the rest of food...

The bottomline.. and what that Tod Mun taught me, is that you have to know what to order here... (any educated recommendations?)

I will have to give it a 17 for food, 21 decor and an InExpensive for price..

I won't be making it back there anytime soon.. but when I do, it will be Tod Mun and nothing else seafood at all.. Perhaps I'd try their Som Tum, and something unique (and meat based!) from thier specialties~
Though, I am in no hurry back.

I would definately recommend this place~ Great place *to dine*...Just come with less expectations than the well-intending foodies on the web stuff in your shirt pocket~

P.S. It is no longer BYOB

P.P.S. other comparable/ superior alternatives in Queens:
Zabb Thai-
in Woodside/Jackson Heights (7,E,F,V,G,R to 74th/Broadway)...

Yajai -in Astoria (N train to 30th ave.)...

And truthfully, although it's not much to sit in..Chao Thai has better food..

Dim Sum Reservation at Jade/Ocean Jewels?

I only have had the chance to go on weekends, but have some days off in the near future.. Do they serve dim sum on weekdays~?

Best BEER Restaurants (not bars)

Nice tips!! Thanks!!

The ones which came to my mind right away were..


BXL! ( on 43rd btwn 6th&timesq)

Blue Smoke~

Who has the best sandwiches in Queens?


Strawberry Farms on 150th & Willets Point Blvd. does make their own Mozzarella! It's so fresh and made so often that 1 in 4 times I get it, the cheese is still warm!!

Best Pad Ki Mow

oh no~!
Is the place comparable~??

Best places to buy BEER in the 5 boros

That one of Northern & 166th is great!

So many good spots it seems~ Thanks all! I've got a busy weekend hahah

Notes from Spain

Voll Damm is delicshe and a real heavy hitter~

Nov 13, 2007
HaveTasteWillTravel32 in Beer

Best Lager beer in the World!

Maybe not "THE BEST".. but a few of my lager favourites~>

1. Estrella Damm (ES)

2. Stella Artois

3. DAB (DE)

Nov 13, 2007
HaveTasteWillTravel32 in Beer

Oysters, martini, steak, wine

Blue Ribbon

Best places to buy BEER in the 5 boros

I have my favourite places in my area.. but I'm looking to find any/some beer meccas~ Places that are to beer what Sherry Lehman or Astor is to wines/spirits~

I know that there are some deli/groceries which carry great selections of beer (9th street & 2nd avenue in Manhattan)... and I know that there are some estlbshmnts that have excellent beers (Gingerman on 36th & Madison.. BXL on 43rd & 6th.. Markt on 21st & 6th)...
but I am in dire need of a beer distributor that has huge selection of quality brews, at good prices~ Any and all recommendations in the 5 boros is welcome!

Sochu, who has a good selection?

Astor Wines & Spirts. Sometimes the best known names are so for good reason~

Top 5 Chicken Wings (IMHO)

1. BON CHON Chicken!!
(multi loc. 314 5th ave, 3 addresses south of 32nd..2flr ; 95 Chambers St; 158th street & Northern Blvd Flushing Queens; Bell Blvd & 45th Ave Bayside Queens) The BEST!

2.Tebaya!.. as previously mentioned

3. Dinosaurs~ woweee

Best Pad Ki Mow

Khao Homm on 61st street just off of the woodside train station..
oh so proper

best bakery in nyc?

Veneiros is so so seriouss.

but I must recommend....


18th & 9th!
All with ears should listen!

Who has the best sandwiches in Queens?

Roberts is proper!

I like M&S on Francis Lewis btwn 35th & 33rd too though~

One of the best Italian/Med. deli counters in the boro is in Strawberry Fields market on 150th & Willets Point in Whitestone.. Buy the bread at the market and head over to the deli to get it filled~ mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Greek in Astoria?

I personally think that anyone who compares home cooking to a restaurant is'nt fit to place criticism here to begin with.

The food in Astoria is the best Greek you will get in this city.. perhaps with the exception of one or two gems in Manhattan.. which by the way lack in their authenticity as they climb the quality ladder... go figure.

Come back down to earth, and enjoy Astoria greek for what it is while youre here.

basic food needs in forest hills/rego park

^second that! :)

One night, One meal.. Where to?

1st off, I want to say that it is one of the most amazing and beautiful cities I've ever seen~ and I've been around the world more times than I can count~ I know that you guys have suffered greatly due to the constant construction of the past decade, but I will say it is a whole lot different of a place than I last saw in 1995!~ I will be back soon! and often!! Great vibe!

with that said...

I want to thank everyone for their input, suggestions and recommendations~

I managed 3 meals in one night!
A picnic lunch and a sit down meal the next day!

Hands down the best oysters I've had, anywhere, ever!!
One of the more expensive lunch-sized meals I've had in recent memory
but for the experience it was surely surely worth it~
(and will be ever time I visit boston from now on!haha)
And the oysters were truely priceless~
The wine list was wonderful and concise,
the atmosphere was perfectly cool,
the decor was witty and simple,
the layout and open kitchen is awesome
and the help, although the more serious, chef-in-training type,
is more than courteous and extremely helpful and sweet~
Lobster roll was remarkable, though I honestly would'nt put near the top of my list.. The lobster bisque though, I would!
The tuna sashimi was good, but not my style.. I'm a fish puritan and would've appreicated a 15$ piece of tuna stomach than 5$ pieces of jazzed up back~ but none-the-less, a creative and delicious spin on a typical cut of the fish-
All in all, an EXCELLENT place! I too am now in the B&G band wagon! hahah

Next was NEPTUNE!
What a place~
Hands down the *best clam chowder*, anywhere, ever!
and thanks to B&G, Neptune gave me the second best oysters I've had anywhere, ever. hahah
The place was packed, truely packed.. but I sat at the bar, close to the kitchen, so I was happy to be served with ease and personal care but more importantly, to have a seat at the kitchen door! haha
Everything I saw and smelt was great.. and I made a promise to come back and dig in to more.. albeit next time at a below prime time~
P.S. the halibut I had was creative and fresh as can be~ Great place!

Next was Ye Olde Oyster House..
I figured it was a cultural must and a institution in itself, nevermind the kitchen..
They even had a bottle of wine for me that really took me by suprise~
I drank and cheered and conversated~ it was great
I ordered clam chowder (as everywhere I went), steamers and grilled oysters..
The chowder was ok, traditional, yet unremarkable.. perhaps "average".
The grilled oysters were just that, grilled oysters.. not too remarkable after preceeding them with B&Gs and Neptunes..
but the steamers were the least remarkable of everything I ate..
As if they bought them in the supermarket and just had joe schmoe steam them up and push the plate out.. Disappointing, even with low expectations as I had.
It also doubled as a nightlife destination for me, as I came there primarily to watch the game, amongst bostonians, in a classic old world place, with fairly low decible music, a little sampling bite and accessibility for my stumble home.. I was in no way disappointed!
I would include this place as a destination.. but not for the food alone.

Another note on my night..
I bought some bottles at "Mangierelli's" (sp?) wine beer & spirt store round the corner from Neptunes..
This place is great! Great selection (though not huge), great prices and some really tough to find beers (though I was past the point of switching alcohol-types for the night)


Next days eating started with yogurt and odwalla juice from 7-eleven at 25% below NY retail prices.. and some fruit from a street merchant.

Decided to explore markets (super, specialty, green, anything I could find)..and did'nt find any... until I came across the charles bridge on Charles st. just off of Cambridge st.. I did'nt remember or I guess notice the name, but the place was nice~ Good cuts of meat, though I did'nt buy, and a nice selection of "gourmet" foods.. I bought decent bread and olives.. and a nice peice of Morbier cheese, again at 25% of the price that one would expect to pay at a similar store in NY~ Nice place.

My next and final meal was at the Barking Crab..
I can hear the snobs sucking their teeth already,
but it was really a great meal~ Take the place for what it is! Lower your expectations and drop your preconceptions and you can easily fall in love with the place!
I know, there were many things the chef, or perhaps "cook",
could have done a bit differently, and the bread was'nt made within in the past 18 hours, but it was a really great meal!
The lobster roll.. the lobster roll.. was excellent~ blew away B&Gs!
The crabs were great, though you can't really do them much wrong,
the chowder was average.. but hey,
The oyster po'boy was good~
The swordfish was a bit small but was really perfectly cooked and seasoned~
And the greens and accompaniments were fresh and delicious!
I dare say, that if you order correctly and take it for what it is, and throw in the view to boot.. this is surely a destination resto in Boston~
It is what it is!

I finished my trip with a bottle of Calvados on the bus leaving the city.. with a pleased palate and full stomach, great memories and many ideas of my return! :)

Well, thanks to all!!! You truly impacted someones experience! And assisted them with memories that will last a lifetime~
I have a long list of places that I know I've missed and will surely catch on my future visits~ and I appreciate that~

I hope this thread will continue as I think there's a lot more to it than one persons visit~
Kind of a "best of boston" or "boston's must eats!"

As now being someone who's eaten there recently,
consider this my input!
Thanks all!!


Classic, burger as it has been and always will be type of burger...


basic food needs in forest hills/rego park

The supermarket on Austin & Ascan is one of the better ones queens has to offer and would shine even in manhattan.. Definately THE place to shop in Forest Hills..

One shoppe which I'm surpised to not see mentioned is
This place is a funk frenzy of pastuerize and unpastuerized paradise..
Great selection and great quality of cheeses and all things that go with them.. some preserves, breads/biscuits and olives.. and on top of that,
this little place manages to pack in some of the best cured meats around~
Hard to find delicacy JAMBON SERRANO is alive and well here,
and is one of only 3 places I'll purchase it in all of the city.

As for resto's..
Austin Thai, which I explored as a result of recommendations on this site,
is really quite good~
I enjoyed everything I ordered and can vouche for the authenticity~
As for the service though, the two girls there could'nt have been more spacey.. Though polite and courteous, it was perhaps the worst service I've received in recent memory.. short of rudeness of course.
I do pass on the recommendation of this really stand-out kitchen though~

BannThai is pretty good too~ Further towards Yellowstone on Austin..

In Rego Park~
I can suggest "Chebureknaya" on 63rd Drive across from the Sharlemane Diner by the LIRR overpass~
This place is absolutely great for chebureki, samcy, KEBABs!, soups and all types of "off-beat" meat dishes~ Great place~

"Colombia Chicken" on 63rd and 95th across from HSBC,
has good chicken and really good Gazpacho soup..
but honestly, not much else there is remarkable~

"Ben's Kosher Deli" on Queens Blvd a half of a block east of 63rd Drive,
is a queens landmark.. and although it may seem pricey on the menu,
the portions are enormous and the food is just as classic NY deli as you can get these days~

"Istanbul" on Queens Blvd half of a block west of 63rd drive is a great place for Turkish/East Med. food~ Especially by the way of take out (although it's a nice place to eat in as well, warm weather opens the backyard patio)..
Whatever sandwich you order (if you order a sandwich) get it on the "homebread".. Great place for kebab and shwarma (doner)~

Also to note,
the "Met" supermarket on 63rd drive is alot better than one would imagine~
especially for dry goods~
I do however go to the corner produce shoppe for the fresh fruits and veggies~ that place is great