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Suggestions for meals with preschooler and toddler

We're driving in from SFO for two nights the week before Thanksgiving. Have got a 18 month old and a almost 4 year old, who are well behaved. We're staying in Mission Bay but are not limited to the area for dining. Most likely will spend one day at SeaWorld and the other day is open to exploring San Diego.

I've not been to SD for almost 20 years so am looking forward to checking out the Gaslamp area. Are there kid friendly, non chain restaurants in the Gaslamp that will work for us? Any other suggestions besides Mission Bay and Gaslamp?

Mom and Dad are pretty much eat anything. I love Mexican, so do kiddos, Dad, not as much. Any taco trucks or shops I shouldn't miss?

Thanks so much for any input. I really wish we had more time to spend in SD.

Oct 25, 2011
cyndychow in San Diego

Glowing Severed-Hand Halloween Punch

Suggestions for non alcholic glow in dark punch for the kids?

Oct 25, 2011
cyndychow in Recipes

ISO Swans Down Flour

Thanks for the leads. I'll check out Safeway again and if unsuccessful, will order from Luzianne.

ISO Swans Down Flour

Looking for swans down brand cake flour in san Francisco or san Jose. Unable to find at Safeway or lucky. WalMart listed online as a source, but not available when we visited. I remember it as a staple in mom's pantry for making Chinese steamed egg cake and the brown sugar flavored steamed cupcakes. Can't seem to find the flour in Chinatown anymore.

problem with sourdough starter

Thank you for the information on The Fresh Loaf and the encouagement to keep using the starter. I just fed it and will be baking again tomorrow, so let's see how long it takes for the bread to be more sour.

Jan 21, 2010
cyndychow in Home Cooking

problem with sourdough starter

I followed Mark Bittman's recipe to create my own sourdough starter, and while the resulting bread has a nice thick chewy crust, chewy interior and the right texture, it's not very sour. In fact, it's not sour at all. It does taste quite delicious, but it isn't sour.

The starter was made with active dry yeast, which was on hand, proofed to activate it and mixed up according to the recipe. It sat half covered on the kitchen counter for 3 days, stirred religiously every 8 - 12 hours and did its bubbly, frothy thing.

Used unbleached AP flour and filtered tap water (Brita pitcher). What can I do to make my starter more sour or should I just try to make a new one?

PS. I'm a novice bread baker. This is the first time I've turned out bread worthy of eating. All other loaves have been turned to croutons (eating lots of salads!) or donated to the local ducks!

Jan 19, 2010
cyndychow in Home Cooking

Where to buy large quantities of cookie decorating supplies?

I'm hosting a cookie decorating party next weekend, sugar and gingerbread cookies, for around 35 people. I need to get large quantities of decorating sugars, sprinkles, little candies and such. Icing is not a problem; that can be whipped up at home.

Where can I find larger quantities than the Wilton's brand jars? The Wilton brand seems kind of expensive for such small amounts.

I am in San Francisco and would prefer to stay in SF or within 10 miles or so.


Gluten Free Vegan Baked goods?

Flour chyld in Novato. I know, it's kind of out of the way. However, they do sell at a stall at the San Rafael Farmer's Market on Sundays. And you may want to call them and find out what other farmer's markets they sell at.

Really good desserts, especially Little Black Dress torte made with bittersweet chocolate, brandy and espresso. Well worth the caloric hit to the waistline!

850 Grant Avenue,
Novato, CA 94954


How to clean residue off nonstick baking sheet?

Thanks for the advice. I"ll try the Dawn Power Dissolver. And next time, put the parchment paper down before putting the fish filets on the baking pan

Aug 11, 2009
cyndychow in Cookware

How to clean residue off nonstick baking sheet?

I forgot and left an Analon nonstick baking sheet, coated with sprayed on Pam, in the oven. Started preheating oven for dinner and realized the dirty sheet pan was still in there, when I smelled smoke.

Now the pan is covered with a sticky, tacky brownish residue which I am assuming is the Pam. I've tried hot water with nylon scrubbie and dishsoap, a nontoxic (and noneffective) aerosol grill cleaner and even baking soda. The pan is still covered with sticky goop. Any helpful hints or should I just chuck the pan? (I promise to never use Pam on nonstick items again!)

Aug 06, 2009
cyndychow in Cookware

Lardo - where to buy in Bay Area

Thank you for all the leads on lardo!

Lardo - where to buy in Bay Area

Are there any retailers that carry lardo for the home cook? Specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks!

What is the most unusual, but tasty, sandwich you make or have made?

Sounds gross, but, here goes. White bread, like Wonderbread, with mayo and thin sliced Chinese BBQ pork (char siu). We must have run out of ham that day for making brown bag lunches. I still make it sometimes and my hubby just gags when he sees me eat it.

Jun 16, 2009
cyndychow in Home Cooking

"gai jai" cookies from AA bakery SF Chinatown

Ok, I guess chicken fat sounds slightly more appetizing than pork fat. I'll look for the ones with the nam yu next time I'm down at AA. Thanks!

"gai jai" cookies from AA bakery SF Chinatown

I've received several packets of these crunchy/chewy/slightly savory cookies from my mom. She claims they are made with pork lard and some nuts. Does anyone know what they are made with? I don't want the recipe, just curious if I really am scarfing down pork fat with my sugar.

Advice: Chinese "marinated" pork belly

You've got yourself a package of 5 spiced "laap yuk". It's preserved and will keep a pretty long time. As long as it doesn't smell rancid, go for it. I usually cut it into thin slices and store them in the freezer in zip loc baggies.

It is delicious when combined with soaked dried shrimp and sliced Chinese sausage cooked on the surface of a pot of rice, then drizzled with a little soy sauce. Classic clay pot rice called "laap may faan". The fatty juices get into the rice and the whole pot of rice is very fragrant.

Mar 17, 2009
cyndychow in General Topics

ISO shrimp "floss" recipe

Thank you!

Jan 22, 2009
cyndychow in Home Cooking

ISO shrimp "floss" recipe

I would like to recreate the shrimp floss that a friend once gave me several years ago. Her mom, who was raised in Burma, made it from dried shrimp, red onion/shallot, garlic and I don't know what else.

It tasted great with plain white rice or jook. I don't know how she prepared it.

Jan 15, 2009
cyndychow in Home Cooking