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Best Whoopie Pies in Maine?

Sadly, Alice Humphrey of Nana's Kitchen passed away in 2007. Her obituary said the family will carry on the business but I couldn't locate it.

May 19, 2009
charshiu in Northern New England

Last chance for May Wah pork chop rice - Closing Feb 17th

Rumor has it that May Wah has been resurrected as if nothing has changed. Can anyone confirm?

Mar 05, 2007
charshiu in Manhattan

DeMarco's Revisited

So I got myself over to Cronkite and had the margherita, a sausage and a proscuitto/arugula. All were super yummy. The crust was thin yet the slice was able to stay up without the fold. For a group of five w/ soft drinks the bill was about $22/head.

In my personal and unscientific ranking, I'd have to put it at 7.5 b/w John's and Una Pizza Neoplitana.

Feb 15, 2007
charshiu in Manhattan

Last chance for May Wah pork chop rice - Closing Feb 17th

I first heard the rumor early last fall and I've been going down there on a weekly basis. Now the end has come...

There is a porkchop place on Doyer's Street across from the post office, but it barely holds a light to May Wah...

Jan 31, 2007
charshiu in Manhattan

Best Pork Chops

May Wah on Hester St. Hurry and try it as they will be shutting down soon.

Jan 06, 2007
charshiu in Manhattan

DeMarco's Revisited

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction for the balance of my list. I'll let you know how I find them.

Yeah, I'm dying to try Sally's. In 2006, I've tried to go to Sally's 4 times and it was closed on 3 of the ocassions and had a ridiculous line the other time, so I've always been shunted to Pepe's (not that that was a bad thing). So mSally's is only not up there b/c of their more restricted hours and days.

Patsy's vs. Pepe's: Both are charcoal fired producing a fabulous crust. I would say that's where the similarity ends. Patsy's is a fairly neat affair with an approximately round pie and neat toppings whereas Pepe's is a mishapen mess of a pie with toppings scattered haphazardly. Both are tasty, but I like the mishapen mess. :)

Throwing DiFara into the mix. Ooooh that's a tough one. Kind of like deciding which one of your kids you would pull from a burning car wreck. I would have to say DiFara. No I mean Pepe. No I mean Patsy's. Well you get the idea.

Jan 06, 2007
charshiu in Manhattan

DeMarco's Revisited

IMHO, here's my ranking of pizzerias by the slice with comments:

1) DiFara's - Worth the ride out to Brooklyn and the wait while
he grates 3 types of cheeses
2) Vezzo/Posto (same owner and there's a third one south of
14th) - different type of slice as the crust is super thin. For
some reason, the whole pies taste better than the slice.
3) Joe's
4) Singas - curious but tasty mini-pies
5) DeMarco's - like everyone else's comments, very hit or miss

For pie-only places:
1) Pepe's - it's the age-old debate of Pepe's or Sally's. I find
it easier to get table at Pepe's because they keep better hours
and they have a second location in Fairfield now.
2) Patsy's in East Harlem - very close second.
3) Grimaldi's - very close 3rd, but when you add the proximity
to Fulton Landing and it's ice cream shop...
4) Totonno's in Brooklyn - Solid pie. Kind of surlier service
than usual. Very worthwhile if near Coney Island. Manhattan
outposts are a shadow of the Brooklyn original
5) Vezzo/Posto (slices too) - Very unique, super thin crust
which is achieve by peforating holes in the pre-made crust.
Don't let the pre-made dissuade you. Though they may look like a
pile of wraps before making, they are heavenly out of the oven.
6) Arturo - solid charcoal oven pie.
7) John's (Bleecker NOT Times Sq.) - Good pie but haven't been back for other reasons.
8) Una Pizza Napolenta - Good pie, but bucho bucks.
9) Pala - different type of pie. a little pricy
10) No. 28 - good brick oven pie, but nothing to write home
11) Angelo's - ditto
12) L'asso (mini-pie) - Good mini pie w/ proscuitto
13) Naples 45 - A more free-spending dept in my company orders
delivery from them, so I've only had their pies 2 hours after
they've come out of the oven as I vulture in the conference
room. Yet I still find them tasty.
14) Lombardi's - Go only for the nostalgia of the first pizzeria
15) Patsy's (the chain) - Not bad for a chain.

On the list to try
- Lazarra
- Sally's
- Modern Apizza
- Apizz/Fiorno
- Cronkite - LES
- Piola
- Vinny Vincenz - East Village
- Luzzo's - East Village
- Lil Frankie's - East Village
- Denino's - Staten Island
- Johnny's pizza - Mount Vernon
- Nick's - 1814 2nd Ave at 94th St
- Sal and Carmine's - Bway and 102nd street.

Jan 05, 2007
charshiu in Manhattan

Cabo Restaurant Recommendations

Thanks BruceM and Maya! I'll give these places a try.

Aug 30, 2006
charshiu in Mexico

Cabo Restaurant Recommendations

Hi. I'm going to Cabo in the first week of October and need two restaurant recommendations - one super cheap and one grossly expensive - for each of the following categories:

Best Authentic Mexican
Best For A Group of 20
Best For A Wedding Proposal
Best Taco

Mucho gracias.

Jun 27, 2006
charshiu in Mexico

Driving from BOS into Maine -- need lunch!

I like Barnacle Billy's in Ogunquit. Heck. If Barnacle Billy's is good enough for an ex-president, it's good enough for me. And if you're in the mood for fried seafood, hit the Clam Shack in Kennebunkport. Again, if Clam Shack is good enough for an ex-president, it's good enough for me.