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What's the best way to introduce Lamb to someone who's never had it?

Thoroughly-Americanized gyros. It worked on my husband, Mr. Bland Midwest Kid-Food Guy; he even asks for them now!

I can't post the link I want to -- it's fiendishly difficult on this not-so-smart phone -- but you don't need a rotisserie to make the meat.
1) Google "Greek-American Gyros" and the meat workaround will be one of your first half-dozen results. You know you've found it when you see lamb + bacon in the blender.
2) Do NOT make the tzatsiki in the meat recipe above; it's seriously lame. Find a recipe YOU like better...then double the cucumber (WELL dried!), halve the garlic, halve the lemon juice, omit the dill (if any), double or even triple the fresh mint.
3) Do not be tempted even for a moment by pre-fab "pocket pita." DOESN'T WORK!!! If you're disinclined to make your own pocketless/hand-pulled, AND there is no fresh-daily, public-access Middle Eastern bakery in your town, go to your neighborhood Indian restaurant for fresh, takeout naan. 4) MAKE IT FUN by making it for a small, informal social! Prepare your buffet table with two or three gyros already-made snuggling right up into a whimsical centerpiece -- complete with "cone-style" tinfoil wrap -- and array around it all the other components (traditional and/or nouveau). One of my favorite spreads for 5-10 is these gyros, thoroughly "Greek" (hah! ;)) salad, dolmades, and my beloved moussaka. Top it all off with fruit, store-bought baklava, espresso, and optional ouzo for YUMMMM!

Greek cuisine is not NEARLY as foreign as most folks think, and thus is a great choice to "break in" an insular American to lamb.

Aug 10, 2014
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Bacon Cheeseburger

People actually need a recipe for a bacon cheeseburger? REALLY???

If you want that fuller-flavored bacon experience on the grill where external bacon grease is a real fire hazard, just mix 0.5-0.75 lb chopped raw bacon with your 1.0-1.5ground beef or turkey or venison or whatever you prefer as a burger base. And hey, while you're at it, mix your salt & pepper and whatever other spices you like INTO the meat as it sits for 30 min. to get to room temp before cooking.

Cooking with bacon drippings is nothing new. Ask your grandparents -- or your great-grandparents, if you're blessed to have them still alive and coherent. I, personally, reserve all the bacon drippings when I make bacon (at least twice a week) to use in subsequent dishes. Today's younger, "health-conscious" cooks, brainwashed by government standards which change every time it's politically expedient, have never learned that a moderate amount of saturated fat (preferably meat fat) is necessary for ALL OF US, regardless of current weight. EVOLUTION BUILT US THAT WAY!

Please, PLEASE understand that government dietary guidelines are formulated under enormous lobbying pressure -- with enormous industry funds backing it up -- to favor highly processed food manufactured SPECIFICALLY to get us hooked on a high-sugar lifestyle. And please, PLEASE read the REAL science behind ultra-low-carb and "paleo" dietary regimens.

I eat what most of you would call "crazy" amounts of meat fat...and absolutely no more than 30g/carbs per day. Since i began this regimen, I have lost more than 125 lbs -- almost half my body weight! -- no longer need blood pressure meds, and my cholesterol and triglycerides are at levels my physician claims are "typical" only for gifted athletes (I get no REAL exercise AT ALL; a freak accident 12 years ago has left me with a physical disability which makes me virtually housebound).

"Health" nuts, argue with THAT.

Aug 13, 2013
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Seeking great local seafood market

YOW, did somebody just say RAW BAR?????

I am literally salivating. Ewwww ;-)

The Fish Market Downtown sounds like a GREAT idea for a dinner "out." I honestly can't remember our last dinner out. Had to be over half a dozen years ago.


Oct 30, 2012
Spikeygrrl in San Diego

Seeking great local seafood market

Thanks -- this sounds like my kinda place :)

Thanks also for understanding the military-spouse thing, but my job is NOTHING compared to the work that my husband does as a combat medic! He's leaving for another deployment next month (sigh), and I'm really hoping to be able to make him at least ONE killer seafood dinner before he leaves...

Oct 30, 2012
Spikeygrrl in San Diego

Seeking great local seafood market

Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions :)

Oct 30, 2012
Spikeygrrl in San Diego

Seeking great local seafood market

Hi, I'm a military wife relatively new to San Diego, living in the Gaslamp District, looking for a great seafood market. High on my wish list: fresh-TODAY oysters and mussels!

All suggestions welcome, except Whole Foods (I utterly refuse to shop there for reasons which have nothing to do with the quality/freshness of their products). Thanks in advance!

Oct 30, 2012
Spikeygrrl in San Diego

Chick-fil-A Is Conservative? So Are a Lot of Other Restaurants

@CreativeGuy4U on July 27, 2012 12:53 PM
PERFECT. Thanks for stating it so well and so succinctly, so I didn't have to.

I'll see you -- metaphorically -- at Chick-fil-A on Wednesday :)

-- Spikeygrrl, atheist ("First they came for the Jews...")

Jul 30, 2012
Spikeygrrl in Features